Sheriff Uses Cardboard Deputies To Slow Traffic

“It’s a creative way to solve a problem without really working the problem,” Chody told Austin’s KTBC-TV. “When you’re going 20, 30 miles per hour and you see the silhouette you’re immediately braking slowing down.”

Oh boy.  I’m typically not a fan of Police administrators and this is a perfect example why.  Obviously, people are going to pump on the brakes when they see the cardboard cut out.  Initially, it’s because they’re like, “Oh shit!  There’s a dude standing on the side of the road and he’s pointing something at me.”  Then they’re like, “Damn it!  It’s a cop!  I’m screwed!”  Then they get a quick feeling of relief as they get right up on it and discover it’s just a cardboard cut out.  Then ultimately, that feeling of relief turns to anger as they realize that the Sheriff’s Department just punk’d them.

Drivers in this city are being put through a 10-15 second emotional roller coaster for no reason.  Police administrators love spreading fake news about how increased police presence slows vehicles down, and that slowing vehicles down reduces crashes.  That’s all horse shit.

I was a cop for 21 years and the “slow drivers down” mantra is strong in the front office.  However, last I heard, the number one cause of automobile crashes is following too closely.  Drivers don’t follow at a safe enough distance to avoid collision with the vehicle in front of them, if that vehicle has to unexpectedly stop or drastically reduce it’s speed.  So, maybe it’s not a great idea to put a freaking cardboard cutout of a cop pointing a radar gun on the side of the damn street.  You’re causing drivers to hammer the brake pedal!  How is this making your streets more safe?!

Plus, it’s going to take all of 3 days for high school kids to discover that their Sheriff’s Department has given them the perfect canvas for creating hilarious works of art for their friends.

Now people are going to be crashing even more because they’re laughing their asses off.  There’s a stock joke cops say to other cops once they get promoted to an administrative position.  “Congratulations.  When’s your lobotomy scheduled?”  It’s a stock joke with a lot of truth behind it.  Even though there are exceptions, once most cops spend a little time in the front office they lose their damn minds.  They fall so out of touch with what’s really happening that they start making decisions as a politician.  Let’s give the people easy fairy tale solutions to their real world problems so it looks like we’re doing something.

The fact is you’re not accomplishing shit with these cardboard cutouts.  We need real cops doing real police work.  Focus less on slowing down traffic and focus more on educating the public on what actually causes crashes.  Even better, lets focus on lowering the violent crime rate in your area and increasing the clearance rate on open cases.  I’m yet to find a department of that has mastered that yet.

If you live in this city I’m sorry you’re dealing with this stupidity but I am excited to see the hysterical vandalism pics.

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