Revolutionary War Was Wild

Today is a huge day in our country’s existence. Election Day is something that should be important to everybody. The entire backbone of our country is epitomized in 1 day. A day that the sum of our people’s means more than those individuals who have power. A day where no matter who we are, everybody’s opinions are worth the exact same. One vote.

In the brutally intense political climate we live in, folks have wildly invested emotional feelings with the mere mention of anything regarding politics.. if you watch MSNBC, you’re a communist who hates America. And if you watch Fox News, you’re a racist. We all know that. But today should be a day where we are proud to live here. Proud of our peers for believing in what they believe. Still, in 2018, I have visited countries that would LOVE to be heard in a democratic fashion. I know America isn’t perfect. But it’d be nice if the communists and racists would just start talking to each other more instead of the complete opposite. Humans are built to negotiate. Humans are built to have our opinions changed with the receiving of information.

No matter who wins today, regardless of what side you’re on, I think it’s time to start holding our politicians accountable for making our country operate in a much healthier fashion. We don’t need our politicians only telling us what we’re mad about, we need them to go fix the problems that are making us mad as well. I truly believe genuine open conversation can help with that. Folks might say that I’m just too naive in thinking that, but I really believe it. Too often if someone views something different, the conversation ends with that person instead just beginning. Let’s learn about why people feel the way they feel, then figure out a way to meet and make things a bit better. On both sides..

There’s my Election Day rant.. now what you’re really here for.. did you know this?

I think so 😂

Oh yeah… I just learned how to blog. We’re blogging now. Huge shout out to the pirate ship and Mr Portnoy for learning me up about this internet world. Very excited to see what we can do with