3 Shark Attacks In Same Harbor: Don’t Swim Here!

There has been 3 shark attacks in the same Australian harbor this year.  3!  How do you get to 3?!  You’re swimming in an area where 2 different people were separately attacked by sharks!  Swim in an area where 0 different people have been separately NOT attacked by sharks!


William McKinley was the 3rd president assassinated in the U.S.  That’s not his fault.  If he was the 3rd president assassinated in the same year in McCook, Nebraska…his fault.  Word on shark attacks and assassinations of presidents gets out very quickly.  After the 2nd assassination, people everywhere would be like “Man, there’s a lot of assassins in McCook, Nebraska.  Don’t go there if you’re important.”

Don’t be the 3rd person to die in the same place 2 other people just died doing the same thing you’re about to do.  You get it.  Buy the shirt.


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