True Detective Season 3 *SPOILERS*

For anyone who wasn’t watching the Oscars last night or who stayed up all night on the east coast and watched both, you were treated to the season three finale of True Detective. Season three was a flashback to season one, done in the same style except the detectives this time were a lot older than season one and were both no longer detectives by the time they got to the bottom of what happened. If you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading NOW.

This was honestly my favourite season yet. I know I’m gonna take a lot of heat for it but I’m fine with that. I thought it was very well done and i thought the two main actors were absolutely fantastic in it. Going back to the layout like season one was a must after season two didn’t get much love from anybody, despite an amazing cast. The way they wrapped this thing up last night was a beautiful thing and it all came full circle for Wayne Hays, who was played by Mahershala Ali. Who had himself quite the night at the oscars as well.

As great as he was, i thought his partner Roland West played by Stephen Dorff was just as great along side him. I know we can never compare these two detectives to Woody Harrelson and Matthew Mcconaughey in season one, but i feel like these two were as close as you can get to it. They were both brilliant in season three and it was all wrapped up very nicely in the season finale last night. If you haven’t checked it out yet do yourself a favour and get into it. Lets have a week y’all.