Mr. Feeny From Boy Meets World Is A Champion Of Men

Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), everyone’s favorite neighbor, stopped a burglary at his home this past Saturday night. 

If you didn’t choke up once while watching that then you’re a liar. Mr Feeny was the best teacher I ever had and I never even stepped foot in his classroom. That whole entire video is filled with advice that nobody else in the world possesses. Maybe somebody else but nobody says it with the conviction that Feeny does. Imagine breaking into the house Feeny lives in? What terrible thievery by this guy not realizing he was robbing the Michael Jordon of 91 year old dudes. I imagine William Daniels’ daily routine to be psychotic for a 91 year old. Guy probably wakes up at 5 am, workouts, volunteers at a local hospital, does a little gardening, and is in bed by 8; unless he chooses to throw back a bottle Vino with his old ball and chain. Its great to know Feeny is still crushing life this many years after Boy Meets World. The Feeny call will always be an iconic part of my childhood. Long Live Mr. Feeny.

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