PMS 2.0 044 – Tim Tebow, Schefter, & Superb Owl Chatter

Today’s show is a great one. First, former Heisman Trophy winner, 1st round draft pick of the Denver Broncos, the greatest college football player of all-time and current outfielder in the New York Mets organization, Tim Tebow, joins the show from Top Golf in Atlanta for an incredible conversation. They discuss what it was like being Tim Tebow in college, his transition to the NFL and the most difficult part, talks a little bit about his perspective about life, chats more about his MLB aspirations and what his walkup song will be, and how he handles all the scrutiny every time he does something (4:51-27:37). Also joining the show is the king of scoops himself, one of the best in the game at his job, the creator of the “Adam Bomb,” Adam Schefter. They discuss what Super Bowl week is like for him, the guys dig for a couple updates on some scoops, what he thinks is going to happen with the Antonio Brown situation, and the stresses of having troll Twitter accounts make fake news with his name and having to deal with the repercussions (55:54-1:13:46). The guys also recap the entire Super Bowl week from Top Golf and who some of their favorite guests were and which people surprised them. They also recap the weight loss competition, and dive into their thoughts on the Super Bowl, the commercials, and Boston Connor chats about his experience seeing the Patriots win a Super Bowl in person. It’s a great one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

PMS 2.0 043 – State Of The Podcast

On today’s show, Pat conducts a State of the Podcast from a conference room inside of the hotel in Atlanta and opens up the floor for some questions. The guys discuss the many challenges they’re facing for their Super Bowl week content, Pat recaps his experience on Radio Row at Media day including the radio hits he did with Clay Travis (54:53-1:13:01) and Toucher & Rich from 98.5 in Boston (1:20:23-1:32:38). Pat and the guys also recap their different travel stories en route to Atlanta, get a surprise phone call from AQ Shipley for a quick conversation, check in on the weight loss challenge as it has become a two-horse race, plus Pat puts Gorman’s brain into a pretzel with one of his many illusions. Pat and the guys also discuss the Super Bowl a little bit and what they’re looking forward to, what some of the more interesting prop bets they’re looking at are, and ultimately who they think is going to win the game, and give a quick preview of where to find all of the different ways you can watch what they’re doing in Atlanta. It’s a fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

The Last Monday Weigh-In

We just finished the last Monday weigh-in of the $9,999.99 #WeightLossChallenge.  Here were the results:

#4.  Tim McAfee initially weighed-in at 243.0 pounds.  Last Friday he weighed-out at 217.8 pounds.  Today he weighed-in at 216.8, which means he lost 1 pound over the weekend and has lost 10.78% of his initial body weight.  Tim looks good!  He has always been a guy who looks like he can bend iron with his bare hands and now that he’s trimmed down he looks like a complete beast.

#3.  Digs initially weighed-in at 239.2 pounds.  Last Friday he weighed-out at 212.0 pounds.  Today he weighed-in at 212.6, which means he gained 0.6 pounds and has lost 11.12% of his body weight.  I think Digs allowed himself a little R&R this weekend.  I’m not going to judge.  Digs is a very handsome man and losing over 11% of his body wait has only added to his handsomeness.  I’m proud of this dude.  This is his second #WeightLossChallenge in 2 years.  He’s got grit.

#2.  Zito initially weighed-in at 261.6 pounds.  Last Friday he weighed-out at 218.0 pounds and surpassed me for the lead.  Today he weighed-in at 218.2, which means he gained 0.2 pounds and has lost 16.59% of his initial body weight.  It appears Zito allowed himself a little R&R this weekend as well.  He might’ve taken a page out of my book from earlier in this competition and decided he needed to get his body and mind a little break before going into battle this week.  This could be dangerous for me.  Zito has accomplished a great deal thus far in the competition.  His discipline and intestinal fortitude has surprised me.  I’m very proud of him as well.

#1.  I initially weigh-in at 219.8 pounds.  Last Friday I weighed-out at 185.8 pounds.  Today I weighed-in at 182.6, which means I lost 3.2 pounds over the weekend and have lost 16.92% of my initial body weight.  I traveled to Lexington, KY on Friday and did 2 comedy shows that night, 2 shows on Saturday and 1 show on Sunday and travelled back home last night.  

The comedy club in Lexington put us up in a very nice hotel surrounded by awesome restaurants and bars, which was very nice of them but I should’ve requested a Motel 6 out in the middle of nowhere.  Despite my surroundings, however, I managed to only consume a pickle spear wrapped in a slice of turkey on Friday night, 3 pieces of Jumbo shrimp on Saturday and 3 teaspoons of ahi tuna on Sunday.  I look and feel like a POW right now.

In addition to all my fat, I’ve lost a lot of muscle so this isn’t the best me physically.  Conversely, I do feel this is the best me mentally.  I have gone through some tough shit in my day but this #WeightLossChallenge is, mentally, the toughest thing I’ve ever had to endure.

Marine Corps boot camp was incredibly difficult, both mentally and physically, but I never felt like I had the option of quitting or not completing a task.  Every time I reached the breaking point, 3 drill instructors would scream in my face and threaten to hate stomp me.   It was like a shot of adrenaline straight to my heart.

In this competition, I’m a man on an island.  I’m Tom Hanks in Cast Away.  I’m the recruit and drill instructor.  When I reach a breaking point, I have to get in my own face and scare myself back into fight mode.  That has been extremely difficult, more difficult than I could’ve ever imagined.  But I do feel like I’m beginning to master it.  I feel like I’m in a bit of a zone right now.

I anticipate the last 5 days will be the hardest.  I’m only ahead of Zito by 0.33%.  He’s lost a total of 43.4 pounds thus far and I’ve lost a total of 37.2 pounds.  Because of our initial weight disparity I have a slight advantage with percentage of weight lost.  Here’s an example of how it looks on paper for this week.  

If I somehow manage to lose another 5 pounds by Friday and lose a total of 42.2 pounds, that puts me at a total weight loss percentage of 19.2%.  To tie me, Zito would only have to lose another 6.8 pounds, totaling 50.2.  So, It’s literally neck and neck at this point and unfortunately for me, Zito has a lot more neck.  Fortunately for me, I think I have more grit.  I also have one final trick up my sleeve that I’ve been saving for the final week.  It’s an all natural method to ditch some extra weight at the end that I’m relying on heavily to work.  I will not be consuming any food until the final weigh-out so I’m hoping that mixed with this final trick, will be enough to put me over the top.

Regardless of how it ends up, everyone should know that the Pat McAfee team is a family.  We are all brothers.  Zito, Digs and Tim have inspired me and pushed me to tap into this inner psycho that I wasn’t sure could ever be awakened again.  I’m grateful for them and the entire team here for getting me off my old, tired, fat ass and causing me to rediscover a younger, thinner and crazier me.

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Weight Loss Challenge 2019: The Final Stretch

This weight loss challenge between Digs (Anthony Diguilio), Zito (Jose Perez), Tim McAfee and I began on January 1st.  We’re now 25 days into this thing and we’ve entered the final stretch.  The last 7 days!

I am currently in the lead, pending today’s Friday Weigh-out.  I initially weighed in at 219.8 pounds.  This past Monday I weighed-in at 188.8.  So, I’m down 31 pounds overall which is 14.1% of my initial body weight.  Zito is a very close 2nd.  Zito initially weighed-in at 261 pounds and was down to 225.2 pounds, which is 13.91% of his original body weight.  The winner is decided by the highest percentage of weigh lost.  So, with Digs at 9.95% and Tim McAfee at 9.79% it seems mathematically impossible for either of them to catch either of us this late in the competition.

I honestly had no idea going into this thing, how much weight I would be able to lose.  I hadn’t tried to lose weight since my wrestling days in high school.  In fact, I had spent most of my life trying to gain weight.  It had also been a very long time since I actually competed in something.  When this competition began I was soon reminded about how psycho I am when it comes to competing.  If I’m competing in something that have a realistic chance of winning, I’d almost rather die than lose.  That’s a bit of an exaggeration but trust me when I say that I’m capable of pushing myself to the mental and physical limit.  Not everyone can do that and that has been my sole advantage.

I’ve limited myself to a strict Keto diet and I only eat between noon and 8pm.  I also limit myself to ridiculously small portions when I do eat.  Here’s an example of a typical weekday for me.  Around noon I eat half a chicken breast or a can of tuna.  Around 3pm I eat a few raw almonds.  For dinner I eat a few slices of cucumber and a half a chicken breast.  I allow myself a little more food on the weekends but add cardio workouts.  25 days of this so far.  How long could you do this?

It’s definitely a mindfuck.  I’m hungry all the time!  But there’s light at the end of the tunnel with only 7 days left.  I’m not sure if I have enough body mass left to prevent Zito from passing me in the last week, however.  He’s still overweight, even at this stage in the game which is an extreme advantage.  My body is down to cannabilizing muscle where he is still able to burn fat.  To complicate matters, we all are traveling to Atlanta to help shoot some stuff for Super Bowl Week so we’ll spend the last 3 days of the challenge on the road, which eliminates any chance of me resulting to crazy wrestler tactics.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this last week pans out.  The deck is definitely stacked against me but I will be pulling every trick in the book that I have available to me.  I do have my inner psycho to lean on, so we’ll see what he can do.

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PMS 2.0 039 – Football Talk With A Hawk… Also.. Potential World Tour

On today’s show, Pat welcomes former Packer great, Super Bowl Champion, partner in the booth, and friend of the show, AJ Hawk, for the debut of a new segment. They cover Pat’s NFL broadcasting debut and what AJ heard from some of his friends still playing on the Packers. They also discuss the two playoff matchups this weekend, and chat about what AJ has been doing recently, what he wants his endgame to be professionally, and why he isn’t a fan of debate shows on TV (2:07-37:26). Later, Pat and the guys discuss some things that are going on in the world including a potential new comedy tour, a few things that they didn’t know about Zito, they chat about dogs and some of the other creatures that are roaming around the McAfee estate, and do a quick check-in on the weight loss challenge. Plus Pat tells a few more stories about Chuck Pagano when they first met each other. It’s a good one, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 37 – Pat McAfee: Former Pauper

On today’s show, the guys give an update on the weight loss competition and discuss what the D.O.G. leaderboard is currently looking like, plus chat about The Situation preparing to go to jail on tax evasion charges, the Clemson football team being served McDonald’s at the White House by the President, and a woman in Texas being banned from her local Walmart for drinking wine out of a Pringles can and riding a scooter in the parking lot. Todd wants to know what name the guys would give themselves if they were assassins, and Gorms wants to know what everyone’s first impression of him was as the guys get a little introspective. They also play some Elvis related fact or fiction, answer a few listener questions including what they would do if they were a computer virus, and who they would choose if they could be any cartoon character. To close the show, the guys each give some vitamin thoughts. It’s a fun one, come and have a good time with us.

This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @HeyGorman, @VivalaZito, @evanfoxy, and closes with “Poor Man Blues,” by Zac Wilkerson



Alright as I sit here on the recliners in front of the tv’s. I’m just thinking about what my meal is going to be February 1st. I have a list and I would love to share it with you.

So basically this list consist of every place I’m going to go to and order one thing from the menu. 

  1. Portillo’s Beef 
    -With a cheese fry
  2. Steak Quesorito From Tbell
  3. Boneless wings from BDubs- Sauce TBD
  4. ChickFila Spicy Chicken
  5. Deep Dish Sausage Pizza
  6. Calamari
  7. Bread Sticks From kilroys
  8. Mango Salsa Salmon from a Fancy Restaurant
  9. Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory  
  10. Fish n Chips from an Irish Establishment
  11. Chicago Hot Dog

That’s what I have and I’m adding more and more everyday. You’re probably thinking Zito don’t do that you’ll have a heart attack or die. Yeah I’m prepared to leave this earth doing what I do best… eating.

I’ve recently got advice from Matt Mitrione and I know I can trust a Fighter/Football Player that had to cut weight left and right. Here’s part of it.

To be honest I didn’t understand what he was saying… I was just hoping he didn’t turn a switch on and just kill me. Luckily that didn’t happen and I’m still here but I did take one thing from the convo and it was to take a bath at 120 degrees for abaht 25 minutes and wrap your self like a tortilla after the fact and keep the heat in. That was one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard. That’s literally what they do to lobsters. I think he was trying to kill me but what ever… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

What to expect this upcoming 20 days…I’ve been staying in the office after the steam everyday and just shooting around and running around trying to break a sweat. I think I’m going to start running suicides every night.

The Competition

Alright as of right now I have so much Real Estate (not sure if thats one word or not) in Digs brain.

Tim is still a massive wild card he’s fighting for the kids and he has this mentality where I honestly believe he can lose 100 pounds out of no where. He has those old school Yinzer tactics…That I’m honestly afraid of. I’ve been behind him since day one. Make sure to give the foundation a follow at this link. 

Todd… I think he going dahn mentally he ordered pizza to my house.

Doesn’t even phase me…I took one whiff and threw that garbage pizza away. If he really wanted to get in my head he would have went the extra mile and order some deep dish or an Italian beef. But thats just me. I can’t wait to send a sausage basket to his house and stuff them in all of his shoes and drawers.

End of the day I’m feeling good..I feel like I can get close to that 40 pound mark. Cant wait to give you another update…Thank you for reading through my 9th grade education writing. I also wanted to thank Mybookie and Fuego Box for offering this opportunity to be able to lose this weight and have people the people watching contribute with the weight loss as well. Make sure to head to the site make a bet send my bet slip and purchase the Fuego Box Sauces. Honestly these sauces have added so much flavor to  my food and very appreciative to them.

Make sure to tune in at noon Monday and Friday for the weigh-ins and make sure to mash that #teamzito everywhere in the chat…See you there.

From The Desk of Director of Morale

I’m Winning The Weight Loss Challenge

I’m clearly the underdog in this thing.  If you check the odds on they had me at +430 this morning.  But here’s the deal.  I didn’t actually expect to weigh-in at 219.8 to kick this thing off.  When I woke up that day I weighed in at 213.  I put on 6.8 pounds in 4 hours!  That was huge!  I almost pissed and shit myself but it was worth it.

I managed to choke down 4 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and drink a third of a gallon of milk and 6 bottles of water.  Before trying to put weight on for the initial weigh-in I walked around at 205, which is 10 or 15 pounds heavier than I should be.  So, getting back to 205 is happening very quickly.  That’s 15 pounds of weight loss without even trying.

Zito, who was by far the heaviest at weigh-ins because he’s just an obese monster, has made some bold claims as far as how much weight he thinks he’ll lose.  I’m here to tell you that there’s no way he loses more than 40 pounds.  No fucking way!  So, since the challenge is based on percentage of weight lost by each competitor, if he loses 40 pounds I have to get down to 186 pounds (lose 33.8 pounds) to edge him out.  Essentially, I only have to lose 19 pounds during this whole thing because I came in carrying 14.8 pounds of temporary weight.  No problem!

19 pounds isn’t bad at all.  The worst part about it is I pretty much can only eat things that don’t have taste.  I eat like a Koala bear.  Everything taste like a leaf.  So, I’ve been choosing my food by texture.  Cucumber slices have crunch so it at least it somewhat sounds like eating potato chips.  But I can have some meat you say.  Yeah, meat without salt or seasoning!  Turns out, meat in and of itself…not much flavor!

Thankfully, Fuegobox introduced us to a line of hot sauces that are all 5 calories per serving or less.  And their hot sauce focuses way more on flavor than other hot sauce companies!  I’m used to living on mayo, ranch dressing and BBQ sauce but those all have way too many calories so Fuegobox is saving my life right now!  I got flavor!

Basically, I’m telling you to bet the dog on this thing.  I have a strong strategy and so far it’s working great.  Also, let’s not forget that if it comes down to the last week and I have to get nasty and lose more than I’m expecting, I was a wrestler.  Been there, done that!  I know these guys pretty well and rest assure…I got more grit than all of them!  Plus, as far as I’m concerned, your money is my money.  I’m not letting you lose it.

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Click Fuegobox Deal to get 10% off the sauces I’m using during this challenge!  They’re incredible!

Go to and enter the promo code HEARTLAND to get a 50% bonus on your first deposit up to $1000 so you can bet on the challenge!

Weight Loss Competition Update

I will be coming on here from time to time to give you a little behind the scenes perspective on the current weight loss competition. My thoughts on how I am doing plus my thoughts on the other competitors. 

My current mood is this

2 days in and I have woke up at fucking 6am each day to go to the gym and workout. Not just any workout. Fitness Guru Cory Gregory is putting me through the workouts on his website that are destroying me. Try not doing any workouts for like 8 years and then jumping in 100%, my muscles don’t have a clue what is going on. I assume they think it’s some sort of apocalypse because that’s the only reason I would be doing this much activity. I cried a little this morning when I sat down to take a shit. Felt like I had a 4 inch blade stuck directly into my quad. Do not worry though bettors, I will keep going. I am currently on a strict meat and vegetables diet that I did not enjoy for my first meal but then Fuego Box hooked us up with some low calorie hot sauces that made it so much better. Seriously they are good. I can’t tell you how well its going today because we have a weigh in tomorrow but I can feel the pounds falling off. We will be going live tomorrow for the weigh in.

Now on to the competition. 

Fucking Zito. He’s doing the same thing he did last time. He eats one salad at some point during the day. There is obviously no rhyme or reason to why he is doing what he’s doing. He ordered a salad yesterday from fucking Hooters. What? Don’t even try to wrap your head around “hey, ill order a salad from Hooters… that sounds good.” You can’t get into the brain of a human like that. He literally ate like a grizzly bear for 6 months preparing for this hibernation and will not eat anything until the competition is over. His strategy is starvation and Hooters salads. There will be no working out from Zito. Unbelievable human.

Todd is a liar. Todd claims to have lost this incredible amount of weight after literally 24 hours but then when he gets on the scale in the office goes “Oh my scale at home might be off.” Not all scales are created equal and that’s the type of thing I expect from a rookie competitor like Todd. Todd of course ate sausage and cucumber yesterday for lunch because he is a huge fan of things shaped like dicks. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was eating them through his ass. Don’t think he’s working out either because he keeps telling me I am going to gain too much muscle. I don’t trust what he is going to be doing at the Low T center. Kinda worries me. 

Last and certainly not least is Tim McAfee. Honestly I think my number one competition. He is all in on Keto. But not like the eat a bunch of meats Keto. This guy had like 2 pieces of Bacon for lunch after fasting for 48 hours like some sort of weight loss highlander. He also used to do triathlons so I assume he’s at home just triathloning all the fucking time. My hope here is that his 20 extra years has slowed his metabolism greatly.

You can still bet on all of this at MyBookie.Ag

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PMS 2.0 035 – Hot Topic Thursday

 On today’s show, Pat and the guys cover a vast range of topics. They discuss whether or not they think Urban Meyer will coach again and how the cult’s of college football teams impact a coach’s legacy, and get into the feedback Pat was given after calling his first NFL game and if he thinks he’ll get another chance to do so and in what capacity and where. The guys also discuss the first few days of the weight loss challenge and how the participants are battling through it, dive into a little movie talk ranging from Kevin Costner’s athletic skills, to Avatar, to Goodfellas, which results in a conversation about the current state of the mafia, and if they still operate. They also cover all the drama going on in Pittsburgh with the Steelers and talk about a couple of the potential landing spots for AB if he is to get traded, chat about the NFL playoff games this weekend and who they’re leaning towards, get into a little bit of a fast food discussion, and question where the phrase “bless you,” came from and if it should be extended to other things as well. It’s a hilarious one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.