Spider-Man: Far From Home First Trailer Is Here


The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has finally graced us with its presence and seeing a Sony Pictures tweet have Marvel Studios on it is like the North/South Korea peace treaty. I wish there was a way for this trailer to not come out till after Avengers Endgame, but it is what it is. At least there’s some sort of relief that Spiderman and the others that disappeared will be back. Sort of a spoiler alert but no chance Black Panther was going to be dead forever anyways. It’s good to know Nick Fury will continue to be apart of the Marvel series after whatever blood bath with Thanos goes down in April. Jake Gyllenhaal being the villain of this movie really makes me hope that he’ll last longer than just one Euro trip with Spidey and Samuel L. Although this is not likely, a Gyllenhaal villain in the Marvel universe would be incredible. He could be like a combination of Nocturnal Animals and Nightcrawler and just be a weapon for Spiderman to battle with for years. Who knows, the only hope is that the Marvel world won’t slowly drag on and die once everyone is dead after the final Avengers. Everyone but Spider-Man, obviously.¬†