Christmas is Over but Crosby is Still Giving Gifts

Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins blew the doors off of the Rangers in Madison Square Garden last night. Every night Crosby is on the road he is public enemy #1 in that city (Unless it’s Canada).

There are a few places though that his play and antics drive the crowd into a frenzy on part with the old Roman Coliseum, namely Philadelphia, Washington, and New York. 

Last night was no exception and as Crosby took a rare trip to the sin bin he met a heckler unlike most… One with some style, some flavor, some fresh chirps. None of the same old “Crosby Sucks!”, “Cindy Crysby!”, baby, diver, bullshit. The guy was so unique with his trash talk it actually got Sid’s attention. First he gave him the classic squirt of the water bottle between the glass to let him know hey buddy fuck off. Then after the game he gifted him something special.

Greg Wyshynski the former Puck Daddy himself was able to track down the heckler and found out what he said that managed to get one the most serious and focused athletes on the planet to drop his guard and actually smile. Nick Lipeika is his name, a true New York Rangers fan, who said:

“Not a lot of cool things happen to me, but this is up there, for sure,” … Never would have guessed.

A few of the quips he reportedly dropped on the Captain include:

He began laying into him, starting each taunt with an exaggerated “heyyyyy Crosby” before shouting his chirps. “He’s probably heard it all. For me, I wanted to tell him things he hasn’t heard before,” he said. “He’s won everything. That’s why everyone wants to heckle him.”

“Hey Crosby, [Evgeni] Malkin would have more Cups if he had a better supporting cast.”

“Hey Crosby, you were voted third toughest Canadian, behind Celine Dion and a close second to Avril Lavigne.”

“Hey Crosby, when Gatorade wanted a tough guy, Justin Bieber turned them down so they settled for you.”

“Hey Crosby, Malkin wants to know where your Calder Memorial Trophy is.” (Please note that for all of Crosby’s accomplishments, NHL rookie of the year was not one of them, while Malkin won it in 2007.)

Admittedly creative, though I would knock him a few points for lack of vulgarity, I thought this was New York after all, the Garden, MSG, The MECCA. 

Keep the hate coming folks, it only makes Sid stronger.

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