Here Are 5 People That Should Be Considered To Host The Oscars

Great call saying it’s more about the time than anything else, classic. I’m not a huge Kevin Hart guy but I think he would of done a pretty damn good job. With that being said, here are 5 people that would do an even better job.

Steve Carell

I think Steve is the obvious and only choice for host of the Oscars. I see him as one of the only comedians who has been on both sides of the Oscar ‘crowd’. He’s been in movies like ‘The Big Short’ and now ‘Vice’ that is up for a whole bunch of Oscars but is still Michael Scott. Steve is a top tier guy who would be one of the best hosts in recent memory. Going to call my academy guy and put in a good word for the man. 

Shia LaBeouf

There’s nothing that Shia LaBeouf can’t do, and he would immediately capture the attention of the entire internet. He can do magic, he can do drugs, he can basically do anything and the Oscars are just sleeping on Shia. No longer will I let the Oscars snooze on Mr. Labeouf. Emails have been sent, pigeons have taken flight, and the plethora of notes I’ve drafted will be at the Academy’s door step very soon. 

Ron Swanson

There are few people in the galaxy that have the amount of grit and prowess as Ron Swanson. He’s a weapon of mass destruction that conquers humor like few can. It would be hilarious to hear him dump on the prowess of Hollywood. I feel as though most hosts are half scared of the repercussions of being in the spotlight and saying the wrong thing but this couldn’t happen with Ron cause he only says the right things. Give the guy a mic and a whiskey and let the tape run.

Christopher McDonald

Formally known as Shooter McGavin, this pick is someone who doesn’t have any shot. With that being said, I don’t think anyone aside from Steve has a chance but this guy would put on an electric performance. The chances of him showing up absolutely cocked is 100%. This guy is a historian when it comes to being a perfect villain and I think he could play a great heel for the Oscar community. Someone cast him in the next Aquaman. 

Jordan Peele

Aside from Michael Scott, Jordan Peele is up there for serious considerations. Peele is someone creating crazy stuff on a regular basis, so why not put him up there. He’s funny, he’s smart, and more than anything, he wouldn’t give in to the bull shit they tell you to say. Peele would be a great host, not to mention the collaboration videos him and Keegan-Michael Key would throw together. 

There’s a winner on this list whether you like it or not. Maybe not Shooter, but at least a Shia or Swanson consideration. Steve and Peele are probably getting calls already but lets just hope it’s a good show.



The Picks Are In: The Heartland Radio 2.0 2019 Death Pool

2019 has sent a couple of swift kicks to the testicles so far in terms of celebrity deaths. On January 2nd, most people were settling in to the New Year, crossing their t’s, dotting their I’s, figuring out what New Year’s resolutions they’re going to eventually shit can a couple of weeks down the road, and then WHAM. Mean Gene Okerlund dies. If you aren’t really a wrestling fan, or didn’t watch it back in the day, you probably don’t give two shits that he passed away. So that’s got me reeling a little bit, tough to swallow no doubt, but things happen, people die. BOOM. Bob Einstein aka Super Dave Osborne aka Marty Funkhouser dies within a couple of hours. Arguably one of the funniest characters on Curb Your Enthusiasm, and one of the most respected comics out there.. it’s tough.

Alas, this is just part of life. People live, people die, the show goes on. Which brings me to a tradition unlike any other around the studio here.. the Heartland Radio death pool. The rules are pretty simple. Pick anyone celebrity under the age of 80 who you think is going to die in 2019. Anyone over 80 has aged out and is living on borrowed time. Last year, no one picked died, so if you’re a celebrity reaching the twilight of your life, you may actually want to find yourself firmly entrenched on this list. Just kidding, we’ve got some good picks this year, and I hate to say it, but I think we may have hit the nail on the head with a couple of these. Now let’s get to the picks.

There you have it, think we have some quality picks in here. Here’s an easier representation in graphic form:

Who do you have as your 2019 death pool champion, and are there any glaring omissions to this list? Let me know.