Golden State Warriors Heading To Their Fifth Straight NBA Final

Here we go again, for the fifth straight season the Warriors are on their way to the NBA finals and a great possibility of a 3peat. Im not even mad about it at this point, do i like the Warriors no, but after this prolonged stint of greatness i honestly can’t say i hate this team anymore. The fact that they are doing all this without Kevin Durant, makes it even sweeter for the likes of Clay and Steph. Hell even Draymond has become more likeable these playoffs, finally admitting to his flopping and whining.

Three games in a row these Warriors were down by 17 to Portland and came back to win. You can just never put this team away, they have the will and the fight of a champion and they continue to show it on a nightly basis at this point. These Warriors are also putting the rest of the NBA on notice, just because KD is probably leaving in the summer, in no way does that mean they aren’t still the best team in this league. Anybody who was ever doubting Steph’s playoff performance is also being put on notice, that he is in fact one of the greats and can still put this Warriors team on his back when needed.

The Warriors are well on their way to winning their third NBA title, with the Raptors and the Bucks still slugging it out in the East. I still see that series going at least six games, if not even seven at this point. Well see what happens tonight in Toronto though. Im not saying it will be easy against either one of those teams, especially if the Warriors are still without KD and Boogie. As much as they want to prove how good they are without those two, they will definitely not hurt them in what has been a long playoff and five year run of dominance by these Warriors. Hopefully Durant getting back on the court will keep him off his social media for a few hours also. Were getting close to the last series in what has been a great NBA playoffs, even without Lebron for the first time in fourteen years. Ive hated these Warriors as much as anyone, but at some point you’ve just gotta take it in and respect it. Hope y’all are enjoying these playoffs as much as I am and lets see what happens in the east tonight.

Gump Cathcart

Damian Lillard Called Game And Series

In the NBA world we live in now, you don’t see many guys like Dame around. He’s a Portland Trailblazer and thats where he wants to be and where he plans to stay. In an era of superstars joining other superstars to chase NBA titles, Lillard has said hell stay where he’s at and create his own legacy.

Damian Lillard has been a star in these league for years now, but for some reason this year it feels like he really belongs among the top players in the NBA. This is going to sound stupid, but this year it really hit me how good he was watching the All Star game. Yes, I know its a meaningless game with not much defence being played if any. This was his fourth All Star game, but this year he was shooting his shots and playing like he does night in night out for this Portland Trailblazer team.

In this NBA, in this crazy era where even the best players in the world are asking for help and more superstars to join them, Dame has stayed put and continues to do his thing night in and night out for Portland. I do get to see a lot more of him being on the West Coast, but its time to give this guy his respect. He is one of the top guards in this league and in my humble opinion is doing it the RIGHT way. Whether he is ever able to win an NBA championship in Portland or even get to a final remains to be seen, but his legacy will live on, very much like the man he knocked out in last nights game. Dame and Westbrook are generational players who will be celebrated long after their careers are over. Lets start giving this guy the respect he deserves now and applaud him for doing it HIS way. Hope y’all are enjoying these playoffs as much as I am. Lets have a hump day y’all.

Gump Cathcart

NBA Monday In America

It’s always a good Monday when the Patriots handle little brother Philip Rivers and move on to the conference championship again. Pats @ Chiefs and even if it wasn’t ever fully set in stone, this seemed to be where all roads led to. With that being said, let’s get to the basketball that will be bounced tonight.

Speaking of big brother little brother, Celtics are heading to Brooklyn to take on the Nets tonight. Celtics are -4 at the Barclays Center and I love every point. It must be intimidating to look over and see two studs in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum that should of been on their team. Too bad Danny Ainge cuckolded the Brooklyn Nets of their future by dishing Pierce and Garnett. The Nets have been surprisingly good this year, Jarret Allen being one of the guys that stands out the most as an up and coming big man in the NBA. That will take some time though, and the Celtics are great right now. Celtics -4 away and then the Raptors come to town Wednesday. Big game coming off the loss so look for the Celtics to pick it up tonight. If there are guys out, this spread will change but I’ll still take the C’s. Next, we have the man who goes harden the paint, yes, the Houston Rockets. Hard in, Harden, the pun is definitely there, don’t take that away from me. Seriously though, Grizzlies at Rockets and Houston is a six point favorite. I like Houston in games like this. Teams like the Grizzlies who have been good but aren’t completely there yet are teams James Harden and the boys eat for lunch. Jaren Jackson Jr. has been a massive under the radar stud for the Grizzlies in his rookie year but that’s not enough against the MVP.

The next team we’re taking tonight is the Utah Jazz -8. the Jazz have been getting in a rhythm as of late and have won their last 4 games in a row at home. Utah is a tough place to get wins in cause Mormons can scream and shout with some of the best. Donovan Mitchel has had a bit of a sophomore slump but a big part of growing up in the NBA is learning how to save your energy for the playoffs. When a team is only beating the Bulls by 8, you know they’re thinking about the late season push and not about the guy who bet them. Would be nice if they started considering people like us but I understand the winning aspect of it, I guess. Last, we have an over under coming to you from the West coast. My team from Sacramento, the Kings, are welcoming Dame Dolla and the Trail Blazers into town for a little Monday night basket show. I’m taking Blazers/Kings over 227 tonight and if there’s one thing you know, it’s how much I love those Sacramento overs. I do like the Kings -2.5 at home but I like the over here more because the Blazers could always steal one. If they do though, it’ll still have to be a points fest cause they’ll have to keep up with the Kings scoring attack. Points points points is the word in this one tonight and that’s what we’ll finish with to cap off the Monday.

Recap: Celtics -4, Kings/Blazers over 227, Houston -6, Jazz -8. In the college game we’ll rock with Indiana -2 and Maryland -3.5. Let’s get a good start to the week and make some money tonight.  



Wild Pick Wednesday

Last night was just another 2-3 shit show that nobody wants to be apart of. But whether we do good or terrible the night before, it doesn’t affect the greatness we gamble on tonight. It’s Wednesday so we’re getting wild with a few picks out of left field.

I got a couple wild picks to kick off our Wednesday. Now, I’ve always preached that every bet here is a winner. For wild pick Wednesday, all bets are off and there’s a chance some of these might not be untouchable locks. Don’t worry though, they are. The first official wild pick on this Wednesday comes from the the city of Portland. The Trail Blazers welcome the Bulls from Chicago and I like the Bulls +9.5. The Bulls have gotten a bad rap early but they can score it with some of the best. I like the over but I could see myself getting extra wild on Wednesday and might take the Bulls money line at +350. This second pick isn’t as wild but betting on the Pistons is something that is not advisable this year. I ate my words about the Lakers on Monday but tonight, Blake Griffin returns to Staples Center and puts on a show in his old arena. The Lakers got the big come from behind win so they are probably feeling a little satisfied now. Expect Blake to come in pissed off even if it isn’t against the Clippers. He’s just mad he doesn’t live in LA and the Lakers will have to face the wrath of him tonight. Pistons +1 to go with Bulls +9.5 for a couple WILD picks.

The next game we’re taking has to do with riding that hot hand of Harden. James Harden right now might be the best player in the NBA. I feel like Giannis has been the guy this season and there was a side conversation where everyone agreed it was his year but James Harden just doesn’t give a fuck. Why would he? Guy has been spitting fire all over the place and tonight he really solidifies himself against Giannis and the Bucks. Rockets at home against the Bucks and they are +1.5. Love this cause I know that Harden knows they aren’t the favorites tonight. He’ll take that personally and the Rockets will come out flying. Last wild pick tonight is a team we haven’t taken all year, a clear cut sign that these picks are truly wild. The Brooklyn Nets host the Atlanta Hawks and for the first time we’ll be betting on the Hawks at +9. They had a big game last night and even though there is usually a drop off I think they’ll be able to hang with the Nets. Jarret Allen will probably win Most Improved this year at the NBA awards (huge deal, lol), but Trae Young still has a case for Rookie of the Year if he can turn it on and hit a game winner or two. I didn’t really mean that, Luka will for sure be the ROY but for the case of betting on the Hawks, that’s what I’m going with. 

Recap: Bulls +9.5, Pistons +1, Rockets +1.5, Hawks +9.5. All dogs tonight in a wild NBA slate and for college we’ll go with Kansas -6, Vermont -12.5. Vermont basketball? Must be a Wild Pick Wednesday. Good luck getting that balance looking green.



Full Friday In The NBA

We stayed hot last night but almost every game I see on the board for tonight I don’t like. With that being said, I’m going to do my absolute best to keep this hot streak going. A quick reminder, when you bet a team like the Rockets and they’re down 17 at the half, double down and take them money line at the half. Reap the blessings and thank nobody but yourself.

I’m not going to pick the Celtics tonight but I know in my heart of hearts I’ll throw a couple bones on whatever spread it gets down to. I love the Celtics at home no matter what but we’ll leave them out of the official four we take tonight. First, we got the other hometown team, the Indiana Pacers, heading to Chicago to take on the Bulls. Pacers are -6.5 and its getting to the point in the NBA season where these games before the All Star Break can make or break a season. Not actually, but that sounds like a great reason to take the Pacers. Pacers have a chance to make some serious noise in the playoffs if they keep winning so look for Oladipo to have a night. If the Bulls win, might go ahead and take the Bears tomorrow, could be that type of weekend in Chicago. Next, we’re taking the Heat at home against the Wizards. I feel like the Heat are a team that are playing well and are doing their best to give D-Wade the best send off a guy could ask for – a playoff run. Heat are -7 at home and I’m taking it. Spread is huge for a game that I feel is normally set around 4-5 so look for the Heat to run the Wizards out of Miami.
LOL, Ray Allen

The only over we’re taking tonight is the Clippers @ Suns with it set at 232. I love those overs set above 230 so of course this is the one I landed on. Thought about taking Clippers -4 but then I remembered when the Suns beat the Celtics in Boston so going to go the safe road with the over here. Let’s hope the defense continues to be awful as we go forward in the NBA season cause nothing says points like the Phoenix Suns. The last game of the NBA tonight happens to be the game of the night: Thunder @ Trail Blazers. This game was a pick em but moved to Blazers -1 and I love it. Blazers are dynamite at home and Nurkic has been hot, important for a team that has to battle Steven Adams. This is the must see NBA game of the night for sure so hopefully we get one down to the wire like the Rockets last night.

I didn’t think I would dabble in the college game but I can’t help myself. Toledo at home -4.5 and Buffalo away -10, I like Toledo more than Buffalo tonight so Toledo will probably be the loser out of these two. Nobody knows, that’s why gambling is the best. Sidenote: I know, not nobody, all 6 of these are winners on top of the Celtics that I will take seconds before the game starts.

Recap: Pacers -6.5, Heat -7, Clippers/Suns over 232, Trail Blazers -1, Toledo -4.5, Buffalo -10. Don’t forget the Celtics bet right before game time, really let that spread drop. Let’s get it going heading into the weekend and start it off on a winning note. 



NBA Friday In America

Last night we split the NBA games and swept the college games. Not bad heading into the weekend with a nice 3-1 night. There is plenty of basketball tonight so lets get right into it.

Yeah, right off the bat, Celtics at home against the Bucks. I know the Celtics just lost to the Phoenix Suns and that’s why this is an absolute lock. Celtics don’t lose three games in a row, let alone two in a row at home. Vegas already knows they’re winning cause the line opened at -1. The Bucks are a great team but we owned them in the playoffs last year and we’re a much better team (not record) this year. After two losses in a row expect us to come back hot and go on another run starting with the Bucks tonight. The second game we’re running with is consistently my favorite bet by a country mile: over 230’s. Last night, Clippers Mavericks went up to 246 and was an absolute lock. Tonight, Hawks @ Knicks over 231 sounds fantastic. Zion just laughed at the Knicks while sitting in their locker room so they have to come out swinging to make a Zion statement game. Crazy that the teams who tank have to be bad but can’t be so bad or else these guys won’t even want to come. Both these teams suck and that’s why points points points tonight.

The Timberwolves roll into San Antonio and I don’t think this mentally weak Minnesota team can hang with the dogs coached by Lord Pop. The Spurs are -4 and Aldridge is coming out swinging on Towns to let him know he’s gonna have a tough night. He’s been hot and DeRozan will crush Wiggins till he gives up like this team loves to do. Spurs -4, I know you’re not supposed to feel great about bets but, I feel great about this one. Next we got to Portland. The Trail Blazers are astounding at home and that’s gonna continue tonight when the Jazz come to town. I think the Jazz are a little overrated even though the West is incredible. Trail Blazers at home -2 with Lillard and CJ having themselves a little Friday going into the weekend. Expect a huge game from both those guys but be careful of Joe Ingles, that guy is a cold blooded killer.

For the college slate, I’m taking a couple goliath’s of college basketball. That’s right, Indianapolis’ favorite team, the IUPUI Jaguars against the Morehead State Eagles. IUPUI has given a couple great teams a run for their money but Morehead State is not a great team. The Jag’s should roll into wherever Morehead State is and dominate this team. They’re only -1.5 and are a much better team than Morehead. I’ve been a pretty decent 5-1 in college basketball, almost as if I have gypsy powers for the college game. To go with them, I’m taking LIU Brooklyn at noon. Go ahead and lock them in for a little early Friday gambling magic to get the blood flowing. LIU is -8.5 against Binghamton and I absolutely love it. Last time I lost a day game bet it was when I took the team against LIU, therefore, I believe LIU will come back to avenge my previous day game loss. 

Recap: Celtics -1, Hawks/Knicks over 231, Trail Blazers -2, Spurs -4, IUPUI -1.5, LIU -8.5. Happy Friday to everyone and lets make some magic happen starting with LIU at noon.



Fade Connor Season Rolls On

1-2 in three games last night but I can’t be blamed cause everyone has been warned and you should of gone 2-1.

The one game I won was Spurs at home against the worst team in basketball so although it counts, it really doesn’t. The Trail Blazers missed covering by a point so that was the one that really kicked me in the ass. The Raptors really put a number on the Clippers so I think the Clippers will probably end up the 6/7 or 8 seed. It’s a bummer but as long as the Clippers finish in the top 16 then I don’t care, need that first round pick. Also, a note to the media, don’t ask Kawhi Leonard about Christmas.
Not many Happy Holiday’s for someone who doesn’t understand emotion

But that was last night, and unlike Kawhi Leonard, I do have memories. Memories of winning. They are few and far between, but I’m channeling those memories to get the good mojo flowing back through my veins. First and foremost, obvious bet of the night, Celtics -3.5 at the Wizards. Kyrie isn’t on the injury report but who knows if he’s playing. This spread almost feels disrespectful especially with our dominance against Washington over the years and the fact that were steaming hot right now. I would slam this spread now and assume it will be at 5 by the time were close to the game. This has turned into a little rivalry game so hopefully we get some blood too.

On top of the Celtics, were taking two other spreads and one over under tonight. Yes, the over under is an over 230. Thunder @ Pelicans OVER 233 and were going to slam it. AD will come ready to play against big Stevie Adams so expect a war down low. Gonna parlay this one with the Celtics spread cause I feel great about those, probably want to hit the opposite if I feel great about them. 76ers are at home against the Brooklyn Nets. The Sixers, like the Celtics, are just now hitting there stride and I think it continues tonight. Love 76ers -6.5, if were talking units out of 5, I’m throwing 3. Lastly, the Pistons @ Hornets game is one I like too many things in. Over 218.5 in the game I’m taking, and I like the Pistons +5. Pistons off a loss and the way these teams matchup – Charlotte heavy backcourt, Pistons heavy front court, – both teams should be scoring at will. No shot the Pistons lose by more than 5 and because I said that, don’t be surprised to see the Pistons get blown out. 

Celtics -3.5, Thunder/Pelicans over 233, 76ers -6.5 and last second bonus over 223 in this game, Pistons +5 and over 218.5 in Pistons Charlotte. Good luck to everyone and may the fade season last forever.

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Is Going 2-3 In Gambling Good?

No, it’s not good, it was a rhetorical question, but we went 2 for 5 and it could be worse.

Yes, fade season is still in session, especially with how ice cold that Vikings pick was. I apologize to all Minnesota fans out there for my pick, but when the fade gods are in your favor, it really isn’t even in my hands at that point.  There is a higher power at work here and whether it’s the gambling demons or gods, I’ve been blessed by a higher or darker light. Last night in the NBA, we weren’t too bad at picking games, over under’s were terrible, but spreads were both locks. Golden State went under by 5 and the Nuggets went over by 4. Absolute shot to the nuts on both those, but it was exhilarating following the game cast. Warriors and Timberwolves can both go to hell but I’m over it cause the Celtics are 200% back.

Terry Rozier is one of the smaller guys in the NBA that I am afraid of but I know we would be friends because of my fandom. With that being said, we beat the Pelicans by 13 without Kyrie Irving. Not many teams can beat the Pelican’s without their best player while letting AD drop 41. Hell of a night for the Celtics and a hell of a morning for the Bulls too. Kings absolutely rolled the 6-22 Chicago Bulls. Second half score was 63-33. They should start thinking about tanking for Zion. Why not? The dude is a lock to be great in the NBA and is a moving refrigerator. On top of that, ticket sales and merchandise would skyrocket for whatever team gets him.

Tonight we got three games so we’ll hit them all and only take the spreads. Across the board I think tonight should go well. This has been my mindset since day one so take that with a grain of salt. Not sure if the Clippers are legit but I’m really hoping they are cause I’m gonna roll with the Doctor and the boys tonight. Clippers +4.5 at home against the Raptors and I like our chances riding with the best team in LA (@Lebron). Another underdog were going with is the Trail Blazers. They are +6.5 at the Rockets and I think the Rockets sort of suck now. To the very least they aren’t 7 points better than the Trail Blazers so I like Lillard and the funky bunch. Last is the Suns in San Antonio against the Spurs. I mean, the Suns have even less wins than the Bulls and Devin Booker might get his wish and have another first overall pick. The super team won’t just “come to him,” as he asked, but they’ll actually have drafted it. Booker, Ayton, and Barret or Zion would be unbelievable. But that’s next year, and tonight the Spurs destroy the Suns. Spurs -12.5 with the possibility of buying points up cause I think they beat the Suns by 30. Tuesday night basketball, let’s go.
All my bookies reading this 

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