PMS 2.0 048 – I Got Engaged, The Voice Of Monday Night Football & Ryan Shazier

On today’s show, Pat and the rest of the guys are back from vacation with a LOADED show. Pat discusses his trip to Hawaii and gives a breakdown of how he popped the question to Sam in an Avatar-like setting on the island. He and the rest of the guys also discuss what else they did while they were away on vacation, discuss a couple of the documentaries they watched while on break including ‘Abducted in Plain Sight,’ chat about the pothole epidemic in Indianapolis, give their thoughts on the AAF so far, and chat about the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day sale coming soon to Also included are two incredible interviews from Super Bowl week with the voice of Monday Night Football and Top Rank Boxing, all around electric human being, Joe Tessitore (2:01:23-2:21:54); as well as an inspirational interview with Steelers linebacker and 2X Pro Bowler, Ryan Shazier, as he chats about his incredible journey to recovery and how confident he is that he’ll play football again (2:22:36-2:38:51). It’s great to be back. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

Gregg Williams Is Not The Answer In Pittsburgh

I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. You search twitter and all you see is Steeler fans and talking heads in Pittsburgh calling for Gregg Williams to be hired as defensive coordinator and to replace Keith Butler. I do not get it. I get that Keith Butler should/could be potentially fired. He made some crucial flaws this year in game plans. Mostly trying to cover star WR’s with linebackers. I hope he won’t make that mistake again. He also however led the Steelers to be ranked in the top ten in Total Yards, Rushing Yards, and Passing Yards given up. The Steelers also led the league in sacks the last 2 years as well under Butler. That’s not terrible. 

On the other side there is Gregg Williams who everyone wants. I am not sure why. He has been the DC for 7 teams now in the NFL. His defenses have finished in the top 10 three times but only once since 2005 and not once since 2010. 

Then this last season with the Browns they did not finish in the top 20 in any of the major stats. 

Like I said. I get people wanting Keith Butler to be fired and I am ok with that. However Gregg Williams is not the answer. In this case I think it is better to stick with the Devil you know rather than the Devil you don’t. I also don’t like Gregg with two G’s. What is the fucking point of that.

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Antonio Brown Drama… Our Pets Heads Are Falling Off.

We can’t go fucking 2 days anymore without some sort of drama like news from this team and it’s only getting worse. Quick Timeline here:

Antonio Brown Inactive. No Big Deal, that happens.

Oh AB skipped practice and walk through because of fight with teammate. Not Great.

AB’s fight was with Roethlisberger because Tomlin and Ben are butt buddies and has requested a trade. Great news. Good to hear with playoffs on the line that was going on.

Fucking Kittle fans the flames. Damn it George. We are supposed to go see Godzilla together and now you do this to me.

Tomlin comes out today and doesn’t talk great about AB. AB is hanging out with James Harrison. Everything is done.

Now that everyone is up to speed lets talk about what is going to happen. I originally thought on Friday when the story first came out that there was plenty of time over the next 9 months for everyone to apologize, go to couples therapy, do whatever it would take to be on the same page for 2019. If Gerry Bertier and Julius Campbell can become best friends with the guidance of Herman Boone then AB and Ben can be besties again too with help from Tomlin. 

Now after the whole trade request, the Tomlin press conference, IG drama, and hanging with James Harrison I’m starting to think AB will be traded.

How do we feel about it is the question. Antonio Brown is incredible at football and is irreplaceable on the field, I cannot argue that. He is obviously a cancer in the locker room though. You can’t have guys skipping practices anytime they want, it’s not the first time it happened this year either. I am just so over the drama with this fucking team. It’s all the time. Ben threatening to retire, Le’Veon Bell holding out, the Martavis shit, Antonio Brown, James Harrison, Ben calling someone out. It is something all the time. I would love if all the drama was gone and we just played football. Is Tomlin to blame? Probably. He is the one who needs to get it under control. Maybe he has lost the team. Or maybe he just got unlucky and got dealt stars that have ego’s that are uncontrollable. At some point the talent does not make up for the shit going on around the team. I’ve come to realization that I am ok moving forward without Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell if it means a team that is actually moving forward as one. I would also love it if everything got fixed and everyone was happy again but I don’t see that happening. I just wish we could go back to good ole Uncle Charley’s Antonio Brown.

PS quit telling me with the cap that it can’t be done.

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NFL playoff picture is WILD

Well if your mind wasn’t already blown by the NFL this year, this weekend certainly did that for you. The Rams and Chiefs who we all thought were locks to be in the Super Bowl this year after their amazing Monday nighter, both lost at home on the weekend. The Patriots lost consecutive games in December for the first time since 2002 and now have 5 losses on the road this season.

Teams that we thought were heating up heading into the playoffs laid absolute eggs. The Seahawks lost in San Fran, the Cowboys got shutout in Indy and i would throw my Dolphins in the mix as well but i think our miracles ran out last weekend.

Then there’s the teams everyone thought was dead that turned things around. Lets start with BIG DICK NICK and the Eagles, am i crazy to say the Eagles might be a better team with him at the helm. I am by no means saying he’s better than Wentz, but for whatever reason that team just looks better with him calling the plays. We also have the Steelers who were trending in the wrong direction, lost three in a row and have always had trouble with the Pats. Mike Tomlin had a 2-7 record heading into yesterday against the Patriots and it felt like he might of finally been on the hot seat. The Boz made a huge kick at the end and the Steelers defence bent but didn’t break in what was a very exciting game.

There is a massive game in Carolina tonight that will go a long way in telling us more about home field advantage in the NFC. It’s going to be a very intriguing final 2 weeks here and i hope you guys are enjoying this crazy season as much as i am. Oh and by the way Saturday night football is absolutely beautiful.

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The Steelers Are A Phoenix

The Steelers were dead but last night they rose from the ashes to take down the evil empire and bring life back to Steeler Nation and show us the light like Little Foots Mother did at the end of Land Before time. 

Shame on me for not having faith last week, being broken, and not listening to myself when I knew exactly how this season was going to go. I tweeted this during preseason because I have seen this movie so many times.

Now after Beating the Patriots last night the Steelers are right back on track to get in the tournament and possibly bring home the 7th Lombardi Trophy. Losing to Oakland and then beating the Patriots is possibly the most Steelers thing of all time. I never would’ve doubted them if I knew they were wearing color rush jerseys last night. Now 4-0 when wearing the Jerseys.

The whole team showed up for an incredible team effort that they desperately needed. Even Artie Burns showed up for a few plays before he was yanked because I have no idea what Artie Burns is doing. The two stars of the night though were easily Joe Haden and Jaylen Samuels.

Hats off to Tom paying respects to Roethlisberger by throwing it up for grabs in the Red Zone.

No idea how this toss counter trap worked all night long but I know somewhere Todd Haley was fully erect watching it. 

Also shoutout Boswell for finally making a kick. I hope a pured 48 yarder is the antidote to all his problems.

It truly was a great night in Pittsburgh. Now onto the Saints, that should be easy. 

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First Bet At Pittsburgh Sportsbook was an $11,000 Bet Against The Steelers

I have been getting this question a lot today. No it was not me. Firstly I do not have $11,000 to bet or at all and secondly I do not bet on the Steelers because it’s not good to bet with your heart. I assume this lifelong Steeler fan has reached the same point that I have this season though and has decided to at least make some money on it.

This is a win/win for the bettor though. If the Patriots cover then he wins $10,000. If the Steelers cover then they most likely win and he gets to celebrate a Steelers W. Jump off one of the 1000 bridges in the city scenario is the Patriots win by one and he loses his bet as well as the Steelers losing.

In other news it makes fucking perfect sense that I move to a state with ZERO live table games, only fucking slots, and now the city that I lived in for 28 years has a sports book. Classic.

You bet your sweet ass I will be in there over the holiday’s but until then I am dying inside a little each day. It’s all I wanted my entire life. It’s like your parents getting a pool the day you go to college. Ya I can visit it when i’m home but it would’ve been a lot better 5 years ago.

Good Luck to all those new bettors out there with sportsbooks popping up in your cities. It truly is a beautiful thing. 

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Don’t Let Anyone Tell You Otherwise, Steelers Are Dead

There is nothing more crushing than the moment you realize the team you root for has no chance to win the Super Bowl or even make the playoffs. I had to come to terms with that feeling this week. The Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to win the Super Bowl and will not make the playoffs. They had to go 2-2 in their last 4 games to make the playoffs and they lost their easiest game. Does anyone really think after coming off 3 straight losses that the Steelers are going to beat the Patriots or Saints? Not a fucking chance. We now have to wait 9 months for another meaningful game. A WHOLE FUCKING PREGNANCY FOR ANOTHER GAME THAT MATTERS. 

Some dumb idiot “They could beat the Patriots or Saints and still be ok”

Fuck you, they just lost to the 3-10 Oakland Raiders. That team has been sending their best players away all season trying not to win and you think they can beat the Patriots or Saints. Not a chance. Season is over. The denial phase is over, move onto acceptance and hope they lose every game remaining to get a higher draft pick. 

Why won’t they win another game? Ben is broken, dude didn’t come back in after a little bone bruise because a Mickey Mouse X ray machine was inconclusive. The Raiders have 10 sacks on the season, you aren’t going to be touched. There is 0 run game. Conner has sucked since Bell decided he wasn’t coming back. AB and JuJu are good. Boswell is broken, no coming back from what he has going on. Defense can’t get a stop when it matters. And Tomlin couldn’t win a challenge or manage a clock to save his life. There is no evidence that this is going to turn around. Do yourself a favor and don’t get your hopes up for any reason. Just accept that you will have nothing to root for during the coldest darkest months of the year.

This shit sucks. No other way to put it. Just have to go wait in line 9 months for this whole rollercoaster ride to start again. Then at the end of the 9 months you just have to pray your Steelers baby is going to be a winner when you know chances are it will be some underwhelming under performing piece of shit that ruins your life. Later. 

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This Weeks #CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award Goes To…..

Move over Lombardi, Heisman, Nagurski, Thorpe or any other football human that has an award named after them. There is officially a new king in the football awards community.  I introduce to you the Clausen, Tebow, Gabbert, Sanchez, Schaub, Osweiler, Leaf, Russell, Dilfer, Boller, Leinart, Weinke, Harrington, Carr, Couch, Peterman award. Each week I will be handing out this award to the QB that displayed an extreme proficiency in being terrible.

This weeks nominees:

  1. Mark Sanchez: 6/14 for 38 Yards and 2 Interceptions

Mark Sanchez threw for 38 Yards and 2 interceptions in 3 Quarters of work and then was replaced by JOSH JOHNSON who threw for almost 200 the rest of the game. Not a great look for Mark but a GREAT look for this award. There is a reason why the award is names after him. His commitment to this award is appreciated more than he will ever know. 

2. Kirk Cousins in Primetime & all Michigan State QB’s

Kirk Cousins is now 5-13 in primetime games and currently making 100 Million guaranteed. Imagine giving Cousins 100 Million lol

3. Russ Wilson: 10/20 for 72 Yards and one interception.

If you throw for 72 yards in an entire game and try to throw a pick 6 like this you automatically make the list. Especially when you’re Russ Wilson. 

4. Ben Roethlisberger: Being a Drama Queen and waiting for god knows that to come back in the game. 

The Winner is…

Its obviously Mark Sanchez. Mark is the King and it’s tough to knock him off of his mountain. 

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PMS 2.0 029 – A Field Trip To The Courtroom & Incredible NFL Conversation

On today’s show, Pat takes a trip into the For The Brand courtroom as he welcomes in defensive end for the New York Jets Henry “Goose” Anderson after his hit on Bills kicker Steven Hauschka that many were calling a cheap shot. Pat gives Goose the opportunity to defend himself after this attack on The Brand, gathers all the facts and information presented, and makes a final ruling, and catches up with his former teammate in a hilarious conversation (13:05-26:58). Later, the guys join Pat to cover everything that happened this week in the NFL including Connor’s trip to Miami to watch the Miami Miracle live in person, Digs and Nick potentially throwing in the towel on the Steelers’ season after their heartbreaking loss at Oakland, Baker Mayfield continuing to shine, they chat about the Bears vs. Rams Sunday Night Football game, Patrick Mahomes throwing no look passes, Pat breaks down how a fake punt would work when he played for the Colts, and Pat also covers his weekend going back and forth between Pittsburgh and New York. It’s a fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.