There’s A Headless Chicken Monster In The Ocean Now And Soon Sharks Will Be Extinct

I can’t tell if I want a headless chicken monster as a pet yet but its stock is rising with every passing second. This thing looks like it has unlimited arms that pop out of its skin whenever he may need a hand. If these creatures could be domesticated then the headless chicken monster would be the premier baby diaper changer in the entire world. The video says its a type of swimming sea cucumber but last time I checked cucumbers don’t grow arms.

This is the reason cameras should never be able to touch the ocean floor. At a certain point, were gonna come across the king of the headless chicken monster’s and its going to be a Jimmy Neutron chicken situation. I imagine if Robin Williams ever made a sequel to Flubber it would have this headless chicken monster as the villain, probably a spinoff series on its own depending on sales. This video wouldn’t be allowed on reddit if we were able to see the headless chicken monster during his feeding process. I assume he is as much of a nightmare for other fish as he is going to be for me when I pretend I’m in the ocean during my Monday bath. Worst case scenario is the headless chicken monster grows a head and it leads to them being able to walk on land. Also the best case scenario because then chicken monster fighting will be a premier animal fighting sport in the world.