Rams Special Teams Guide Them To The Big Dance

Rams were off to a slow start yesterday, down 13-0 early and their offence couldn’t get the ball moving at all. They hadn’t had a first down on the day until John Hekker dialed up a fake punt to get the momentum going in their favour.


This completely changed the game if the Rams didn’t get the execution right it would of been Saints ball on their thirty up 13-0 already. Great throw and a great move by Sam Shields to get the first down. 


Now onto Greg The Leg Legatron whatever you wanna call him he had a damn day yesterday. Everyones talking about his 57 yard bomb to win it but he also hit this clutch 48 yarder to tie the game to send it to overtime. 


What an absolute bomb to win the game this thing looked like it could of been good from seventy. In a football era that is all about offence i think these playoffs have been a good reminder that special teams are still a huge part of this game. This was just your friendly reminder that kickers matter too. What a great day ForTheBrand and hopefully these Rams can pull off one more win so we all don’t have to take another Patriots win. Hope y’all enjoyed both amazing games yesterday lets have a week!!


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PMS 2.0 039 – Football Talk With A Hawk… Also.. Potential World Tour

On today’s show, Pat welcomes former Packer great, Super Bowl Champion, partner in the booth, and friend of the show, AJ Hawk, for the debut of a new segment. They cover Pat’s NFL broadcasting debut and what AJ heard from some of his friends still playing on the Packers. They also discuss the two playoff matchups this weekend, and chat about what AJ has been doing recently, what he wants his endgame to be professionally, and why he isn’t a fan of debate shows on TV (2:07-37:26). Later, Pat and the guys discuss some things that are going on in the world including a potential new comedy tour, a few things that they didn’t know about Zito, they chat about dogs and some of the other creatures that are roaming around the McAfee estate, and do a quick check-in on the weight loss challenge. Plus Pat tells a few more stories about Chuck Pagano when they first met each other. It’s a good one, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

NFL Picks For The Weekend

Four games this weekend and every one is going to be a barn burner this weekend. Dogs all over the place with a few sneaky second half bets to blow the doors off this Divisional Weekend.


Chargers @ Patriots is set at 5 right now. I think this is a 3 point game so even a Patriots -5 won’t be a safe call. One of the props I may take for this game is Chargers to lead at half and Patriots to win the game. The Patriots love doing the old ‘lose first half then come back in the second half’ move in the playoffs. As good as the Chargers are, I think Philly makes one too  many mistakes in the cold and the Patriots squeeze out a last second field goal to win. This would give us home field for the AFC championship as well.


That’s right, I hate the Colts but I’m all over them. Colts are +5.5 against the Chiefs in Kansas City and I like the Colts straight up in this one as well. The Chiefs don’t have a defense and the Colts are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. First half Colts I like a lot which I’ll put with the full game spread too. If they get a lead, it’s going to be hard for the Chiefs to get into a rhythm because of how great the Colts run game is. They can chew clock with the best of them and because of this, Mahomes might have a little trouble finding a rhythm early. Very excited for the Frank vs Andy battle and hoping for a good one in KC. 


Dallas is +7 against the Rams and this team isn’t like the other Cowboys teams we’ve seen in the past. They have a defense this year, something Dallas has never seemed to have in my recent memory. I’m taking Rams team over in this one cause I don’t know if the Cowboys secondary is good enough to hang with the McVay brain who’s cooking up touchdown play after touchdown play. That’s why I’m going money line Cowboys with the Rams team over cause I don’t see this being a 7 point game. Cowboys squeeze a win or it’s a blowout. Let’s hope the Cowboys squeeze it out and we all make a decent chunk of change.


And your NFC champion, the New Orleans Saints. Saints are -8 and I think they end up winning by a couple scores. Foles has been surgical since February 2018 so it’s tough to go against Sir Nick. However, nobody has won in the Superdome and I don’t think the Eagles are going to be the team to do it this year. After Sean Payton wheels out the trophy AND everyones Super Bowl bonus, it’s tough that team doesn’t at least run through the first one they see. Rams vs Saints would be a shootout for the ages but I think the Saints are representing the NFC this year. Naturally, the Patriots represent the AFC. 

Recap: Patriots ML, Cowboys ML, Rams team over, Saints -8, Colts +5.5. That’s what I got this weekend but more than anything let’s hope for some great games. Go Pats. 



Saints Legend Steve Gleason To Receive Congressional Gold Medal


Really cool stuff here. Steve Gleason, who’s story has been highly publicized as he’s been battling ALS since 2011, will be the first NFL player to recieve the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest honor a civilian can be awarded. The amount of work his foundation has done for ALS research has been truly staggering, and seeing his battle and the positive outlook he has maintained throughout this arduous process is incredibly inspiring. I got a chance to see Steve Gleason come on stage at a Pearl Jam concert in Chicago, and the message he delivered really helped put some things in perspective for me.

ALS is absolutely fucking terrible. It’s heart wrenching seeing this disease takes away virtually everything from the people who suffer from it. Steve Gleason was an incredible two sport athlete at Washington State, and he’s obviously a shell of his former self physically. After Katrina, Gleason helped put the city of New Orleans on his back to start the healing process.

Although very sad and heart wrenching, Gleason’s story is as inspirational as they come. Frequently, stories like these don’t have a happy ending, so it’s refreshing to see that Steve Gleason will be honored and recognized not just by New Orleans, but by the entire country. If you’re looking for a feel good story to watch this weekend before the holidays, look no further than Gleason’s documentary, Gleason. It’s well worth the hour and a half time investment.. just make sure you have a couple boxes of Kleenex at arm’s reach.