And Then They Were Four

Now that was an amazing weekend of basketball. Every single game on Saturday and Sunday was a barn burner. We had two games go to overtime and we also saw three number one seeds eliminated, only Virginia of all the number one seeds made it to the final four. If anyone had that in their bracket i applaud you, my bracket is DEAD and my soul was taking with Purdue somehow not covering the spread. Literally everything that could of went wrong did for them to somehow lose that game by 5.

In what was probably the game of the weekend, at least for me anyways because Duke lost. This game felt like the last two Duke played, they trailed a bit but seemed like they would pull out another one at the death. Fortunately for most us Duke haters that didn’t happen. Tom Izzo out coached Coach K in this one and the give the ball to Zion and hope for the best plan finally didn’t work out. Now we can all get off the Tom Izzo is too hard on his players theory RIGHT!!

The lines are out for both games with Michigan State at -2.5 over Texas Tech and Virginia at -5.5 against number five seed Auburn. Im still torn on these games but if i had to give a humble opinion right now i would take Texas Tech and Auburn to cover the points. Im honestly considering taking both teams moneyline for some good value. Texas Tech’s suffocating defence is something i haven’t seen in years in this tournament and it feels like it just keeps getting better the deeper into the madness we get. I also like Auburn, they just have something about them that feels like a team of destiny vibe. Im also not completely sold on Virginia and feel like they were very fortunate to get by Purdue and Carsen Edwards.

Lets take some time and gather our thoughts this week before the final four begins this weekend. I will be stuck working 12 hour shifts on a cruise ship but all y’all make sure to enjoy the last few days of what has been an amazing March Madness. Lets grind out this Monday and have a week y’all.

Gump Cathcart

PMS 057 – March Madness, A Vegas Legend, & The Hardy Boyz

On today’s show, Pat and the guys are locked in on the start of March Madness and chat about who they think is going to make some noise in the tournament, which spawns a conversations about the greatness of Zion Williamson, and whether or not he is the next LeBron. Also, one of the most electric guys around, sports handicapper, inspiration for the film “Two for the Money,” and friend of the show, Brandon Lang, calls into the show to talk March Madness and give the guys a few sure fire locks as well as some other plays for deeper in the tournament, and tells some hilarious stories. If you’re looking for free money, look no further (3:17-30:02). Also joining the show are two of the most accomplished entertainers in the history of sports entertainment. Holders of various titles, icons of the sport, The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) join the guys in studio to chat about their illustrious careers, what has changed in the wrestling business over the years, whether or not either one has any fear doing the insane stunts that they’ve pulled for years, what they still want to do in their careers before it’s all said and done, who some of the wrestlers that helped them early in their careers were, and they each share some hilarious stories about their different concepts along the way and take a look back to their early days when they were wrestling in their backyard and appearing on RAW at the ages of 16 and 18, respectively. It’s an incredible conversation with two incredible humans (50:01-1:21:39). Today is a really fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

The First Ever Episode of Bro Bro Bro Bets, Live From Gabagoools

Gambling runs this office so it was only a matter of time before we decided to do a daily gambling show. We are going to be putting this show on YouTube and everyday at 6PM eastern so that you will have an hour to get your bets in for the 7PM eastern games. The show has Gorman, Connor, and I since we are the biggest degenerates in the office. We are going to keep it fun and light with a little Italian Mafia Bookie Flair. I promise you we put hours and hours into these picks. We may not always get them right but I promise you a lot of effort goes into each pick. We are not saying to just take our bets and immediately put money on them, you should always do your own research as well. But if you are in agreement with one of us, let it fly. We will be giving an appetizer pick, an Entree pick, and a dessert pick. Our entree pick will be our most confident pick of the night. Good Luck to all you fellow bettors. Salud. 

PMS 2.0 032 – Defensive Rookie Of The Year

On today’s show, Pat goes live from the Indianapolis Colts facility for an incredible interview with the NFL’s leading tackler, probable Defensive Rookie of the Year, and one of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs in recent memory, The Maniac, Darius Leonard. They cover his upbringing and how he overcame the odds being stacked against him, and who he’s looked to for advice. They also cover his thoughts on the Colts season, how all the slights thrown at him are just adding chips on his shoulder, and how he should take the NFL drug testing him as a compliment (6:37-21:09). Pat and Digs also give a touching tribute to Coach Sacko, their high school football coach who recently passed away, and the guys get into a conversation about Pat’s high school playing days. Later, sports handicapper, source material for the film Two For The Money, and friend of the show, Brandon Lang, calls in to give a couple of red hot NCAA basketball picks, chats a bit about his time caddying for Jim Irsay (and inadvertently takes a couple of shots at Gorman), and looks ahead to this weeks NFL slate while also giving some thoughts on the NCAA football playoff (1:02:17-1:25:45). The guys wrap up the show by diving a tad deeper into the NFL games, and give a few more thoughts on the weight loss competition. It’s a great one. Come and laugh with us. Cheers.

Is LaMelo Ball Good At Basketball?

Yesterday, some news broke that LaMelo Ball is going back to high school to play for SPIRE Prep Academy in Geneva, Ohio and will be eligible to play immediately because he was never paid as a professional (complete and utter horseshit). This team is apparently loaded with top 10 recruits in the next two graduating classes and are headlined by the Rabid Romanian, 7’7″ Bob Bobroczky, who eats glass for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (talking about rebounding here).

Silky smooth jumper? Check. Elite low post moves? Check. High basketball IQ? Check. Appearance of someone who survived a nuclear fallout? Check. I think LaMelo is going to find it very hard to be sharing the rock with the Romanian Renaissance Man. This is the kind of guy who I imagine demands 30-40 touches per game, and if he doesn’t get fed the orange that many times, I envision him squeezing LaMelo Ball’s tiny head until it pops like a zit.

I don’t claim to know what kind of schedule SPIRE Academy plays, but if it’s a hotbed for recruits all over the nation, one would imagine they’ll be facing some stiff competition, something LaMelo hasn’t traditionally had success with. Now you’ll probably say, “Well, he was actually a very successful Lithuanian professional.” You’re right, he was pretty successful. But these high schoolers are kids who are going to be playing at places like Duke, Arizona, UNC, and Michigan St., they’re not blacksmiths, cobblers, and migrant workers who happen to play professional basketball in their free time. Need some proof that he crumbles in a pressure cooker? Take a gander at this:

The only potential savior here would be if Lavar Ball decides to move the corporate headquarters of Big Baller Brand to Geneva, Ohio to oversee LaMelo’s last year of high school ball in order to pull a couple of strings, act like a massive asshole, and put some more spotlight on this team.

He better be careful though, with the current climate of high school basketball at prep schools, one wrong move and LaMelo might find himself taking a tongue lashing from his head coach. There’s been a lot of that going around lately.

Hmmmmmm… for coaching at a Christian high school, that doesn’t sound too Christian to me, but I digress.

So I ask you, is LaMelo Ball any good at basketball? Or is this just another massive publicity stunt before his “star” burns out once and for all.

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