It’s Time to Bring Back NFL Music Videos

The 1980’s were about 3 things… Fast cars, cocaine, and music videos. If you weren’t involved with one of the 3 in some way you were a no name loser with no real purpose for existence. Back in 1985 the Chicago Bears started a revolution in the NFL. It wasn’t just the vaunted 46 Chicago D punishing offenses… Of course I’m talking about their impact off the field with their smash single the Super Bowl Shuffle. 

The song caught fire and actually charted on the Billboard top 100 (41, but still). Some will even tell you this video, not Ditka, not Buddy Ryan, not Singletary, not Sweetness, is the sole reason the Bears won it all in 85. 

You see the New England Patriots who played the Bears in the big game that year also put out a video right before the Super Bowl as a sort of countermeasure. I present to you “New England, the Patriots, and We”

To no one’s surprise the Patriots got POUNDED in this game and lost 46-10. If I was alive in ’85 and saw both of these videos come out before the game, without ever even watching a down of football it would have been the lock of a lifetime to HAMMER DA BEARS. 

After the success of the Super Bowl Shuffle, which still stands as the unquestioned #1 team music video, other teams jumped aboard the train. It’s always been a copy cat league after all. The second best of the bunch has been forgotten and lost throughout the years, but has resurfaced on twitter after the Rams* (Refs) earned their title shot this year. Let’s take a look at “Ram It”

No clue how the Rams didn’t take home a Lombardi in 86. This shit slaps. It’s hard to fathom the amount of sex these guys had after dropping this. When I watched this all I could think of was being part of this team and having coach drop the bomb “Alright boys great win this week! Fucking great win! …. But we need everyone here on Tuesday… I know it’s your day off but we’re shooting the RAM IT! video. Listen, listen the owners wife wants it done just be here Tuesday at 1pm be here and be ready to fucking dance I don’t want to hear it.”

BONUS: I did a little more digging and found some BTS making of footage:

If the LA Rams have any shot of winning this upcoming Super Bowl against New England it only happens if they make a banger and drop a fire video. Their play on the field won’t be enough to capture the hearts of LA. They need to show they’re more than just macho athletes busting skulls to be accepted. They need to come together as a team the way insta influencers do and collab. They need to flex their creative muscles, their choreography, their bars, their ASMR skills, their EDM DJ samples, their vape tricks, their rollerblades, everything that truly defines and connects them with LA (I’ve never been to LA). 

If you want to go through and see more of the history of these NFL music videos here is a list with every team to do it

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Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 31 – Dark Waters

On today’s show, the guys chat about Gorman’s illustrious film career from Super Bowl commercials to major blockbusters, and he gives a few stories about his time on film sets and out in Hollywood. They also discuss a couple of the shows that they’ve been interested in on Netflix, and cover some news stories from around the globe including a Russian Santa having a fatal heart attack in front of some kids, the Brazilian version of Sweeney Todd, and doppelgangers causing wrongful convictions. Todd wants to know what the best Christmas present each of the guys ever got was, and they answer some listener questions including what each of them would choose to be the world champion of and what their championship belt would look like, and what one song they’d sing the lyrics to if they had a gun pointed at their heads. To close out the show, the guys pick a few more holiday themed Bangerz to help send you into the weekend. It’s a fun one, come and have a good time with us.

This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @HeyGorman, @VivalaZito, and @evanfoxy.

Kanye Goes Wild On Twitter

It all started with this tweet yesterday from Kanye. Im guessing this is in reference to a track that Drake used Kanye’s instrumental on. He went onto have 126 tweets yesterday about him and Drake. Which were all highly entertaining to say the least.

Some of his tweets sounded true and real but a lot of them sounded completely off the wall. These two have been having a back and forth for quite some time now and it looks like its finally come to a head. There isn’t a blog long enough to go through all of them but ill post the ones i found the most intriguing.

The more i go through these tweets he sounds like he’s out of his damn mind. Im not going to pick a side i like both these guys, Drake might have more of a head on his shoulders or at least look like it after this meltdown, but who am i to judge. Drake has yet to respond to any of this except for laughing emojis on his Instgram story. My guess is Kanye will delete his twitter again, id be surprised if these tweets stay up through the weekend to be honest. No matter what comes from this i know it made my Thursday and it was a beautiful way to send us into the weekend.

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The Heartland Office List Of The Greatest Music Videos Ever Made.

Disclaimer: I’m not made for the blogging world. 

I sit here reminiscing the days when you can turn on the tv and watch an actual entertaining music video. So I made it my mission to go around the office and find everyones favorite music video and also a couple of my own…disclaimer I will not be listing any of these videos in particular order and if you any make sure to Tweet them to me.

Eminem was always known for his theatrical side..every video he dropped back in the day were always a guaranteed banger of a video. Blink 182 what a time to be alive when you were able to play this on tv. I could have gone all day but I wanted to make sure to get through the whole office so first up…


The boss man himself has excessive (good word I know) knowledge of music videos, he was all over the place naming them off but we ended up settling on these. 


When I told digs about the blog idea…he yelled out two music videos right away… as if he’s been waiting his whole life for someone to ask him his favorite music videos.

I’ll tell you I can’t talk shit about any of these picks. Mad RESPECT for how fast he got these to me. I remember back in the day, when ever a Christina music video came on tv you had to waist band it.


I knew asking the resident DJ, I was going to get some good ones… Nick literally gave me 20 music videos and I had to strong arm him down to two of em.

Frank from the clouds picking some Bone Thugs and Lil Dicky is one of the reason music video are still a thing now a days.


Alright Uncle Todd was a wild card for this…He sent in the most diverse selection of all time.

He had a lot of classics to send in but he chose a Will Smith song just to fuck with Nick.


Ty is the resident movie buff make sense he would choose a Ja Rule Music video that was basically a movie. I’m going to be honest with you I’ve never seen the Caliornication music video but holy shit that’s an intense video…it was basically watching the first generation of Grand Theft Auto being played.


Boston Connor always bring the noise figuratively and literally..Duke Dumont and Red Hot Chili Pepper always has amazing music videos.


For Evan being a millennial…I’m proud of his picks he could have went with  something basic but he thought outside of the box. Way to go Evan The Pub is in good hands also don’t forget to purchase yourself a shirt and become a member. 


Gator picking White Stripes maybe the hottest pick of the day and then he hit me with this I Feel Better song..I had to stop writing this blog and had to approach him and ask him why the hell he sent me this and quote on quote “I thought it was perfectly weird for your blog” or something like that. 


Since the Twitch Stream has a new partner up stairs in the office had to throw their music videos in the mix.

Tim McAfee

Jay McAfee

Honorable Mentions

Alright this has to be my longest blog ever to date even though its a maximum of 100 words. I totally understand I missed a lot of great ones… If you would like to send yours in make sure to tweet them over to me. 

From The Desk Of Director Of Morale

Weekend Picks & Bangerzz

Every Friday I will send you into the weekend with some shady NFL picks and a couple BANGERZZ, HEATERZZ, SLAPPERZZ. This weekend I am going with all DOGS.

Cincinnati +6

Jacksonville +3

Washington +3

Miami +10.5

Do not ask me how or why these will happen, Strictly going off feel here and have a good feeling about all four of these. Bet along on

For my Bangerzz this week I have:

Lox – Money Power Respect 

Warren G – I Want It All

Metro Boomin – Don’t Come Out The House

Lets have a weekend y’all.

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