Can We Trust IMDb?

Here’s my review of Holmes & Watson that was published on IMDb on December 26, 2018.

Obviously, this review was given a huge platform and reached a ton of people when Pat McAfee had me read it on The Pat McAfee Show 2.0 podcast.  Pat also shared the review to the millions that follow him on social media as well as the team that works for him.  Then it grew legs as followers of @patmcafeeshow and members of the crew, retweeted and shared the review with their followers and friends.  I’m not sure if it hit enough numbers to be classified as “viral” but it was certainly being seen and appreciated by a lot of people.  Talk Radio shows were reading it on air as content, digital media companies were putting it out on their platforms…it was taking off.

If you went to IMDb and looked up Holmes & Watson, my review was a top the list of all reviews if you sorted by most helpful.  Thousands of people had checked that it was helpful.  The second in the list wasn’t even close.

Then today, I went on IMDb and typed in Holmes & Watson and discovered my review had been removed.  This is now the most helpful review for this movie on IMDb.

286 people found this review helpful.  If you do the math, 286 is much less than thousands.  Not only did IMDb remove my review, the list is now full of positive reviews for the movie.  Lots of 7/10 ratings, I even saw a couple 9’s!  There’s no way that many people enjoyed this movie.  Are these fake accounts?  Are these accounts acting on behalf of someone that has a financial interest in the movie?  I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

You might be thinking right now, “Well, they did leave the second most helpful review, which is also negative and you had given it 2 stars, this account gave it 1 star.  So, that would indicate IMDb is still being impartial, right?”

It is a negative review that scored the movie even lower than I did, but let me expand on that.  I gave it 2 stars because a 1 star review for this movie means you’re not taking the rating and review process seriously.  A 2 star review indicates that I recognize it was a big production with a fantastic cast, but it also recognizes the finished product was an epic failure.

Also, this 1 star review was well done but it hadn’t gone viral, nor does it lend itself to doing so.  My review was spreading at a rate that it was likely to become THE REVIEW of the movie.  Obviously, that isn’t good for those who have a financial interest in the movie.  So, what’s the quickest way to prevent my review from reaching that status?  DELETE!  

Is IMDb acting in the best interest of the backers of Holmes & Watson or are they acting in the best interest of the movie-watching public?  Thousands of people thought my review was helpful, so it’s an interesting question.

I had always relied on IMDb to be the place where I could go see if a movie was worth watching.  I’m not sure I can do that anymore.  I think its possible the integrity of IMDb is being compromised and that’s a damn shame.

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The Crimes Of Grindelwald Review, No Spoilers

Thursday night I went to the opening showing of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. I don’t want to brag but, it was in IMAX.

Before the headliners go off about this stat right here, let’s talk numbers. The lowest opening weekend before The Crimes of Grindelwald was 77.1 million, not including the first Fantastic Beasts that was below these numbers too at 74 million. The 77.1 Potter was Order of The Phoenix and any movie with Umbridge is bound to be terrible. Movie franchise’s that go back to do prequel series’ are consistently destroyed cause some hardcore fans refuse to buy into a new set of movies. Personally, as a Harry Potter fanatic and the owner of one Gryffindor school robe, I loved it. Johnny Depp plays a perfect Grindelwald, not over the top but still playing the role in a cynical way. I mean, look at that photo above, he looks like the wizard that used to get all the girls without even playing quidditch at Hogwarts. Just had the leather jacket and people flocked. Anyone who watched the first of this series knows Credence probably died but they kept him alive for a great reveal. I was never a fan of his character in the first movie but I thought the way they progressed his character allows him to bring way more to the table.

Jude Law’s Dumbledore was awesome and the stuff you find out about Dumbledore is the reason this movie is a must see. Any real fan would appreciate all the things they tie together with the original movies, especially with Nagini being a person (revealed in trailer). This was for sure a setup movie but the information, battle scenes, and magic all make it worth going to see the newest installment. As a Harry Potter fan, I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t like this movie, but setup movies in a series always take the bad reviews and the others get the job done (Desolation of Smaug did about the same in its opening weekend.) I don’t think J.K. Rowling cares about them anyways, the Potter movies have grossed over 2 billion worldwide so numbers aren’t as important. Dumbledore will play a much bigger role in the next movie too.

Eddie Redmayn crushed this role and similar to Dumbledore, you get a look at Newt at Hogwarts and his life before. He’s also up for love triangle of the century but no spoilers. The new creatures in this movie are electric and you still get some of the beasts from the first movie coming back to help Newt and the boys. Speaking of beasts, Dan Fogler is one of my favorite characters in this series. He’s hysterical and the idea of a muggle rolling with the wizards and being right next to all the action is hilarious. All in all, this movie has a unique look at Dumbledore’s life that you don’t get with any of the other Potter movies, not to mention Grindelwald is turning into an all-time villain. The next one in this series has the potential to be one of the better Potter movies in the series, hopefully they go big.