The Red Sox Slow Start Continues On The West Coast

After how well last season went for these Red Sox, the start of this season appears to be going the complete opposite thus far. First it was our pitching giving up a millions home runs and then last night we finally get a good outing from Chris Sale and our bats get silenced again. It was always going to be tough starting this season on an eleven game road trip on the west coast but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this bad.

I had a weird feeling this season was going to start off slow, their spring training was not great and I know its not a big deal, but last year they had a great spring and were ready from the jump. The first six games of the season look like their still in spring training, trying to get back into the motions rather than being game ready. That being said its only six games and we are talking about the defending World Series champs here.

This is why we play 162 games in a season, the season isn’t decided in the first couple weeks. It hasn’t been pretty so far but lets not kid each other this is a very good baseball team, with very good pitching and hitting. There is a lot of panic going on but Im here to tell you lets pump the brakes a bit here. Lets ride out this west coast road trip and see where these Sox stand once we finally get home and get the World Series rings. The wins will come and these Sox will be back on track in no time. One last thought MLB just because the Sox won 108 games last season does not mean an eleven game west coast road trip is a reasonable start to the season. This is absolutely absurd and something I’ve never seen in my years of watching baseball. Onward and upward Sox fans, lets ride out this slow start and hope things turn around sooner than later. Hump day is here and were getting close to the weekend lets enjoy the rest of this week y’all.

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Opening Day Tomorrow For MLB And The Red Sox

As we all get mentally prepared for the 162 game marathon MLB season Im going to tell you about why the Red Sox and baseball mean sox much to me personally. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions is something I never thought I would hear growing up and now they’ve won four since 2004. I didn’t grow up in my teens knowing that Big Papi would come through in the clutch or that Alex Cora would pull all the right strings to guide us to another championship.

I grew up hoping Brian Daubach and Troy O’Leary would just guide us TO a World Series. The Sox were always good but never great and you always knew the Yankees were somehow going to get us in the end. My dad would tell me stories about Bill Buckner in ’86, my mom out on the front porch banging pots and pans as the ball went through his legs. I don’t think he actually forgave her to 2004 to be honest. As a Sox fan you’d hope for the best but wait for the worst, nothing was more fitting than in 2003. Aaron Boone’s stupid face hitting that home run after the Sox had the game in the bag.

Soon as he hit it i knew it was over. I went and sat in my room in silence, my brother went and sat in his jeep for what felt like hours and my mom sat on the couch stunned. Knowing that my old man was coming home from a night at the docks absolutely miserable. How they turned things around in ’04 I will never know, after the sox won the series my dad came home and they booked flights. Him and my mom made it to Boston on time for the parade. Once in a lifetime thing they thought, what has happened since then is simply surreal.

Maybe at some point watching the games will change for me. I still wait for something to go wrong, rather than waiting for everything to go right. It could be knowing the suffering my dad went through cheering for these Sox all those years up until 2004. I am a snobby sports fan, I do think i know  more about my teams than anyone else. Not my best trait i know but i would never change how i feel about my teams. For me baseball is not “just a game”. For me its about family, our love for these Sox keeps us together. The pain all these years makes winning that much sweeter. These victories i will never take for granted. Let the rollercoaster ride start tomorrow and lets enjoy americas favourite pastime once again. 

Gump Cathcart

Bryce Harper For 13 YEARS!!

Well i think were all glad this Macahdo and Harper free agent saga is over. Bryce Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday for a whopping 330 millions dollars with an average annual value of under 25.5 million. Considering Cano and Pujols got an AAV of 24 million 5 and 7 years ago this contract doesn’t seem too bad but the 13 years is definitely something to think about.

It appears that Machado and Harper have both gone to the highest bidders, with rumblings of the San Francisco Giants offering a twelve year contract worth 310 million but California taxes getting in the way of that deal. I honestly am still in disbelief that he didn’t just stay with the Washington Nationals. They offered ten years 300 million last year before the trade deadline which Harper turned down, my guess is he actually thought he was going to be the 400 million dollar man this offseason.

Ive yet to see one of these ten year deals work out in the MLB and now we have a thirteen year deal. I honestly just don’t see this ending well, Bryce Harper is a phenomenal talent and the front years of this contract may workout but by the end of it this can’t and won’t be pretty. Bryce Harper also isn’t a figure of consistency besides his NL MVP season in 2015 two of the last four years he has hit under .250 last year striking out 169 times.

The Phillies do have a very good squad even before the addition of Bryce but the NL East is gonna be a dog fight with the Braves, his former team the Nationals and I even think the Mets could be half decent this year also. The Phillies better hope to get a World Series out of this or theres going to be some long cold nights into his late thirties for Bryce Harper and his flow. Lets have a weekend y’all.



Manny Machado Gets Paid And The MLB Isn’t Dead

Well Well Well Manny Machado gets his money. The highest contract in professional sports and just last week we were being told that the owners were black balling the players. I know theres a lot of players still out there that shouldn’t be, one example is Adam Jones guy has been nothing but a great professional on and off the field his whole career and deserves to have a job this far into the offseason. Well i guess its not technically the offseason anymore since all players reported this week.

There has been lots of MLB players expressing their displeasure with whats going on this offseason with free agents not being signed earlier, this is fine. I’m all for the players getting paid but for guys like Justin Verlander trying to say these players are getting blackballed is very far from the truth. Machado had offers from the White Sox and the Padres and Harper has been offered 300 million on multiple occasions now by more than one team.

Every offseason their are a few players who have to sign before all the other dominoes fall. Yes there is a lot of free agents still out there but now that Machado has signed Harper shouldn’t be far behind him. These guys do deserve to get paid, there is still way too much talent out there unsigned. I don’t disagree with everything Verlander and other players are saying, but to say that guys like Machado and Harper aren’t getting offers from multiple teams is just absurd.

The MLB has never shied away from big contracts, I just think their being a little bit more careful in who their handing out these massive contracts to and at what point their at in their careers. Teams are going to spend but every time they look at making that big free agent splash I’m sure they think of the ugly contract the Orioles can’t get out of with Chris Davis. This isn’t the NFL, these contracts are all fully guaranteed.

I hope all the free agents end up getting paid what their worth, but just please don’t try and tell me that no one is constantly offering Bryce Harper a hefty lump sum to play ball for them all season long. Baseball is NOT dead, it is americas favourite pastime and always will be. Hope your week is going as great as mine, lets finish it off in fine fashion with a St Paddys day tee, 20% off till Saturday Cheers.



Attention Miami Dolphins Kyler Murray Chooses The NFL

Well here we go, Kyler Murray made the decision, which was pretty much inevitable. He wants to be an NFL quarterback, rather than an Oakland Athletic. Only time will tell if this is the right decision, but for now lets talk about who’s taking a chance on the Heisman trophy winner.

As a Dolphins fan I’m very hopeful that they take the shot and trade up to get him. I don’t see too many teams in front of us who need a quarterback or will take a shot on Murray. The one team that i was really worried about was the New York Giants but reports are saying their concerned about his size.

If the Cardinals don’t pull the trigger and take him at one then if your the Dolphins you have to, I mean please lets go take a chance. Why not?? You’ve now fired your coach, brought in a new one. Tannehill is good as gone, so why not start fresh with Kyler Murray. Unless your all in on the tank for Tua, Kyler Murray has to be an option this year to start this rebuild. There’s no guarantee you will even get close to Tua next year, Dolphins are very good at being mediocre and getting middle round draft picks.

Im all in on this idea, if we are truly rebuilding with a new coach then why not a brand new young quarterback to go along with him. As Dolphins fans we’ve waited long enough, we’ve watched mediocrity since Marino left. The time is now to get our franchise quarterback and Kyler Murray is that guy. If your worried about his size look at Baker Mayfield, Russel Wilson and Drew Brees. All three of those guys are gamers and i strongly believe Kyler Murray is to. The balls in your court Dolphins time to make a move and time to make it now.



PMS 2.0 044 – Tim Tebow, Schefter, & Superb Owl Chatter

Today’s show is a great one. First, former Heisman Trophy winner, 1st round draft pick of the Denver Broncos, the greatest college football player of all-time and current outfielder in the New York Mets organization, Tim Tebow, joins the show from Top Golf in Atlanta for an incredible conversation. They discuss what it was like being Tim Tebow in college, his transition to the NFL and the most difficult part, talks a little bit about his perspective about life, chats more about his MLB aspirations and what his walkup song will be, and how he handles all the scrutiny every time he does something (4:51-27:37). Also joining the show is the king of scoops himself, one of the best in the game at his job, the creator of the “Adam Bomb,” Adam Schefter. They discuss what Super Bowl week is like for him, the guys dig for a couple updates on some scoops, what he thinks is going to happen with the Antonio Brown situation, and the stresses of having troll Twitter accounts make fake news with his name and having to deal with the repercussions (55:54-1:13:46). The guys also recap the entire Super Bowl week from Top Golf and who some of their favorite guests were and which people surprised them. They also recap the weight loss competition, and dive into their thoughts on the Super Bowl, the commercials, and Boston Connor chats about his experience seeing the Patriots win a Super Bowl in person. It’s a great one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

Barry Bonds Belongs In The Hall Of Fame

The hall of fame got most of it right with their inductees this passed week, Mariano Rivera was about as good of a closer as there has even been and was a no doubt first ballot hall of famer. My issue isn’t with any of the guys who got in, my only issue is with the player who isn’t. Barry Bonds, he is hands down the greatest hitter of our generation, no ifs and or buts. I’ve read all the books on this my favourite one being Game of Shadows. Im not saying Bonds is a great guy or he never used PEDs. Im saying that this guys number speak for themselves and as obvious as it may of looked that he used PEDs he never in fact tested positive.

The man’s stats speak for themselves, he was a seven time MVP, seven fucking times is absurd. He hit for power average and was a great defensive outfielder until his later days. There is absolutely no reason to keep the guy out of the Hall Of Fame at this point. If you don’t want him in because of PED use thats fine, theres all the prove in the world except for there is no positive test. He hasn’t been banished from baseball either, he’s worked with the Giants and then he was a hitting coach in Miami as well.

You can argue all you want that he cheated and I’m fine with that, but that was the era of baseball at that point. When players were asked about that era they were quoted as saying it wasn’t a matter of who it was a matter of who wasn’t. I know that doesn’t make it right but at some point these voters have to swallow their pride and put this man in the Hall Of Fame. His stats speak for itself and i for one hope that the day is coming because whether you like him or not, whether you think he cheated or not Barry Bonds deserves his day in the Hall Of Fame. Happy Thursday Y’all.

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Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 29 – The Perfect Roommate

On today’s show, the guys cover a lot of ground. They discuss Will Ferrell’s career and look through his catalog of movies, decide what the correct process is for giving gifts around the holidays, and get into a lengthy discussion about Club Med, and decide whether they or cruise or all-inclusive guys for vacations. They also cover the underground “Carnie Mafia” sweeping through Arkansas, and talk about a man vying to implant a bluetooth speaker into his chest so he always knows what direction north is, and Gorms tells a couple of hilarious Jim Irsay stories and gives out a Friday gift for all the bro bro bro’s. Todd wants to know who the guys would choose if they were single and could pick any living person as a roommate. They also answer some listener questions including selecting TV show characters for each other, and deciding which major sport they would choose if they were a bench player making the league minimum. As always, the guys wrap up the show with some Friday Bangerz to help kickstart your weekend. It’s a fun one, come and have a good time with us.

This episode includes @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @BroBroBroBets, @VivalaZito, and @evanfoxy.

Relief Pitcher No One Has Heard Of Says He’d Strike Out Babe Ruth “Every Time”

ESPN – Whichever team signs free-agent reliever Adam Ottavino will have a confident pitcher.

Assessing the state of today’s game on MLB’s Statcast podcast, the 33-year-old right-hander said that Babe Ruth couldn’t keep up.

“I had an argument with a coach in Triple-A about Babe Ruth’s effectiveness in today’s game,” Ottavino said. “I said, ‘Babe Ruth, with that swing, swinging that bat, I got him hitting .140 with eight homers.’

“He was like, ‘Are you nuts? Babe Ruth would hit .370 with 60 homers,’ and I’m like, ‘I would strike Babe Ruth out every time.’

“I’m not trying to disrespect him, you know, rest in peace, you know, shoutout to Babe Ruth. But, it was a different game, I mean the guy ate hot dogs and drank beer and did whatever he did. It was just a different game.”

Pretty blasphemous stuff this morning from a guy 98% of baseball fans have never heard of. I understand gassing yourself up heading into free agency, and I understand being supremely confident in your skill set, but give me a fucking break.

Adam Ottavino doesn’t seem like a world beater, does he? Pretty middling stats in my opinion. In fact, you know what’s funny? Babe Ruth was a better pitcher than him.  

Actually, he was a much better pitcher. The game has changed a little bit since The Sultan of Swat played, I’ll grant Ottavino that, but do a little research and have some self-awareness, pal. Not only would The Babe eat a dozen hot dogs and drink a dozen beers pregame, he’d also proceed to hit an absolute cock shot into the stratosphere off Ottavino. Frozen ropes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a bedtime snack. 

Maybe I’m being too hard on Adam Ottavino, though. Let’s take a peek at some of his highlights.

Yes, I cherry picked these clips, and yes Adam Ottavino set the Rockies scoreless innings streak record, which is a commendable feat and something very few are capable of, but let’s pump the brakes on saying you’d strike out Babe Ruth every time you faced him when you’re giving up moonshots to guys like Lyle Overbay and Chris Carter (who struck out no less than 1,000 times when he played for the Yankees).

I respect what the guy is trying to do here going into free agency. The MLB hot stove is starting to heat up a little bit, you spit out some egregious bullshit like this and hope that it sticks somewhere. But Adam, if you come at the King–and make no mistake about it, Babe Ruth is one of the Kings– you best not miss.

Now watch the Yankees give him $70 million just to spite me. I guess we’ll see. Again, I’m sure he’s a lovely guy.. but give it a rest with the Babe Ruth slander.

Shoutout Art LaFleur for being the greatest representation of The Babe we’ve ever seen.

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No More Strip Club Tabs For Under Armour Execs

Under Armor executives have been taking athletes and colleagues to strip clubs for years and Under Armour has been footing the bill.  However, all good things must come to an end.

These are tough times.  Some companies are cutting benefits, some are cutting salaries, and now…some are cutting lap dances.  Of course, this isn’t a financial decision for Under Armour.  They can afford lap dances.  What they can’t afford is for every female employee to file an EEOC complaint for hostile work environment.

This isn’t Mad Men.  The boys club way of wining and dining clients has been over for a while now.  I’m guessing that funding crazy nights out at the strip club, gave male employees a distinct advantage over female employees in securing clients.  Especially when your “big fish” clients are primarily athletes, coaches and others inside the sports industry.

I’m sure this particular deal was secured at Sunday Mass instead of a strip club, but you get the point.  We’re talking big money deals for big money exposure.  It’s all about that ROI (Return On Investment) so you need to land the teams that get the most TV time.  That’s easier said than done when you’re competing with the likes of Nike and Adidas.  Every little advantage counts.  So, let’s not be too hard on these Under Armour execs.  They were using everything they had at their disposal.  Everyone’s just trying to make a living.  Even strippers.

That being said, it’s 2018 and everyone deserves, and has a legal right, to feel comfortable in their workplace.  So, I applaud Under Armour for addressing this issue and putting an end to it.  No more strip club tabs on the corporate card boys!  If you want that deal bad enough, put that shit on your own card.  The one your wife doesn’t know about.