After Days Of Thought Im Officially All In On The Josh Rosen Experiment

It is officially a new era in Miami, these aren’t the same old Dolphins throwing as much money as they can at random free agents. For once it looks like there could actually be a plan in place. When the trade first went through, Ill be honest i wasn’t sold on the idea at all. Ive been all in on the idea of going full tank and trying to get Tua next year, or even waiting for Trevor Lawrence out of Clemson.

After days to think about the trade and what we are getting, Ive really come around on the idea of Josh Rosen being a Miami Dolphin. The Dolphins didn’t trade a first round pick for him, they didn’t even trade their 48th overall pick for him. They traded that to the New Orleans Saints and ended up getting a second rounder for next year. In the end the Dolphins gave up the 62nd overall pick and a 5th rounder for next year. This was probably the best offer Arizona was going to get, when everyone knew they wanted rid of him. If your like me and were very skeptical of this pickup by Miami, let me sell you on what I’ve come around on. Arizona paid Rosen his bonus last year and ended up paying him 11 million in total. The Miami Dolphins have Josh Rosen under control for the next 3 years for 6 million. Thats 2 million a year for the next 3 years for a guy who went 10th overall last season.

Who knows how this thing turns out, I for one think FitzMagic will still be at the helm come opening Sunday for these Dolphins. At best we get a first rounder who could very well be a franchise quarterback, at worse we get a backup for three years at a very cost efficient price. Let me remind you that Matt Moore got 4 million per when he was the Dolphins backup quarterback. Im far from all in on Rosen, but this trade was worth the risk and Im very excited about this Dolphins team after the draft. Which is something i haven’t honestly been able to say since the Ryan Tannehill era started years ago. The quarterback room of Fitzmagic and Rosen looks a hell of a lot better than last years Tannehill and the Brocketship. All i know is things are changing in Miami and from what i can tell its definitely for the better. Hope y’all enjoyed the draft, FinsUp.

Gump Cathcart

Miami Dolphins Might Actually Have A Plan Here

Well after years of mediocrity and being on the bubble the Miami Dolphins might finally be figuring this thing out. They were not active in free agency, didn’t spend any money at all, finally got rid of Ryan Tannehill and now they’ve brought Ryan Fitzpatrick the perfect bridge quarterback in my opinion.

Lets be honest here, Ryan Tannehill was never going to be the guy. He was the Dolphins starting quarterback for seven years and got us to the playoffs once. I would even say Matt Moore was more responsible for getting them their that season also. It was time to tear this thing down, get rid of all the loose fat and start fresh in Miami. Finally that is what they’ve done, in the NFL you cant constantly be in the middle and magically find a way to get better. The Dolphins had to start fresh, new coach and now a new quarterback who will be exciting to watch this season.

This is a perfect signing for this Dolphins team, Fitzpatrick has shown he can still sling it and the Dolphins have a good selection of wide receivers he can do that to. Im looking for DeVante Parker to have a big year after not really being given a shot with Gase running the show. They also have Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant who were both great last year until getting injured. If you want a guy to throw the long ball to Kenny Stills is always ready to go deep also. For the first time in a while as a Dolphins fan I can honestly say I’m excited. Whatever happens this year wins or losses aren’t that important to me, Im just excited to see something new and see this team finally take a different path. I love the tank for Tua idea but if Dwayne Haskins is still available at thirteen, I could definitely see the Dolphins taking a chance on him and who better to learn from than FitzMagic. There is hope that the Miami Dolphins could finally be getting this thing right. Im excited to see what happens this season and you should be too. Hope y’all are having a week and lets get over the hump. Cheers

Gump Cathcart

Miami Dolphins Stay Away From Free Agent Frenzy

There could finally be some hope for the Miami Dolphins and their fanbase, in years passed they would definitely be all in on high paid free agents. Miami would always overpay for star players and end up eating massive contracts and eventually cutting or trading these players near the end of their contract. The Dolphins have played with mediocrity for years and years now and it hasn’t gotten the franchise anywhere.

For the Miami Dolphins to finally turn this mess around they have to try something different and it looks like they finally are. They didn’t overpay for any free agents yesterday and they also didn’t overpay for any of their own. We saw JaWuan James get 4 years 52 million yesterday from the Denver Broncos, making him the highest paid right tackle in the NFL. If the Dolphins are going to go into tank mode these are the exact contracts they need to stay away from, whether they want to keep one of their own or not.

The biggest domino to fall for this Dolphins team is who will be quarterback, as we all know by now it will more than likely be a veteran QB on a one year deal. Who will be at the helm this year is far less important than whether they take a QB in the draft, or if they wait till next year to see if they get a better draft pick and get a guy like Tua. This team has sat in the middle of the pack for way too long and this season might be absolutely horrible but it will all be worth it if they can finally get their franchise quarterback we’ve been waiting for since Dan Marino. Yes its been that long since we’ve had a franchise QB. So lets all take this year for what it is and hope that these Dolphins can finally get this thing right and turn it around. Lets keep this week rolling y’all cheers.



Attention Miami Dolphins Kyler Murray Chooses The NFL

Well here we go, Kyler Murray made the decision, which was pretty much inevitable. He wants to be an NFL quarterback, rather than an Oakland Athletic. Only time will tell if this is the right decision, but for now lets talk about who’s taking a chance on the Heisman trophy winner.

As a Dolphins fan I’m very hopeful that they take the shot and trade up to get him. I don’t see too many teams in front of us who need a quarterback or will take a shot on Murray. The one team that i was really worried about was the New York Giants but reports are saying their concerned about his size.

If the Cardinals don’t pull the trigger and take him at one then if your the Dolphins you have to, I mean please lets go take a chance. Why not?? You’ve now fired your coach, brought in a new one. Tannehill is good as gone, so why not start fresh with Kyler Murray. Unless your all in on the tank for Tua, Kyler Murray has to be an option this year to start this rebuild. There’s no guarantee you will even get close to Tua next year, Dolphins are very good at being mediocre and getting middle round draft picks.

Im all in on this idea, if we are truly rebuilding with a new coach then why not a brand new young quarterback to go along with him. As Dolphins fans we’ve waited long enough, we’ve watched mediocrity since Marino left. The time is now to get our franchise quarterback and Kyler Murray is that guy. If your worried about his size look at Baker Mayfield, Russel Wilson and Drew Brees. All three of those guys are gamers and i strongly believe Kyler Murray is to. The balls in your court Dolphins time to make a move and time to make it now.



Jets Hire Adam Gase

This would only happen to us Dolphins fans wouldn’t it. The coach who went 23-25 with us without ever really having a quarterback is back coaching and of course in our own division. I was one of the people who was on the fence with Gase thought it was a toss up whether he would be fired by the Dolphins or not. I thought maybe he just needed his own quarterback, somebody better than Ryan Tannehill or a washed up Smokin Jay Cutler, he did turn down the chance to draft anyone better though so he did kind of make his own bed, as most of you know he had complete control over the 53 man roster with the Dolphins.

For any of us who thought Gase might be able to turn things around if he had a young stud quarterback to work with were about to find out. The unfortunate part is its going to be with another team in our division. Adam Gase was never great for us, at times he looked like a world beater and at other times it looked like we were completely dead under him, you never really knew what you were going to get on any given Sunday.

I have no idea how this one is gonna play out, i do know Gase does hold grudges after watching him shove it down the Broncos throat when he went back to Denver while coaching the Dolphins. However this one unfolds the AFC East just gotta little bit more interesting. By the way were still searching for a coach, only the Dolphins and the Bengals left. Yikes. Hopefully after the weekend from what I’ve read. Gonna be another long off season for us Dolphins fans, should be used to it by now though. FinsUp.

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I Think I’m Gonna Puke: Today’s NFL Picks

Disclaimer: My brain is absolute mush right now because the Ravens beat the Chargers and the Steelers now have a must win against the Saints. However, the picks must go on. Coming off a 4-0 week I am poised to go 0-4 so take that into account. 

  1. Dallas -7 vs Tampa Bay; O/U 48

I think it’s about time teams start giving up and it seems as if the Bucs will be one of those teams this week. Huge get well and clinch the division opportunity for the Cowboys here. They were embarrassed last week and they will take it out on a team that is less talented and less motivated. Dak and Zeke have a day against a poor Bucs defense. Take the Boys -7

2. Dolphins -3.5 vs Jaguars; O/U 38

Jaguars are DONE. Cody Kessler threw for 57 yards in 4 quarters last week. I think he was actually trying too. No way that defense goes down to south beach and doesn’t go out and party. I mean they couldn’t help themselves in England. Its a bloodbath in Miami today. The Dolphins are 6-1 at home and actually think they still have a shot at the playoffs. Buy the point and Take the fins -3

3. Colts – 9.5 vs Giants; O/U 48

The Colts are on fire and they got a blueprint for how to shutout the Giants from the Titans last week. Without Beckham the only threat on that offense is Saquon and you can just stack the box against him. Eli is not beating you. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants got shutout again. Colts roll -9.5

4. Vikings -6.5 vs Lions; O/U 43

The Lions have looked AWFUL the last few weeks against the Cardinals and the Bills. Vikings may actually be catching their stride. Stafford is all banged up and the Vikings sacked him 10 times the last time they played this year. This is going to be a long day for the Lions. Take the Vikes and lay the points.

Good luck to all today and pray for my life if Steelers lose. 

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This Weeks #CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award Goes To…..

Move over Lombardi, Heisman, Nagurski, Thorpe or any other football human that has an award named after them. There is officially a new king in the football awards community.  I introduce to you the Clausen, Tebow, Gabbert, Sanchez, Schaub, Osweiler, Leaf, Russell, Dilfer, Boller, Leinart, Weinke, Harrington, Carr, Couch, Peterman award. Each week I will be handing out this award to the QB that displayed an extreme proficiency in being terrible.

This Weeks nominees are:

  1. Josh Rosen: 13/22 for 132 Yards and 2 Int’s

Oh boy is Josh having a tough year. He has easily been the worst rookie QB by far with almost no glimpses of being good. He has been so bad that he already has more pick 6’s than the King Nathan Peterman.

2. Ryan Tannehill: 11/24 for 108 Yards

Shoutout Tannehill for being the worst QB in the league this year according to PFF. It really is an incredible feat. The dude gets blitzed more than any QB in the league because he is absolutely horrendous at it. Probably because he is a WR. Unbelievable that the Dolphins paid this guy and he has continued to be a started in the league. This is what the award is all about. 

3. Cody Kessler: 9/17 for 57 Yards and 1 Interception

57 YARDS…. 57 YARDS. An entire game and he threw for 57 Yards. I think you have to try to be that bad. How does that even happen. LANDSLIDE Winner. Here is the best part. They didn’t event think about putting Bortles in or starting him this upcoming week… hysterical. Congrats to Cody Kessler on the win.

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NFL playoff picture is WILD

Well if your mind wasn’t already blown by the NFL this year, this weekend certainly did that for you. The Rams and Chiefs who we all thought were locks to be in the Super Bowl this year after their amazing Monday nighter, both lost at home on the weekend. The Patriots lost consecutive games in December for the first time since 2002 and now have 5 losses on the road this season.

Teams that we thought were heating up heading into the playoffs laid absolute eggs. The Seahawks lost in San Fran, the Cowboys got shutout in Indy and i would throw my Dolphins in the mix as well but i think our miracles ran out last weekend.

Then there’s the teams everyone thought was dead that turned things around. Lets start with BIG DICK NICK and the Eagles, am i crazy to say the Eagles might be a better team with him at the helm. I am by no means saying he’s better than Wentz, but for whatever reason that team just looks better with him calling the plays. We also have the Steelers who were trending in the wrong direction, lost three in a row and have always had trouble with the Pats. Mike Tomlin had a 2-7 record heading into yesterday against the Patriots and it felt like he might of finally been on the hot seat. The Boz made a huge kick at the end and the Steelers defence bent but didn’t break in what was a very exciting game.

There is a massive game in Carolina tonight that will go a long way in telling us more about home field advantage in the NFC. It’s going to be a very intriguing final 2 weeks here and i hope you guys are enjoying this crazy season as much as i am. Oh and by the way Saturday night football is absolutely beautiful.

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The Miami Miracle

Im not here to tell you the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. Im not here to tell you we are a great team. Yesterday was our Super Bowl and I’m fine with that. Once a year we usually somehow find a way to beat one of the best franchises of all time. Every year we go into New England and get smashed, not even close, game was over before it started. Yesterday didn’t feel like we deserved to lose though and we deserved a chance to win that game.

This team has lost games they should of won and yesterday they pulled one out that they probably should of lost. As excited as i am about the win, I’m just as excited that this team didn’t quit in a situation like this. Lots of people have been questioning whether Adam Gase is the right man for the job in Miami. I truly believe he is, but just hasn’t found his quarterback yet. Ill give Tannehill credit he grinded it out yesterday and very surprisingly to me anyways played really well

As negative as I’ve been about these Dolphins, they have been fun to watch and Im starting to believe more and more in this team. With guys like Frank Gore and Danny Amendola in the locker room it does feel like this team could finally grow into something. I do think they still need a fresh start with a new quarterback but after yesterday i think we can all agree miracles can happen. This squad could sneak into the playoffs, lets see what happens these final three weeks. Good to be back

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Best of NFL Internet Week 14 Edition

Each week on Sunday’s I am glued to the NFL and the internet so I might as well put it to good use and bring to you the best videos of the weekend from the NFL. These are not just highlights and good plays because you can get those from anywhere. These will be different. These are the videos that the big corporate shows are not going to show you. I mean some of the videos might be but you get the point. I’m also going to miss some videos because I’m human, the internet is a big place, and I’m lazy so understand that as well. These are in no particular order. Lets get started.

  1. Tyron Smith wears a knee brace on his elbow.

The Dude is so big that he has to use a knee brace on his arm. Imagine being that big of a human. I assume if you have to use a knee brace on your arm that you also have to somehow put 2 Magnums together. 

2. Bears Wedding Bouquet Toss Celebration

Hilarious. I enjoy that they did the Bouquet toss where none of the dudes really want to catch it and it just falls to that unlucky sole. Don’t be the guy that tries really hard during the Bouquet toss. 

3. Mahomes off of one foot across his body 50 yards to convert 4th & 9

The dude has ridiculous arm talent. Mahomes is easily the most fun person to watch in the NFL. He’s like Favre, Rodgers, and Randall Cunningham all in one. This throw was impressive but I still believe this is the best throw I’ve ever seen.

4. Mahomes no look curveball

Is the game that easy for him that he is just out there throwing know look benders on the money now? What is even the point of going no look? And then to curve it like your James McAvoy or Angelina Jolie… what kind of Wizardry are we dealing with here. 

5. Our own Pat McAfee covering the miracle in Miami.

I could watch this for hours and hours. Did the Patriots think Ryan Tannehill was going to throw the ball 80 yards for a hail mary, what is Gronk even doing in there. I love nothing more than a professional athlete looking unathletic and Gronk looked like me trying to chase down my dog in the backyard. 

6. Frank Gore is more of a man than I

Jesus christ get a cage for that thing. Someone is going to lose an eye. 

7. Redskins dancing Santa

Ya ya this is fun and not bad but you’re trying to recreate the goat of dancing mascots and you will never beat the BYU Cougar. 

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