NBA Monday In America

It’s always a good Monday when the Patriots handle little brother Philip Rivers and move on to the conference championship again. Pats @ Chiefs and even if it wasn’t ever fully set in stone, this seemed to be where all roads led to. With that being said, let’s get to the basketball that will be bounced tonight.

Speaking of big brother little brother, Celtics are heading to Brooklyn to take on the Nets tonight. Celtics are -4 at the Barclays Center and I love every point. It must be intimidating to look over and see two studs in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum that should of been on their team. Too bad Danny Ainge cuckolded the Brooklyn Nets of their future by dishing Pierce and Garnett. The Nets have been surprisingly good this year, Jarret Allen being one of the guys that stands out the most as an up and coming big man in the NBA. That will take some time though, and the Celtics are great right now. Celtics -4 away and then the Raptors come to town Wednesday. Big game coming off the loss so look for the Celtics to pick it up tonight. If there are guys out, this spread will change but I’ll still take the C’s. Next, we have the man who goes harden the paint, yes, the Houston Rockets. Hard in, Harden, the pun is definitely there, don’t take that away from me. Seriously though, Grizzlies at Rockets and Houston is a six point favorite. I like Houston in games like this. Teams like the Grizzlies who have been good but aren’t completely there yet are teams James Harden and the boys eat for lunch. Jaren Jackson Jr. has been a massive under the radar stud for the Grizzlies in his rookie year but that’s not enough against the MVP.

The next team we’re taking tonight is the Utah Jazz -8. the Jazz have been getting in a rhythm as of late and have won their last 4 games in a row at home. Utah is a tough place to get wins in cause Mormons can scream and shout with some of the best. Donovan Mitchel has had a bit of a sophomore slump but a big part of growing up in the NBA is learning how to save your energy for the playoffs. When a team is only beating the Bulls by 8, you know they’re thinking about the late season push and not about the guy who bet them. Would be nice if they started considering people like us but I understand the winning aspect of it, I guess. Last, we have an over under coming to you from the West coast. My team from Sacramento, the Kings, are welcoming Dame Dolla and the Trail Blazers into town for a little Monday night basket show. I’m taking Blazers/Kings over 227 tonight and if there’s one thing you know, it’s how much I love those Sacramento overs. I do like the Kings -2.5 at home but I like the over here more because the Blazers could always steal one. If they do though, it’ll still have to be a points fest cause they’ll have to keep up with the Kings scoring attack. Points points points is the word in this one tonight and that’s what we’ll finish with to cap off the Monday.

Recap: Celtics -4, Kings/Blazers over 227, Houston -6, Jazz -8. In the college game we’ll rock with Indiana -2 and Maryland -3.5. Let’s get a good start to the week and make some money tonight.  



NBA Wednesday In America

The NBA is slowly kicking it into gear this season and now that almost every bowl game was an unbelievable disappointment, the NBA is about to hit its stride. Let’s start the new year off right with winners across the board while staying hot in the college game.

We’re starting off with the obvious, as I try to get the games everyone knows I’m taking out of the way. Celtics are at home against a soft Timberwolves team that doesn’t do well against good defensive teams. The spread right now is Celtics -6.5 and I’m going to ride that spread into the ground. Brad Stevens is no punk, he knows if you foul KAT a few times with a little Johnny English on the hack that he’ll get quiet and afraid. Jimmy Butler didn’t forget to expose that team for what they are before leaving: soft and young. Celtics in a blowout in Beantown, don’t be afraid to double down on the first half spread and third quarter spread as well. I know I will. The second NBA spread we’re going to rock with tonight is my brother from another country, Luka Doncic. The Mavericks are heading to Charlotte to take on Kemba Walker and they are 2.5 point dogs against the Hornets. I know they are good, but I’m still not convinced they can take down the most suave european basketball player we’ve seen in a long time. I’m riding with the Mavericks +2.5 and if the spread gets smaller I’ll probably get in on the Mavericks Moneyline mobile as well.

The last two NBA games I’ll be dabbling in are both over 230’s. How lucky we are to have not one, but two NBA games with their over/unders set at 230. That’s how I know that this Wednesday and New Year has been blessed by the over gods. Hawks/Wizards is set at 230 and Pelicans/Nets is set at 230.5. There’s nothing like a couple over 230’s to get us ready to run through the wall that is 2019. I’m going way over on both of these games but if I had to pick my favorite it would be Hawks and Wizards. Both those teams don’t give a shit this year and just want to up those stats heading into the Summer. Trae Young with a 40 spot and I wouldn’t be surprised to see headband Bradly Beal to make an appearance.
Different Bradley but look at that fake baby

The college game has brought me great joy thus far but I know that will turn at some point. With that being said, the college games that we’re taking are absolutely winners. Maryland -1 at home and Nevada -10 at home. Both games are conference games and Maryland has a little chip on their shoulder now that they’re out of the top 25. Nevada needs to make a statement in the Mountain West if they want to be considered a legit contender so look for them to blow Utah State out of the water. 

Recap: Celtics -6.5, Mavericks +2.5, Hawks/Wizards over 230, Pelicans/Nets over 230.5, Maryland -1, Nevada -10. Let’s start this new year the right way and win all over the place tonight.