Massachusetts Dispensaries Opened Today And The Wait Is A Mile Long – The wait time in Northampton is reportedly more than two hours, while in Leicester police are telling hopeful customers they have a three-hour wait ahead of them. (11:01 a.m.)

This is a very tough day for me. In 2016, the legalization of marijuana was the best thing to happen since getting a gamecube in the second grade. I’m not disappointed but the fomo I now feel is similar to having to wait for the next roller coaster while all your friends ride together. Top to bottom are three people I would have loved to share a thought with while waiting in this three hour line. Mayor Narkewicz, the first person to purchase weed legally in Massachusetts has the perfect last name for it. “Nark” being the beginning of this guys name is hysterical. Hot start for the marijuana buyers of this great state and also no chance this guys smoking the weed he just bought.But not this woman, she’s an absolute super hero and probably should of been the first to purchase the marijuanas, not the nark.

Sandra Bylaska being 62 years young while being an unemployed mortgage processor is incredible. This lady might have been smoking pot in her kitchen for the past 20 years without moving. I bet this lady was arrested in the 80s for smoking weed so she really must be chomping at the bit for that joint photo with a cop (joint works in both scenarios here). I would probably do the same thing but with my mother. She would hate every second of it but I think she would respect governments laws and take the damn photo. She should of been exempt from having to wait in line but knowing she is high as ever without a worry of getting in trouble is getting me through the day. I’m glad Sandra was here to represent but whether she will be able to tell the next generation “I remember when,” is still up in the air.

This kid gets the marijuana award from me for the opening day in Massachusetts. Dude gets there 30 minutes into the new day with a 7 and a half hour wait till the store opens. Rain, sleet, snow, it didn’t matter. Nothing was going to stop this kid from getting legal marijuana into his lungs before his 9 am class at Amherst later that day. Feel like this means any school in Massachusetts shouldn’t have a problem with the old wake and bake; as long as said student being high not listening is of age, of course. Very excited to get back to Massachusetts and hit the dispensary we so patiently waited for.