A Miracle At Anfield


WOW what an absolute stunner last night at Anfield, down 3-0 heading home Liverpool pulled off an absolute miracle against Barcelona. The scoreline from the first leg didn’t really represent how it went at Barcelona. They just took their chances and Liverpool definitely did not. It was going to be hard enough heading home in a 3-0 hole, but they were also without two of their top players in Roberto Firmino and Mo Salah. Enter Divock Origi, every time he gets called on in a big game he seems to produce and last night wasn’t any different, bagging the first and the eventual winner in the second leg.


I was absolutely speechless watching this, well speechless yes but there was lots of screaming. Theres something about these Anfield nights that are just special, the atmosphere and the togetherness between Klopp, the players and the fans is just something that I have never seen before. Anytime Liverpool drop points or looks like their going to, the media starts with the Klopp has never won anything at Liverpool. I get it as a top soccer team you have to win trophies. That being said this is the best Liverpool team I have ever seen in my life and the way they have fought back from the dead soo many times this year, has truly been a joy to watch. A lot of people forget where this team was at before Klopp got here, besides that run in 2013 Liverpool hadnt even sniffed at a title. Many years we were lucky to be in the champions league and here we are going to back to back champions league finals and still have a very realistic chance to win the title on Sunday.


Every single player on this squad has pitched in this year and I think thats whats soo special about this squad. Klopp has this team believing that on any day, no matter who he puts out there they can beat anybody in the world. They proved that last night by beating an excellent Barcelona side with the likes of Messi and I hate to say it our not so old friend Luis Suarez. As a Liverpool fan these are the nights we live for and the nights well never forget. We’ve got two games left on this rollercoaster ride, fingers crossed Brighton can pull off something special for us on the weekend and we can steal the league on the final day. Well find out who Liverpool play today in Madrid, with the winner of Ajax and Tottenham going through. Ajax has a 1-0 lead from the first leg and well be tough to beat at home in the Netherlands. Lets enjoy Sunday and lets enjoy the final June 1st. This Liverpool squad is one for the ages and we should be enjoying every second of it. The Klopp era has been something we should be very proud of as Liverpool fans and Im sure the trophies aren’t far away. I Lost my mind watching that game last night, pacing back and forth for ninety minutes, I hope all you Liverpool fans were the same as me. Were in this thing together, this is our squad and lets ride this season out until the end. YNWA


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Champions League Draw


This morning was the massive draw for the quarter finals of the Champions League, Im going to go into each matchup and even give a little prediction. The draw was kind to Liverpool and Juventus, while Tottenham and Manchester United are in for a tough battle to make it through to the semis.

Ajax Vs Juventus- Ajax looked really good in the round of 16 knocking off Cristiano’s old squad Real Madrid. This Ajax team is young and very talented but over the two legs look for Juventus to go through, with another champions league masterclass from CR7.


Liverpool Vs Porto- These two squads met in the round of 16 last year with Liverpool going through on a 5-0 victory over the two legs. Of course I’m biased here but over the two legs look for Liverpool to be a bit too much for this solid Porto side.


Tottenham Vs Manchester City- I feel like Tottenham is going to hang tough in this one, having just knocked off a very talented Borussia Dortmund squad very convincingly.  Look for this one to come down to an away goal with Man City going through. They are the favourite in this tournament right now at +225.


Manchester United Vs Barcelona- You’d think Barcelona would go through with ease in this one but United just knocked off PSG after being down 2-0 heading to Paris. I do believe over the two legs Barcelona’s class will show though and they’ll get through by a goal or two.


Some very intriguing matchups in the quarter finals and some massive matchups on the horizon in the semis. The weekend is here lets enjoy it y’all. Cheers



Liverpool On To The Quarters Of the Champions League


Go on you BOYS, Go on you BOYS. What a performance last night at the Allianz in Germany. Knocking Bayern Munich out before the quarter finals for the first time in eight years. This Liverpool team loves these champions league ties and seem to play their best against the best. To go into the Allianz and beat Bayern Munich with three away goals says a lot about this Liverpool squad and their chances at getting to the finals of this tournament again this year and hopefully lifting the trophy.


This man, Sadio Mane has been carrying this team on his back of late adding another two goals last night, with huge help from Virgil Van Dijk. VVD scoring goals now on top of how outstanding defensively he has been all year is just the icing on top from the centre back. The draw for the quarter finals is tomorrow and i don’t think there is anyone this Liverpool team should fear drawing at this point. Maybe Juventus Id like to stay away from after watching CR7’s hat trick performance on Tuesday night.


For whatever reason the Champions League has always brought out the best from Liverpool and last night just proved that once again. To beat a Bayern Munich team 3-1 in Germany is just something you don’t see very often, if ever at all. Still a long way to go but if this Liverpool squad can keep battling the way they did last night, the sky’s the limit for this years Champions League run. Lets hope for a decent draw tomorrow and get back to focusing on getting back to the top of the league, with a good chance this weekend against Fulham and Man City not in action. Its been a bumpy road of late for this Liverpool squad but last night was a reminder of how good this team can be. One more day till the weekend hope y’all enjoyed it as much as i did yesterday YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!


A Scoreless Draw Might Just Do The Trick For Liverpool


Is it what we all wanted?? No, a scoreless draw at home in the first leg isn’t the dream result, but it also isn’t the worst thing that could of happened. Liverpool were far from their best today and still should of won this game. The fact that a team like Bayern Munich came to Anfield and parked the bus tells us what the world thinks of Liverpool’s attack and the atmosphere at Anfield on special European nights. The biggest thing for me about todays game was the fact that they got a clean sheet, no away goals for Bayern Munich is huge heading to the Allianz for the final leg in Germany. The fact that Liverpool accomplished this with Joel Matip and Fabinho who is a central midfielder is even more impressive. I honestly thought with Virgil Van Dijk out and the likes of Robert Lewandowski out there for Bayern, we would concede at least one today.


Like Jurgen Klopp said it could of been better, but a draw just might do the trick here to get Liverpool onto the final eight. A 1-0 win or even a 1-1 draw and Klopp’s men will be through to the next round. Bayern not getting an away goal today is a massive boost for Liverpool heading into the next leg. Hopefully Liverpool can tighten up their finishing at the Allianz and the lads can carry on in this competition. The second leg doesn’t go until March 13th, so until then we gotta lead in the Premier League to hold onto. With a big one this Sunday against our most hated rivals Manchester United. Lets enjoy this ride and remember YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!




Liverpool Lead Shrinking By The Day


Well here we go, strap on your seat belts, this EPL title race is going down to the wire. In what could of been a seven point lead just a week ago after Man City lost to Newcastle, is now down to three and City can go top of the table tomorrow against one of our most hated rivals Everton. Two draws on the bounce has this race tight again, the most worrying part for me isn’t the two draws its the fact they’ve led in both games and let the lead slip. This whole season whether their playing well or not one thing they haven’t done is let leads slip once they’ve gotten in control and now twice in a week its happened.


It has been sooo damn long since a title for Liverpool, 1990 to be exact. You can feel the nervousness in the air, at home games you can feel it even watching on TV and the players can feel it as well. As much as I’m starting to panic just like any LFC fan out there, we do have to enjoy this. This is a real chance to end this drought and the nervousness doesn’t help the players with what their trying to accomplish here. They haven’t been their free flowing selves these passed few games, but its a 38 game season, you can not expect these players and the team to be lights out every game. I know how bad all you fans want this but we all have to try and stay calm and enjoy this ride.


No one said this was going to be easy, but were still three points clear with thirteen games left. No one wants us to win this thing but us. We will be made fun of on the internet when anything goes wrong, we will get the piss taking out of us if City goes top of the league at any point before the end of the season. We do have to remember though, if at the start of the season someone told you Liverpool would be top of the table with thirteen games left we would all take it. We wouldn’t have asked how many points we were leading by at one point, or if we dropped a few points here or there. Liverpool has still only lost one game all year and have a very good chance at trying to take this title home for the first time in 29 years. I am nervous, i am starting to panic just like everyone else, but lets try and enjoy this ride because you never know when your gonna be in a title race again. Strap in and enjoy the ride theres still a lot of soccer left to be played.

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Liverpool’s unbeaten run comes to an end


FUCK FUCK FUCK. I was gonna wait till tomorrow to do this but i better do it now while the raw emotions of this game are still with me. In what was a great game of soccer that could of gone either way, Liverpool took their first loss of the season and Man City climbed to within four points of Liverpool at the top of the table. The lads were very unlucky in a came that could of gone either way.


Its always a game of inches and Liverpool were literally an inch from taking the lead early in this game, unfortunately Man City took the lead off a blinder by Aguero. Liverpool climbed back into it with a goal by Firmino and looked like taking this game or at the very least a draw, which would of been just fine and kept the lead at the top to seven. 


Many moments in this game could of changed things, the clearance off the line and then the lunging tackle by Vincent Kompany that was very very ugly and could of been a red card on another day. Today things just didn’t seem to fall Liverpool’s way for what feels like the first time all season in the premier league.


Leroy Sane scored the eventual game winner in the 72nd minute against the play a little bit, but again this rollercoaster of a game was a toss up either way. As tough as this loss is for Liverpool and its fans, you have to think that a four point lead at the top right now is still a beautiful thing to have at this point in the season.


This game today was just the start of whats going to be an absolute rollercoaster ride for the rest of the season. We have 17 games left to try and hold onto this lead and claim our first league title since 1990. Until we finally get over the line and do that its always gonna be Liverpool against the world COME ON YOU REDS YNWA


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Liverpool Move on

Have a week Liverpool, have a fucking week lads. After spanking Bournemouth 4-0 on Saturday and with a little help from Chelsea, the redmen now sit at the top of the premier league table.


They carried on yesterday by beating Napoli 1-0 to move onto the group of 16 in the champions league. This team has battled hard this season to stay near the top of the premier league and stay alive in champions league. It hasn’t been the free flowing beautiful soccer we’ve been accustom to, until now. In these latest 2 teams their looking like the team from last year but with one massive difference, we can defend and we have a real FUCKING goalie.


Hard to believe we are only a few months removed from watching our former goalie Karius absolutely throw the champions league final away. This team has everything right now, they have defence, a goalie and they also have a lot of depth. Which will be tested with two of our centre backs injured already. As much as i would love to add another champions league crown this team has to win the league, it has to. Liverpool hasn’t hoisted the title since 1990 and haven’t won it since it was changed to the premiership.


If anyone can get us there it will be this man. Jurgen Klopp defines Liverpool, he’s the perfect coach for this club. Win lose or draw with him at the helm you always know he is getting the most out of the players and that they want to play for him. Its still very early in the season but I’m starting to think it could be a special one for Liverpool FC.

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