PMS 2.0 033 – An Incredibly Jolly Holiday Conversation/Celebration

On today’s show, Pat and the guys recap their Christmas breaks as Pat chats about his food preparations and getting his Shelby restored, Todd gives a scathing review of Holmes and Watson, and Digs breaks down his Christmas from hell. Pat also talks about calling the Packers and Lions game at Lambeau on Sunday and tries to learn a little more about the guys he’ll be calling the game with. They also look at this weekend’s NFL slate and decide which games are important in terms of playoff implications including Pat sending potential bulletin board material to the Titans before their tilt with the Colts on Sunday night, the guys debate about Tom Brady’s injury and whether or not the Patriots will be able to continue to run all over everybody. To close out the show, Pat asks people to send in phrases they’d like him to use on Sunday, with the best recommendation winning a $100 gift card to the store at We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. It’s good to be back. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

I Think I’m Gonna Puke: Today’s NFL Picks

Disclaimer: My brain is absolute mush right now because the Ravens beat the Chargers and the Steelers now have a must win against the Saints. However, the picks must go on. Coming off a 4-0 week I am poised to go 0-4 so take that into account. 

  1. Dallas -7 vs Tampa Bay; O/U 48

I think it’s about time teams start giving up and it seems as if the Bucs will be one of those teams this week. Huge get well and clinch the division opportunity for the Cowboys here. They were embarrassed last week and they will take it out on a team that is less talented and less motivated. Dak and Zeke have a day against a poor Bucs defense. Take the Boys -7

2. Dolphins -3.5 vs Jaguars; O/U 38

Jaguars are DONE. Cody Kessler threw for 57 yards in 4 quarters last week. I think he was actually trying too. No way that defense goes down to south beach and doesn’t go out and party. I mean they couldn’t help themselves in England. Its a bloodbath in Miami today. The Dolphins are 6-1 at home and actually think they still have a shot at the playoffs. Buy the point and Take the fins -3

3. Colts – 9.5 vs Giants; O/U 48

The Colts are on fire and they got a blueprint for how to shutout the Giants from the Titans last week. Without Beckham the only threat on that offense is Saquon and you can just stack the box against him. Eli is not beating you. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants got shutout again. Colts roll -9.5

4. Vikings -6.5 vs Lions; O/U 43

The Lions have looked AWFUL the last few weeks against the Cardinals and the Bills. Vikings may actually be catching their stride. Stafford is all banged up and the Vikings sacked him 10 times the last time they played this year. This is going to be a long day for the Lions. Take the Vikes and lay the points.

Good luck to all today and pray for my life if Steelers lose. 

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Digs’ Sunday NFL Picks

There’s nothing like gambling on an NFL Sunday. It can bring you the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. All of your bets can be looking amazing at 3PM only to have your heart ripped out by 4PM. NFL gambling is a fickle bitch and is not for the faint of heart. With that being said lets get into todays picks.


Falcons have won 3 in a row and are starting to get hot at the right time while the Browns are still the Browns even though they got rid of the worst coach of all time. I liked the line much better at 5 but I would still roll with the Falcons who have much more to play for than the Browns. Oh and Julio remembered how to score TD’s again.

LIONS +7.5 @ BEARS, O/U 44.5

This one is pretty simple for me. The public is HIGH on the Bears while the Lions have fallen off in the public eye the last 2 weeks. The Bears offense is not good enough to be a 7 point favorite against the Lions. This line should’ve been more like 3-4 points so I am rolling with the LIONS all day especially with that pesky little hook at the end.


If there is a bet that’s going to fuck me today it’s going to be this one. I am banking on he Jaguars remembering how to play football with them coming off a bye and getting Fournette back. I know the Colts O line is better than it has been the last few years but they are young and I’m thinking the Jags D line causes fits all day long. Give me the Jags and the points.


Eagles and Doug Pederson coming off a bye facing the Jason Garrett led Cowboys. Thats a mismatch if i’ve ever seen one. The Cowboys can’t score and will continue to not score against the Eagles. As long as the eagles get to 24 points this one shouldn’t be an issue. Eagles -8 at home on Sunday Night

And just like every other day. Make sure you parlay those. Nothing worse than going 4-0 and realizing if you parlayed you would’ve won so much more.

Good Luck to Everyone. Bet at and follow those bets on the Sports Action App. Follow my picks at

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Netflix Announces New Series From Creators Of Planet Earth

That’s right, folks. We’re getting a new Planet Earth type series from Netflix called Our Planet and boy does it look fucking awesome. We talked at length about this on a previous episode of Heartland Radio, and suffice to say, everyone is JUICED. Now I understand what you’re thinking. Probably something along the lines of, “that’s pretty cool, but Sir David Attenborough is the straw that stirs the drink when it comes to Planet Earth, and without him, this is an Animal Planet show with a bigger budget.” You would be 1000% correct if that’s your assumption, but boy do I have some good news for you.

So essentially, we’re getting the same thing we’ve seen before, hopefully with a bigger budget, and some exciting new locales. The only thing that scares me is the involvement of the WWF. I just don’t want this to get too political. It’s said that the series will have an environmental message about the earth, but also “a hopeful message about what we can do.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big animal guy. UUUUUUUUUUGE in fact. I’m all about preserving wildlife and making sure our planet is sustainable for generations to come. But when it comes to these types of shows, I just want to get as many vitamins in my system as possible and see a warthog get ripped apart by a lion in incredibly high definition, I don’t need to be lectured about the inadequacies of man.

So hopefully the WWF won’t make this overly political and we can just enjoy watching these majestic beasts stalk their prey across the plains. That’s all I want. Nothing more, nothing less. But if the WWF is going to be heavily involved, I’ve seen a couple of excellent ideas.

Don’t hate this idea one bit, brother.

What do you guys think? Are you interested, or could you care less? Let me know.

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Degenerate Digs’ Sunday NFL Picks – 11/4

There’s nothing like gambling on an NFL Sunday. It can bring you the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. All of your bets can be looking amazing at 3PM only to have your heart ripped out by 4PM. NFL gambling is a fickle bitch and is not for the faint of heart. With that being said lets get into todays picks.

My favorite thing about todays picks is that they are all basically pick-em’s with exception to the Lions being +6. So all we are really doing here is picking the winners. Should be easy right?

1. Lions +6 @ Vikings, O/U 49

There’s only 2 ways this game goes. Vikings win by 30 or this game comes down to the wire. You never know what Lions team you’ll get but I’m banking on the good Lions since they got a shit game out of the way last week. The line is just too high for a division game when neither team has been consistent all year. LIONS +6

2. Falcons +1 @ Redskins, O/U 48

I know the Redskins have a good record at 5-2 but I just don’t believe in them. They only score 20 points a game and that lines up very well for the Falcons. The Falcons big weakness is defense but I’m hoping coming off back to back wins and a bye week that Dan Quinn has sured that side of the ball up and will do well against a Redskins offense that isn’t blowing the doors off anyone. FALCONS +1

3. Broncos +1 vs Texans, O/U 46

Denver has been good at home with their only 2 losses being to the Rams by 3 and the Chiefs by 4. The Texans O line is garbage and I expect DeShaun Watson to have Von Miller and Bradley Chubb in his face all day long. Houston’s secondary is also very banged up so look for the Broncos to have success through the air with Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton. BRONCOS +1

4. Chargers -1 @ Seattle, O/U 47.5

The Chargers only 2 losses on the season are to the Rams and Chiefs who pretty much everyone has loss to. The Seahawks have been much better than I thought they would by having a good running game and a solid defense. Only problem with that though is the Chargers have the defense to stop that run game and the playmakers on offense to score enough points the Seahawks won’t be able to keep up with. The Chargers always play better on the road too since they get to play in front of an actual crowd. I also hate Russel Wilson so factor that into my pick. CHARGERS -1

5. Saints +2 vs Rams, O/U 57.5

The Saints are getting points at home in the dome. I’ll repeat that…The Saints are getting points at home in the dome. That’s reason enough to take them today. Not to mention the league is rigged for Bree’s and this will go a long way to secure his first MVP, and possibly home field in the playoffs. Do not go against Drew Brees at home. That would be a mistake. SAINTS +2

Good Luck to Everyone. Bet at and follow those bets on the Sports Action App.  Follow my picks at

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PMS 2.0 018 – Wild Time To Be Alive.. ESPN Put Me On TV

On today’s show, Pat breaks down his trip to Bristol and the ESPN campus and his gig on Get Up, and what he thought of the whole process, and discusses some of the different locations he checked out while in New York. The guys also chat about Logan Paul potentially fighting in the UFC, Whitey Bulger being killed in prison, all the political ads that have been running the last few months, and take a hard look at what board game Pat could potentially be playing tomorrow for his mybookie challenge. Also included is a conversation about Reese’s setting up a trade-in machine for bad candy, and the guys do a deep dive into everything that happened up through the NFL trade deadline and what the impact has on all the teams involved. It’s a good one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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