PMS 057 – March Madness, A Vegas Legend, & The Hardy Boyz

On today’s show, Pat and the guys are locked in on the start of March Madness and chat about who they think is going to make some noise in the tournament, which spawns a conversations about the greatness of Zion Williamson, and whether or not he is the next LeBron. Also, one of the most electric guys around, sports handicapper, inspiration for the film “Two for the Money,” and friend of the show, Brandon Lang, calls into the show to talk March Madness and give the guys a few sure fire locks as well as some other plays for deeper in the tournament, and tells some hilarious stories. If you’re looking for free money, look no further (3:17-30:02). Also joining the show are two of the most accomplished entertainers in the history of sports entertainment. Holders of various titles, icons of the sport, The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) join the guys in studio to chat about their illustrious careers, what has changed in the wrestling business over the years, whether or not either one has any fear doing the insane stunts that they’ve pulled for years, what they still want to do in their careers before it’s all said and done, who some of the wrestlers that helped them early in their careers were, and they each share some hilarious stories about their different concepts along the way and take a look back to their early days when they were wrestling in their backyard and appearing on RAW at the ages of 16 and 18, respectively. It’s an incredible conversation with two incredible humans (50:01-1:21:39). Today is a really fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

The Honeymoon Is Over In L.A. and Lebron Only Has Himself To Blame

Ill start by saying I AM NOT a Lebron hater. I didn’t hate when he went to Miami, I just thought the way he did it was awful. When he went back to Cleveland and got them a title he did the right thing. Leaving Cleveland again was for some reason inevitable for him. He had to go to Los Angeles, he put himself in the position he’s in. He knew this team was young and had a lot to learn but I’m guessing he thought he was gonna ship half of them out to get another superstar. Well it hasn’t worked out that way and now these young players who have been in the league for 1-3 years are broken. They have no confidence anymore because the player who’s supposed to be the “best player in the world” tried to trade every single one of them for a shot at Anthony Davis.

The Lakers are crumbling and instead of calling out every other player its time for Lebron to take some blame for once in his career PLEASE. This is the team you went to, you knew what you were getting with this roster and you left a very comfortable Eastern Conference you could of reigned KING for the rest of your career at home. All he talks about is other players being distracted and they don’t know how to win, obviously the young players haven’t, but Javale Mcgee just won 2 titles with Golden State. Rajon Rondo is a winner he’s proved that time and time in his career and guys like Tyson Chandler have won a title as well. This team was in fourth place in the West and spanked Golden State on Christmas day before Lebron got hurt, so whats changed?? This is the same squad with the exact same players and they are fading fast out of he playoff race.

Lebron talks about his teammates being distracted, but he’s in fact the one who’s more distracted than anybody. They lost to the Grizzlies who are 14th out of 15 in  the Western Conference and he goes to social media to pat himself on the back for a personal accomplishment. If your a free agent this offseason watching this dumpster fire in LA why would you sign there. You know as soon as things go wrong its your fault, or you can even get the Isiah Thomas treatment and just get shipped out of town before you have a chance to prove yourself. Lebron has three years left on his contract in LA so at some point he will have to look himself in the mirror and realize this is the team he has. This is the team he joined with these young kids, so why not help them grow like you were in the first half of the season. When things go south it will never be Lebron’s fault, he has a suitcase full of excuses we all know that by now. It could be a long few years in LA if things continue to go the way they are for Lebron. For now lets all just put the GOAT conversation to rest, if there was ever a debate its over now. MJ forever. Lets have a Tuesday y’all.



NBA All Star Weekend Doesn’t Disappoint

When it comes to All Star games and All Star weekends the NBA just does it right. The whole weekend is always entertaining and their continuing to add and make adjustments to it yearly to keep things interesting. The addition of more shooters to the 3 point competition was a very nice touch, as the NBA has turned into a 3 point contest almost every night these days. In a star studded group Joe Harris from the Brooklyn Nets won in impressive fashion beating out Steph Curry and Buddy Hield in the finals.

The dunk contest can be hit or miss from year to year but i thought this year was really good. There was lots of misses, but there was also a lot of imagination and different props that people brought in that we haven’t seen before. OKC’s Hamidou Diallo ended up taking home the title with some massive hops, including a dunk over Shaq.

To end the weekend the stars showed up on Sunday in a high scoring affair with Team Lebron having a massive comeback to beat Team Giannis. Kevin Durant took him MVP and team Lebron took a record 168 three pointers, making 62 of them. In recent years things have tightened up in the fourth quarter of the All Star game, which makes things really interesting to watch especially when the game got as tight as it did last night. By far my favourite part of the weekend was Dirk Nowitzki and Dwayne Wade being apart of the All Star game in what will be both of these superstars last year. As i said to start this blog off the NBA just gets it right when it comes to All Star weekend and they did once again this passed weekend. Hope y’all enjoyed it as much as i did, lets have a week.



Rondo And The Lakers Steal One In Boston

Rajon Rondo with a 22 footer to win a game, thats one thing i never thought id see in my lifetime. I loved Rondo as a Celtic, he is one of my favourite point guards of all time but no one could ever accuse him of being a sharpshooter outside of the key. I am a die hard Celtics fan but I’m going to dive more into the Lakers in this blog. I personally thought this team was dead after the whole Anthony Davis debacle and Lebron basically sitting in a different area code on the bench in Indiana the other night.

The Lakers went down big early again tonight and looked like they were in line for a second huge loss in a row. Props to this Laker team on pulling things together at least for tonight. These young kids were no doubt insulted by what had transpired in the last few weeks, with pretty much every single player on the team being thrown into the Anthony Davis trade package that eventually fell through.

As hard as it is for me to admit this after a loss to the Lakers and Lebron. I am happy for Rondo, he’s kind of been giving an unfair rap around the league and is still a top 10 point guard in the league when healthy, at least in my humble opinion. The kids played well for the Lakers tonight as well Kuzma hit a massive shot to tie this game up before Rondo won it with his last second jumper.

As great as all these players played for the Lakers to pull this out, its still all on Lebron if this team is going to go anywhere. I switch back and forth on Lebron from time to time i think he’s great and does the right thing like going back to Cleveland to win a title. Then theres times like lately where you hear all these trade rumours, Lebron wants this, Lebron wants that. As much as we all know Lebron wants another superstar theres an outside chance that it could be just him and these kids for his next three years in Los Angeles.

Lebron knew what he was getting into when he came to Los Angeles and as much as he wants to add one or even two superstars to this Laker lineup, this is what he’s working with and maybe a few late additions like Carmelo. I honestly hope Lebron sticks with them and lets see if he can guide them to a deep playoff run. We all know Lebron will more than likely get at least one superstar to join this team but until then lets see what these young Lakers can do. This game was one of the best of the year thus far, lets see what the rest of the season holds for these two storied franchises. Almost the weekend y’all.



Anthony Davis Wants To Be Traded. Now.

It was only a matter of time before this was going to happen. The Pelicans are trash and haven’t done much in the way of trying to help Anthony Davis. They grabbed Demarcus Cousins for a year, that obviously didn’t work, now they’re staring down the barrel of losing the cornerstone of the franchise one way or another.

Now the question becomes, who will go after Big Tony Davis? The Lakers will be big time suitors after letting teams know that basically everyone sans LeBron will be available as a trade asset. If Davis were to get traded to the Lakers, you’d have to imagine that at least 2 of Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball will be on their way out of town. Boston seems to a potential destination as well, but they wouldn’t be able to trade for Davis until July 1st because league rules stipulate that the Celtics can’t have Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis’ contracts under the designated rookie exception (allows players coming off their rookie-scale deals earn up to 30 percent of the team’s salary cap rather than 25 percent).

Teams like the Suns also have a ridiculous amount of trade capital and could be in on the Davis sweepstakes. He just wants to go somewhere that will give him ample opportunities to win championships. And that sure as shit isn’t happening anytime soon in Phoenix, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Just go to LA, Tony. City of Stars, LeBron taking you under his wing showing you love until he starts passive aggressively hammering you to the media. You want a bigger commercial presence? Go to LA. You want to potentially have a starring role in the next Transformers movie or one of LeBron’s many game shows/sitcoms/series he has in production? Go to LA. When he’s eligible to sign an extension, he’s going to have more money that God, and I think LA would be an exceptional place to spend said money. Either that or he can okay a trade to somewhere like Sacramento, be miserable until he’s eligible to sign a fat extension, and then he can take his talents wherever his heart desires. It’s a tricky situation, but when $240 million is on the other side of that mountain, just do what you gotta do to survive. 

He may still be a little injury prone (he’s currently out with a volar plate avulsion fracture in his left index finger whatever the fuck that means), but he’s worth every penny he’s going to potentially earn. If Luke Walton wants to save his job– and he needs to with the heat already being applied by “LeBron’s Camp”–

Then he needs to make his way up to Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka’s offices and tell them he’s willing to do anything to land Tony Davis. He does that, and who knows, maybe the Lakers find themselves in position to make a run at another championship this year. I doubt it, but it’s possible. It’s time, Luke. Shoot your shot.

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Kyrie And The Celtics Show What They Can Do

To say its been a bumpy past week for the Celtics would be an understatement. It started with Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown having to be restrained from each other during a timeout and the rough week hit its peak with the loss to the Magic on Saturday night.

Kyrie let everybody have it after the game Saturday, he was pissed with Hayward and Stevens because they didn’t give him the ball and went on to say that the young players on the Celtics didn’t know what it takes to be a championship level team. Lots of people saying its time to trade Kyrie, the team is better without Kyrie. I understand where your coming from at times but without Kyrie this team doesn’t have any chance at all to reach the NBA Finals this year. With him as you saw last night their as good as anybody in the East and maybe the whole NBA, yes even maybe the Warriors.

This is why he wanted the ball at the end of the game Saturday because he’s a finisher and one of the best in the league at it. He was on a team with Lebron James and at the end of the game Kyrie got the ball, he’s the closer, he’s the player you need to pull out tight games. Kyrie maybe shouldn’t of said what he said, but as much as he wants the young players to be better he knows he has to be a better leader as well. This is what he wanted when he left Cleveland, he wanted his own team and to be a leader. This season has been a learning process for him as a leader and the young players at trying to get on his level. There will be more ups and downs for this team this season i can guarantee it, but if they can figure everything out by the time the playoffs come around their as dangerous as anyone. We saw that on Thursday night by them knocking off the Raptors who have been the top team in the East most the year. Don’t give up on Kyrie, as you saw last night he wants to be a Celtic and wants to be a leader. Hopefully it all comes together for these Celtics sooner than later.

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NBA Picks Going Into The Weekend

Let’s. GO. NBA picks with a few college mixed in to get the blood FLOWING heading into the weekend. Lot on our plates in tonights slate of games so time to get to it.

Raptors are heading to Orlando to take on the Magic of Mo Bamba. Normally I like to ride with my friend Sheck Wes and Mr. Bamba, but I don’t think it’s happening against the Raptors. I saw a stat the other day that they’ve come back from the most 17+ point deficits this year in the NBA. Don’t know how that helps us in this game, but if they go down early don’t be afraid to live bet them ML to win. Just a thought for all you who give up in the first quarter of a game, maybe try doubling down. Next, I like the over in the Thunder/Suns game. Thunder lost on Christmas and to say Russel Westbrook wasn’t happy would be an understatement. They’re going to come out guns blazing so I’m going to take the over 225.5 and also take the Thunder -6. They had two days rest and the Suns are still the Suns. Bad teams lose, good teams win, and we have the epitome of that match up with this game tonight. Devin Booker is going to lose his way to a super team, guy is a genius.
Booker and Ayton agreeing on a team tank

This portion of our bets may take some people for a loop but sometimes you gotta bet what you gotta bet. That’s right, UNDER. Cavs are heading to Miami and I feel like most games the Heat partake in are under city. Cavs are the real reason I see this game flying down under. It’s set at 200.5 and because it’s that low I feel it in my plums that this game is heading for a 102-85 final. We’ll see what happens but I’m nearly positive this game is going under, nearly positive. Next there’s the Spurs heading to the Nuggets after the Spurs just beat the Nuggets in San Antonio. I’m thinking after the Nuggets lose away, they beat the same team at home a few days later. Nuggets -3.5 at home and there aren’t too many teams who have waltzed into Denver and won. Expect a nice little revenge game, especially between two West teams that could possibly see each other down the road. Denver all over San Antonio tonight just like the Clippers/Lakers all over the OVER tonight. Over 229.5 is a lock right now but by the time the battle of LA is upon us the number will probably be up to 232. No Lebron means no defense so this one is bound for a shootout.
Lebron watching the Lakers from the sideline

In the college slate, Detroit +1 @ 2 pm, Wright State -7, and Oakland +2.5. Detroit +1 is going to be slammed cause who doesn’t love getting riled up at 2 pm on a Friday for a Detroit Titans basketball game? 

NBA Recap: Toronto -6, Nuggets -3.5, Cavs/Heat under 200.5, Thunder/Suns over 225.5, Thunder -6. Again, I love all of these bets and there’s a huge chance these all hit. At the same time, I hate all of these bets and there’s a huge chance these all miss. God, gambling is the best. 



Wednesday Night NBA And Lebron’s The Worst

Last night we were abysmal but I’m not even going to bring it up. If Lebron is getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey to start a game off then immediately any bet is screwed. Hats off to Jarret Allen though, dude puts on for Team Phat Stax and I couldn’t appreciate that any more than I already do.

Talk about a humbling experience. This can only be attributed to one thing and one thing only – Carmelo Anthony.

Melo tweeted this very early in the morning today so that means when Lebron was getting blocked, Melo was probably talking to Magic Johnson. What a curse this guy brings and it gives me joy to think the Lakers might crash and burn cause Melo comes to the team. Hysterical that he has gone from being the face of the New York Knicks to being public enemy number one for any team that wants to be jinxed into the loss column. Doesn’t matter though cause Lebron’s now using the “I’m in my 30’s” excuse. What a bum.

This would be hilarious if Lebron was kidding but he said this in a 100% serious way. Take your L and shut up Lebron. I had to get all that off my chest and now I can give you my picks with a clear conscience. Celtics have the ole Phoenix Suns coming to town and we’re slamming the Celtics at home -11.5. The Suns just beat the Knicks for their 7th win of the season so the chances of a back to back are slim. 12 points is a lot but I like the Celtics after a couple days rest over the Suns who are terrible. Bet against bad teams and ride with the good teams. Which is why were rolling to the Philadelphia 76ers against the Knicks tonight. 76ers are -13 at home against the Knicks and the 76ers just lost. Embiid loves to do the post game talk shit with Instagram’s/Tweet’s so I expect a Kanter poster tonight. This game will be a full on blowout and the 76ers cover 13 easily.

Of the last two, only one worries me and that’s cause I’m going against my strategy. Tonight, we’re going to dance with the Bulls and hope for the best as they take on the Nets at home. Nets just beat Lebron and probably had a little bit of a night on their way to Chicago. Also, thanks to Tony Digs, I know the Nets are 1-6 on back to back games and the Bulls put on a show for their city tonight. Bulls +2 at home against the average Brooklyn Nets and I love this pick. Last, were going with what everyone in the world should have been doing for the past two weeks: betting on the Sacramento Kings over. Not to mention the Kings are welcoming the fast tempo Thunder to town tonight. Thunder @ Kings over 234 to cap off tonights bets. It’s an over 230 which I need a nicotine patch for cause I’m addicted to betting them but the  Kings owner just compared their team to a young Thunder team so expect a show form both sides. 

We’re getting into the college game so we’ll keep those picks coming too. Take them with a grain of salt, still learning the lay of the land here. Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, and Wofford +9.5. Wofford is going to be playoff team and this game against Mississippi state will prove it. They’ll keep it close, I hope. 

All in all we’re taking Celtics -11.5, 76ers -13, Bulls +2, Thunder/Kings over 234, Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, Wofford +9.5. Let’s get it going tonight and get back in the win column. Good luck to all on the last hump day before Jesus’ birthday.



Tuesday Night NBA Teams To Take

We’re back. That’s right, Bro Bro Bro and I both had the Thunder last night and if that’s the case then the last leaf of Fade Boston Connor season has fallen.
This is dangerously close to how I dance

3-1 last night and I should of been 4-0 but I took the over in Golden State which is great news. Great news, because Golden State is dying. They aren’t dead, not even close, but they’re not going to win the title this year and that’s because they didn’t hit an over 210. For that, we’re starting this bad larry off today with an over. An over 230, just the way we like it. Wizards @ Atlanta over 236.5 all day. John Wall will probably let Trae Young shoot it from all over the court but still come back to win 135-133. It’s awesome how the Wizards went from fighting the Celtics in the playoffs to having to blow up their entire operation. Just do it Ted, blow the team up and give the Spurs John Wall, it would only make the league better. Next, we’re going to the mile high city, yes, Denver. Mavericks @ Nuggets and we’re riding with the European angel Luka Doncic at +5. Earlier in the year we saw Deandre Jordan steal a rebound from Luka and now he’s out there coaching him up. Pretty awesome to see the Mav’s finally treat this guy like the superstar he is. He has the potential to be the best European ever and that’s saying something cause he shares the court with Dirk who is arguably number 1. Young Dirk with Steve Nash will forever be an iconic duo.

I’ve been riding with Lebron and the Lakers for awhile so I don’t see why I’d stop now when he rolls into his best friends palace. Lebron in front of Jay-Z is a dangerous Lebron James, just as we saw when Lebron was playing in front of MJ the other night. Lakers ran the Hornets out of the gym and I can see that happening tonight too. Lakers -2.5 @ Nets even if the Nets are on a 5 game winning streak. It’s all about Lebron and Jay-Z when the Lakers come to town so expect another show from the Purple and Gold. Last but not least, my second favorite team in the NBA now, the Indiana Pacers. No, it has nothing to do with living in Indiana and everything to do with Vic Oladipo being on my fantasy team. Team Phat Stax had a hot start but once Oladipo went down we went through a slump. Now, back and better than ever, Oladipo and the Pacers are primed for a Christmas run into the New Year. Cav’s are terrible and are 7-23 with a 2-11 record on the road. Pacers, at home -12 in an absolute blowout. I thought it would be way more fun watching the Cav’s lose but it’s not fun unless Lebron is losing too.

Recap: Wizards/Hawks over 236.5, Mavericks +5, Lebron -2.5, and Pacers -12. Don’t feel great about the Mavericks cause of how good the Nuggets are at home but Doncic is too fun to watch to bet against. Let’s keep the NBA streak going tonight and see if we can step up our College Basketball game. 

In college tonight, I’m taking Duke -31.5, obviously. If you’re not betting on Duke yet start now so you have some money for Christmas. I’m also taking Buffalo @ Syracuse. Buffalo is +4 and Syracuse is coming off a loss to Old Dominion. A spoof? Maybe, but Buffalo hasn’t lost yet so to the very least they lose on a last second miss/make. Good luck tonight and let’s hope the gambling gods are still in our favor.

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I Have Discovered My Powers

Last night, I went an incredible 1-5. For most, that is terrible but in our case, we are heating up and feeling great. Not to mention, I took the Chiefs and doubled down when they were up 14-0. Very happy to be here to perform for you guys so lets hope it continues on tonight with these NBA picks.

We are going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to be reverse jinxing any action for everyone’s bets tonight. In the league of baskets, I usually just go with whoever team has the better players. Crazy strategy I know, really payed off last night when James Harden dropped 50 in  Lebron’s face. I like James Harden but Lebron has to just take the ball and score on every possession cause he doesn’t have a legit #2. Harden has CP3. Whatever, we’re over last night. Tonight, we’re taking Celtics -12.5. They play the Hawks at home and even though the Hawks play us pretty tough, the Celtics have been hot. Kyrie should teach Trae Young a thing or two tonight as we rout the Hawks. Another young buck going tonight is Colin Sexton and the Cavs against Milwaukee. Bucks -10.5 in Cleveland all day. Giannis will win the MVP and they will win this game by 15. Cavs are an absolute shit show of a team and the Bucks are very legit this year.

The Sacramento Kings had a game go into the 270’s the other night. They can score, they can’t play defense, and when they play the Warriors its OVER OVER OVER. Warriors @ Kings over 235 and we are probably hitting another 270 total points in this game. It would be hard to take the opposite, but you are practically forced to hear. Last but not least, Thunder @ Nuggets. This game could go either way so I’m going with the Nuggets at home. They’ve beat the Warriors, Celtics, and Raptors there so they should be able to handle the Thunder. Nuggets +1.5 at home. I like our chances and when I say our chances I mean your chances. 

Recap: Celtics -12.5, Bucks -10.5, Warriors/Kings over 235, Nuggets +1.5. Don’t forget to take the exact opposite, the fade is HEATING up.

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