This Weeks #CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award Goes To…..

That’s right. It’s Lamar Jackson although I almost gave it to Ray Lewis even though he is not a QB and did not play in the game. You don’t play anymore, the game is not about you, get on the sidelines. Good to see he got his jacket dry cleaned.

Back to Lamar. Like I have been saying for weeks… It’s only a matter of time before the NFL figures out a High School offense. Kid looked Rattled. Half way through the fourth quarter Lamar was 3-of-10 for 25 yards and an interception. Oh and lets not forget about the 3 fumbles. I do not want to hear it that his final stats were much better. Ya he threw for some yards against a prevent defense, Congratulations. Imagine being Flacco watch a rookie who took your job throw for 25 yards, an interception, and put it on the ground 3 times while you chill on the bench. Joe avoids talking to Lamar at all costs and it’s my favorite thing in the world.

Lamar had a good run but just like every other gimmick offense, the NFL figures you out. Not a good look for the AFC North Champs. Which reminds me that Pat asked me about the state of the AFC North. Once the Steelers go through a little attitude adjustment this offseason they will go back to being Kings of the North. 

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OHHHH Noooooooo, take anyone but Joe. You hate to see this happen to Joe. How could this happen to such an amazing QB? An ELITE QB losing his job to a rookie that has a hard time throwing the ball accurately 80% of the time, that is unheard of. Why is this happening? Absolute Bullshit.

Could this possibly happen because Joe Flacco has in fact been the most mediocre QB since 2012? Basically throwing almost an interception for every touchdown and no more than 20 touchdowns a season. Joe is just there, Joe is white rice, Joe is unflavored oatmeal, Joe is a can of tuna. 

It’s wild that you lose your job when your best play is throw it as high and far as you can and hope for a pass interference. Who would’ve thought?

I am honestly sad though. I have loved to Hate Joe Flacco for so long now. This is the first time that I fell in Love with hating Joe Flacco.

I am really going to miss Joe throwing a late interception or getting strip sacked to seal a game. I’m not worried that Joe will never start again I’m just worried it won’t be for the Ravens. I assume Joe becomes the new Sam Bradford, bouncing around from team to team trying to stay relevant. Him throwing picks for those teams just won’t be the same . Good for Joe though to get paid off of a 3 game playoff run, that is stuff that dreams are made of. He fell into a Super Bowl Ring, A fuck ton of money, and a pair of tweezers that made him not look like Burt anymore. 

This is karma at it’s finest. If you are not going to show any enthusiasm when you’re at Wide Receiver in wildcat and you literally refuse to throw to Lamar when he is wide open then he is going to take your job.

RIP JOE, Excited for you to play for the Jaguars or Buccaneers. 

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