James Conner Is Out


This is the exact reason why I didn’t understand Steelers fans not wanting Le’Veon Bell to come back to the team for the last part of the season. Conner got A LOT of touches early in the season and something like this could happen at anytime. Bell would’ve been a very nice insurance policy. Have no fear though, Jaylen Samuels is here.


The good news is that the Steelers have to play the Raiders this week and if they can’t beat the Raiders without James Conner they don’t deserve to make the playoffs anyway. It’s not like Conner has been lighting it up anyways. After rushing for 100 yards in 4 straight games Conner has not broke 65 yards in his last 4. This could be a good thing in that Conner rests for a week, gets his mind right and his healthy for the Patriots game next week. That could also just be the optimist in me coming out. 


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Breaking: The Carolina Panthers Are Dead

The Panthers got their dicks kicked in from start to finish in every single aspect of the game. They had one play that worked twice and that was about it. That play was the ole Christian McCaffrey wheel route. 


Now lets just check out the ass whooping one TD at a time. See if we can get them all. 

  1. Ben Roethlisberger 75 yards to Juju Smith-Schuster. 

The Panthers had just scored to go up 7-0, no worries. 1 play and 75 yards later Juju and his sicko mode cleats were dancing in the end zone. Stay lit JuJu, stay lit. 


2. The very next play Vinny Williams Pick 6 


Tons of credit to TJ Watt for forcing this piss poor decision by Cam. Just probably not the best idea to throw it up for grabs in the middle of the field. Respect the optimism though. 

3. James Conner 2 yard TD to make it 21-7


James the Punisher Conner doing what he does best. Scoring his 11th TD of the season. P.S. we have some dope new Conner shirts on the store. 


4. Ben Roethlisberger 53 yards to Antonio Brown


These 2 make it look so easy. AB is so smooth when the ball is in the air doing the most subtle things to get some extra space from the corner. We knew he would have a big night after he showed he was so excited to get to the stadium today, getting pulled over going 100+ MPH in his nice little Porsche. 


5. Ben Roethlisberger 12 yards to Vance McDonald 


Vance will make em dance. So you’ve got AB, JuJu, and Conner under control and then you have this bull in a china shop running down the middle of the field…. Good Luck. 

6. Ben Roethlisberger 8 yards to Jesse James


It’s officially a party and everyone is invited when the outlaw is getting in the end zone. 

7. Ben Roethlisberger 6 yards to the rookie Jaylen Samuels


At this point the Steelers were just fucking around and seeing if they could get anyone and everyone on the offense a TD. 

That was it for the TD’s but the shoutouts are not done yet. 

Special Teams: Boswell went 7-7 on Xp’s and drilled a 50 yard FG so he’s basically all the way back and Rosevelt Nix caused a fumble on a kickoff to set up an easy TD. 


Defense: 5 Sacks, 1 Inteception, 1 TD and put pressure on Cam all night.

It was an almost perfect game by all 3 phrases and a certain potential teammate was enjoying it all. 


Few other Notes:

I can’t be mad at Eric Reid because he was in a tough position but he definitely tried ending Ben’s life 


This little hey my bad man its just business fist bump made everything fine for me. 


This dude falling asleep on the bench pretty much summed up the Panthers night. 


What a great night for the Steelers. Buy some merch here to celebrate. https://store.patmcafeeshow.com/collections/pittsburgh 

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Steelers Fans Are Stubborn Idiots

Before we get started I’d like to state that I am a Yinzer Steeler fan so I am allowed to attack them and make jokes about them. You’re not. Lets continue. 

Me being an investigative journalist I decided to connect some dots on a recent Le’Veon Bell tweet. No need to thank me or anything like that, it’s my job and it’s what I was born to do. 


Here are some of the reactions to my tweet about Le’Veon possibly returning to the Steelers. 

What in the actual fuck is happening? I understand being mad at Le’Veon for holding out even though it is whats in his best interest. I understand LOVING James Conner because there is 0 reason not to. I do not understand not wanting Le’Veon Bell to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers this year. 


I’ll address every issue and concern that I’ve heard Yinzers say throughout the season. 

1. “Fuck em, we don’t need him. James Conner is better” – Whether you think James Conner is better or not makes 0 difference. You know who is getting replaced if Lev comes back? Stevan Fucking Ridley. Stevan Ridley has 30 yards on the season and fumbles every 3 touches. It can’t just be Conner all season. JAMES CONNER IS HUMAN AND WILL GET TIRED. James is on pace for 378 touches this season. In case you didn’t know thats a lot of touches. Wouldn’t it be nice if when James gets tired you have Le’Veon Bell to come into the game. Wouldn’t that be nice if you had someone that could do things like this?  

How Quickly People Forget How Good Le’Veon Bell Is

2. “He’s just going to get hurt or suspended” – Whoooooo Caresssss. If Le’Veon gets hurt then you get your wish and the Steelers are back to just Conner. Don’t see an issue there. Also Le’Veon is not going to get suspended, he’s trying to get PAID. The last thing he’s going to do is get suspended. Also he’s only been in trouble once for a little weed and we blame that on LeGarrette Blount. 


3. “The Rooneys and the Steelers don’t need selfish players on the team, he will cause a problem in the locker room” – How is he going to cause a problem in the locker room? Is he going to want more carries? NOPE. One of the reasons he is sitting out is because he knew the Steelers would run him into the ground in his last year. I think Lev is cool with sharing the load. Based on everything that has been said the players like Le’Veon, they just wanted him to show up. 


4. “He disrespected the hard working people of this city” – Grow up Peter Pan, Count Chocula. It’s business baby. I’m sure the people of Pittsburgh aren’t going to give a shit if Le’Veon helps beat the Chiefs or Patriots in the playoffs. Everyone put their hurt feelings aside, we have work to do. 


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