Isaiah Thomas Finally Gets His Tribute In Boston

Man this one hit me right in my feelings last night. Isaiah Thomas was the ultimate Celtic, he laid his heart and soul on the line every night for this team and deserved every part of what he got last night. When the trade happened i hated it, I knew that we were getting a better player in Kyrie but my heart was attached to IT4 just like I’m sure all the rest of Celtics fans were.

Things haven’t worked out for him since he left, from battling injuries to not fitting in with Lerbon’s Cavs. It has been a real struggle for him ever since he left Boston. I know the Celtics easily won the trade, being able to get Kyrie, you just cant turn down a chance like that. Here we are 1.5 years after he was traded and this one still just doesn’t feel right to me. Isaiah Thomas was meant to play in Boston and he should of never had to leave. He gave everything he had to the Celtics, but unfortunately as we all know with professional sports sometimes business gets in the way.

Im not here to debate the trade, once again we all know the Celtics one this trade, but sometimes players just mean more to a franchise. It has been a bumpy ride to say the least since he left, but he is a free agent once again at years end. Lets do the right thing here Danny Ainge, you didn’t want to back up the Brinks truck for him and that was totally fair. Now this offseason you have a chance to bring him back on the cheap and give him a chance to revive his career in the city he loves. It might be my heart talking and it might be a reach, but Id love to see Isaiah Thomas back in the green and white next year where he belongs.