Wednesday Night NBA Recap And Thursday Night Picks

We have our first winning night of the NBA season and it only took me three nights, no big deal.

Last night, the Pistons/Magic started off hot and the dream of an under was dwindling in the second quarter. Luckily, as most sub par teams do, both got cold down the stretch and that under 209.5 turned into a sure thing. What a glorious win for The Pub when Foxy’s team wins and I don’t lose  an under in the 4th quarter. Mo Bamba comes through once again with two blocks and a missed shot. God that guy is such a selfless basketball player I appreciate him greatly.
When the overs gonna hit but your best friend has your back

The Raptors/Kings over 232 is the game that swings the theory into the negative. We are 1-2 on overs set above 230, therefore, I think the NBA is on to me. They must have heard after that first 230 over hit, that I was keeping an eye on them so last night they told Kawhi he had to play defense. Normally, I don’t take it personal when massive corporations hack into my plans for bringing them down, but this is different. There’s money involved, and these guys are trying to silence me like Kevin Spacey silencing Kate Mara in House of Cards. That’s okay, I wont stop now when were just getting into it. There will be another over 230.

Hit the nail on the head with Thunder Cavs last night. The Cavs and the Knicks are about to get into a serious tanking contest since the coming out party of Zion Williamson. Dennis Schroder stepped it up (being told he read my blog from yesterday) and put in a solid nights work with 28 points on 11 of 19 shooting while grabbing 7 rebounds. Nothing like winning by 9 when you need to cover a 6 point spread, but really nothing like winning when you don’t realize Russel Westbrook is out but you already put your bets in. Not a Thunder night tonight though.

There’s only four NBA games so might as well bring the hammer down on all four of them. Rockets/Thunder at OKC is a tricky game to take but with no Westbrook and Melo returning, we’ll ride with the Rockets at -4. If the rockets lose to a team without their best player then you will hear a strong case for why Carmelo Anthony has a curse on him. Second game is the Celtics @ Suns so obviously were taking them at 9.5. The Celtics will cover this game after back to back losses. 9.5 is a lot but Brad Stevens is not happy with Kyrie and the Funky Bunch. Trail Blazers have been dominant at home, just beating the Bucks handily, so were taking them at -5 in Portland against the Clippers. Love Doc, but the guy traded his own son, wild move. Now, I saved the over 230 for last just in case the NBA is watching. Bucks @ Warriors is set at a biblical over 239.5, up a point from when this blog started. 120-120 used to be an All Star Game score but now its just the Bucks and Warriors. Let’s make some money and see what happens with the biggest over we’ve seen thus far. 


Ohio Kid Gets His PlayStation Taken Away, Promptly Steals Car

Fox News – For the third time this year, an 11-year-old Ohio boy reportedly led cops on a high-speed chase Sunday — the latest incident allegedly sparked by his mom taking away a toy.

About 25 minutes later, the boy crashed into a parked car in Cleveland, flipping the vehicle. The boy later told officers he crashed because he wasn’t paying attention, according to FOX8. The 11-year-old was later taken to an area hospital, where he was treated for injuries to his hand and wrist.

I think everyone needs to know that this isn’t out of the ordinary for a kid with video game rage. I remember telling my parents that I hated them just because they wouldn’t let me play World of Warcraft when I was in the 5th grade. Thank god they didn’t let me but also just want everyone to know publicly that I don’t hate them. This kid stealing his Dad’s car is a wild move out of the youngster from Ohio. Cops today must have to deal with the most absurd shit cause kids are running wild with Fortnite rage. I bet they get calls every other week about a kid locking himself in his room so he could keep playing.

The best part of this article (available by clicking ‘Fox News’ at the beginning) is the kid explaining why he crashed. “The boy told officers that he crashed because he wasn’t paying attention.” Kid must have been checking his dating apps while driving. I don’t think the cops were really looking for a reason why the kid crashed, I assume they understand that 11 year olds who steal cars because they can’t play video games probably have a bigger problem than not paying attention. In all seriousness, it’s good nobody was really injured during this fiasco aside from this kids hand and wrist. Something that is hilarious because now the kid won’t even be able to play video games when he gets home from the hospital. Not cause his mom took the PlayStation, but cause the damn kid screwed up his gaming hands on a rage ride from Fortnite. My advice to this kid is to start doing a little LARP. Get out there and destroy some kids with a nerf sword little buddy.


We Have A New Contender For Worst Proposal Of All Time

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a worse marriage proposal idea than this one right here. Imagine running a marathon and having to stop during your 16th mile to get engaged? Not to mention the fact that she has to run the rest of the race with tears running down her face cause this guy couldn’t just wait ten more miles. You always propose when they finish the race because if she gets hurt before that 26.2 finish line, thats immediately a terrible sign for getting married. ‘Yeah I was doing great but then I was proposed to and rolled my ankle two miles down the road so I think I’m gonna say no.’ That’s a fantastic way to become a Thanksgiving joke for this girls family for the rest of eternity.  

Imagine the scene if this girl says no. Do you force her to stop running so that you can “talk about it”? I honestly think a guy like this would start running next to her in his jeans to try and figure out what went wrong. Other runners must have been absolutely bullshit. If I saw someone going east to west during a marathon I would run right through them. I don’t give a shit if your husband is trying to pop down on a knee and marry you, I’m trying to finish a race damnit. The worst part about running is having to stop and start again and this guy just has no respect for marathon runners, or his fiancé for that matter. Not true, I’m sure he respects his wife, but does he like her? Definitely a question up for debate if he wasn’t trying to slip into one of the many hotels along this route after proposing.


Guy Shows Up Late For First Shift At McDonalds, Proceeds To Rob A Different One 5 Miles Away

Fox News – The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said the series of events began when a man dressed in an employee uniform entered a local McDonald’s on Thursday telling the manager he had been sent in from another location to help.

The shift manager reportedly said he needed to fill out some paperwork and took the man to the restaurant’s kitchen area. It was there the man allegedly pulled out a handgun and demanded all the money in the safe.

‘Yeah, corporate sent me to help you guys out.’ was probably when the manager realized he was being robbed by this kid. Imagine being a manager at McDonalds for years and for the first time some dude just strolls in saying he was sent from another location to help. I know the manager was ready for this too because all the guy made out with was 1,500$ out of a safe from McDonalds. Give me a break, every McDonalds is raking in cash and if you think 1500 is all a safe has in that restaurant then you probably just left the one you work at to rob this one. 

What I’m having trouble deciding was whether this was this guys plan the entire time. If that was the case then this would be the most lazy yet genius plot to rob a McDonalds of all time. Apply for the job, show up late to the first day but still get the uniform, go down the street and rob a different one dressed as an employee. Would be a plot for the ages if this was the thought process but I don’t think this kid has ever had a thought fully processed.

What I still don’t understand is how people use their sticky fingers when everyone under the sun has a camera. This kid didn’t even have a mask or anything on so he must of made it, what, twenty minutes before someone was putting him in cuffs for 1500 dollars. Tough go for this kid but I do think his plan was about a C+, still better than any grade I got in college. 

If you had to rob a McDonalds, what would your strategy be? I think I would go break in through drive through window and take the coke machine. Everyone knows the real money in McDonalds is in whatever they do to make their coke so delicious. 


Pringles Just Changed The Thanksgiving Game

Last year Pringles released a line of Thanksgiving Dinner-flavored chips to the media only, and some people raised a big stink because they wanted to try them too. This year everyone can experience the thrill, because the brand is releasing three of their exclusive Thanksgiving Dinner Pringles flavors — turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie — online on November 6.

Pringles is revolutionizing the game with this move right here. Thanksgiving, personally, is the best holiday with the least amount of pressure. Christmas is cool but you have to worry about getting gifts for people and you have to worry about getting a shitty gift and still having to react like its an awesome one. But not on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is all about vitamins, leftovers, and watching the Cowboys lose. 

You can’t knock Pringles for this attempt here. People love Thanksgiving so why not try and capture a few of the favorite items on most peoples lists’. Stuffing, pumpkin pie, and turkey are all lovable selections at the dinner table in the third week of November. Why wouldn’t they try and make a chip that encapsulates the greatest holiday of the year? I’m going to still go ahead and have the real version of stuffing, pumpkin pie, and turkey, but stocking up on these bad larry’s isn’t a bad idea. Middle of the spring and you pull out pumpkin pie and stuffing Pringles, that’s like walking into a party with two Taco Bell Party Packs. If I do get them, I’m presenting them exactly like this photo, including the red table cloth. Looks classy and wreaks of Thanksgiving. 

Let me know what kind of Thanksgiving Pringles you would choose or make below. Cranberry Sauce Pringles would be the best chaser in the history of food chasers. 


Revolutionary War Was Wild

Today is a huge day in our country’s existence. Election Day is something that should be important to everybody. The entire backbone of our country is epitomized in 1 day. A day that the sum of our people’s means more than those individuals who have power. A day where no matter who we are, everybody’s opinions are worth the exact same. One vote.

In the brutally intense political climate we live in, folks have wildly invested emotional feelings with the mere mention of anything regarding politics.. if you watch MSNBC, you’re a communist who hates America. And if you watch Fox News, you’re a racist. We all know that. But today should be a day where we are proud to live here. Proud of our peers for believing in what they believe. Still, in 2018, I have visited countries that would LOVE to be heard in a democratic fashion. I know America isn’t perfect. But it’d be nice if the communists and racists would just start talking to each other more instead of the complete opposite. Humans are built to negotiate. Humans are built to have our opinions changed with the receiving of information.

No matter who wins today, regardless of what side you’re on, I think it’s time to start holding our politicians accountable for making our country operate in a much healthier fashion. We don’t need our politicians only telling us what we’re mad about, we need them to go fix the problems that are making us mad as well. I truly believe genuine open conversation can help with that. Folks might say that I’m just too naive in thinking that, but I really believe it. Too often if someone views something different, the conversation ends with that person instead just beginning. Let’s learn about why people feel the way they feel, then figure out a way to meet and make things a bit better. On both sides..

There’s my Election Day rant.. now what you’re really here for.. did you know this?

I think so 😂

Oh yeah… I just learned how to blog. We’re blogging now. Huge shout out to the pirate ship and Mr Portnoy for learning me up about this internet world. Very excited to see what we can do with



Monday Night Basketball Is Always A Toss Up

Last night, I was cuckolded by the NBA worse than Cal Weaver.

I had the Pistons -3.5 and they decide to comeback at the end of the game only to lose by 5 in overtime. I understand this happens to people all the time but the real pain comes in the five point loss. If the Pistons lost by five, then they easily could have won by five and covered but Blake Griffin fouled out so this one was in a body bag far before overtime.

This is why I hate gambling right here. I had the Magic -4 and Evan Fournier has the audacity to take a game winning shot? Doesn’t he know the spread is at 4 and I need them to win by 5? Apparently not because this fucking guy hits a game winner and my hopes and dreams of a positive  Monday night were shattered with it. May have to go moneyline when were rolling with the Magic from here on out. If Mo Bamba was on the court, I guarantee he would of made sure the Magic went to overtime to help me out. Such a great guy Mo Bamba.

Naturally I bet the Celtics on a pick em line and the NBA figured out a way to cuckold me with Jamal Murray. The guy goes for 48, the second most points vs the Celtics in the last two seasons, and they win. The other three guys on the list, Steph Curry (1) Lebron James (3) and Anthony Davis (4) so it was a decent game for him. I’m not worried about the Celtics at all, but back to back road losses to start a pretty hefty road trip is never great. Expect a big bounce back from the boys in green next game. At the end of the game, Jamal Murray took a three point shot as time expired to try and get the elusive 50 point game but missed. Kyrie took the liberty of shot putting the ball to the edge of the lower section. Not much to this, Murray said after he shouldn’t have done it, but honestly, I don’t have as big of a problem with it. Young dude just had the game of his life against the Celtics so naturally he’s going to try and get 50. The response form Kyrie is perfect, but can’t hate on anyone going for the 50 bird. I would’ve followed my shot and tried to get the rebound put back too.
Me when the Pelicans vs Thunder went over

Last night was the beginning of the “Over 230 Theory.” The Pelicans were at the Thunder and Russel Westbrook got hurt in the second half. You can understand my nerves when the game was only at 190 with ten minutes to go and no Russel Westbrook on the court. However, with a couple late three and the Pelicans still fouling, over 234 in this game became a reality. Thank the sweet lord of gambling but more importantly the NBA for rigging games with any over set above 230 (at least last night).

Yeah, I went 1-3 last night, sue me. First night is always the toughest so at this rate I’ll probably only lose most of my money, not all. Let’s get back in the win column tonight and go with Hawks/Hornets over 230, Trail Blazers/Bucks over 228.5, and the Mavs +1.5 at home vs the Wizards. If you’re thinking otherwise, fade the hell out of me and win some cash. I still take credit for your success. 

*Duke +1.5 against Kentucky, might as well get the college ball blood flowing too. 

A 77 Hour Flight Home Is Nightmare Fuel

This flight was supposed to go from Orlando to London. Instead, it went from Orlando to New York, and New York to London. This process, including a 2 hour stint on the runway, took 77 hours. I don’t know if there is anything I’m more scared of than this situation right here. The only case I can think of off the top of my head is an airline that also forces you to see the dentist during your flight.

British Airways getting caught in the worst Twitter apology possibly ever. ‘Sorry for the late reply. We can see you’re now on your way home.’ Tom clapped back hard with the “Let’s hope you up your game.” Ouch, Tom, hitting the airline right where it hurts, Twitter. Not sure how the person behind the Twitter is supposed to step up their game but a meme response would’ve helped. I’d be banging my head against the wall if this ever happened to me. Plus, halfway through your flight the airline tweets you ‘at least you’re on your way home now.’ That’s enough for me to open up the exit door and call it a career.

This lady is the reason I don’t feel bad for everyone on this flight. Deplorable is a pompous word, but lady, your children did not have to sleep on the floor. You should of been their pillow/bed and you should have found a good string of chairs in the airport. If anything, this is a tweet promoting bad parenting in airports and for that I can’t sympathize with this woman. Obviously sleeping on the floor of an airport is enough to pull your own hair out. But don’t say your children had to sleep on the floor, you could of been their for them. Also, five and a half hours of sleep on an airport floor is outstanding, most people go about their business without that much sleep.