Full Friday In The NBA

We stayed hot last night but almost every game I see on the board for tonight I don’t like. With that being said, I’m going to do my absolute best to keep this hot streak going. A quick reminder, when you bet a team like the Rockets and they’re down 17 at the half, double down and take them money line at the half. Reap the blessings and thank nobody but yourself.


I’m not going to pick the Celtics tonight but I know in my heart of hearts I’ll throw a couple bones on whatever spread it gets down to. I love the Celtics at home no matter what but we’ll leave them out of the official four we take tonight. First, we got the other hometown team, the Indiana Pacers, heading to Chicago to take on the Bulls. Pacers are -6.5 and its getting to the point in the NBA season where these games before the All Star Break can make or break a season. Not actually, but that sounds like a great reason to take the Pacers. Pacers have a chance to make some serious noise in the playoffs if they keep winning so look for Oladipo to have a night. If the Bulls win, might go ahead and take the Bears tomorrow, could be that type of weekend in Chicago. Next, we’re taking the Heat at home against the Wizards. I feel like the Heat are a team that are playing well and are doing their best to give D-Wade the best send off a guy could ask for – a playoff run. Heat are -7 at home and I’m taking it. Spread is huge for a game that I feel is normally set around 4-5 so look for the Heat to run the Wizards out of Miami.

LOL, Ray Allen

The only over we’re taking tonight is the Clippers @ Suns with it set at 232. I love those overs set above 230 so of course this is the one I landed on. Thought about taking Clippers -4 but then I remembered when the Suns beat the Celtics in Boston so going to go the safe road with the over here. Let’s hope the defense continues to be awful as we go forward in the NBA season cause nothing says points like the Phoenix Suns. The last game of the NBA tonight happens to be the game of the night: Thunder @ Trail Blazers. This game was a pick em but moved to Blazers -1 and I love it. Blazers are dynamite at home and Nurkic has been hot, important for a team that has to battle Steven Adams. This is the must see NBA game of the night for sure so hopefully we get one down to the wire like the Rockets last night.

I didn’t think I would dabble in the college game but I can’t help myself. Toledo at home -4.5 and Buffalo away -10, I like Toledo more than Buffalo tonight so Toledo will probably be the loser out of these two. Nobody knows, that’s why gambling is the best. Sidenote: I know, not nobody, all 6 of these are winners on top of the Celtics that I will take seconds before the game starts.


Recap: Pacers -6.5, Heat -7, Clippers/Suns over 232, Trail Blazers -1, Toledo -4.5, Buffalo -10. Don’t forget the Celtics bet right before game time, really let that spread drop. Let’s get it going heading into the weekend and start it off on a winning note. 



NBA Picks To Keep The Fade Season Going

I’ve been red hot, and when I say red hot, we know I mean ice cold. Let’s keep it going for the sake of the people’s money. 


First an foremost, I hope all of these don’t hit, but I will say I’m not against winning a bet before 2018 is over. The Celtics are hitting their stride and I figured I would get this one out of the way because of course I’m taking Celtics -7.5 at home against the Pelicans. We have big men that play defense and if you stop AD then the Pelicans really aren’t that good. Second pick will really judge whether fade season is still thriving. Kings -2.5 against a Bulls team that has won only 6 games. Call me crazy, but if the Bulls win cause I bet on the Kings then I will have a very difficult time deciding whether to laugh or cry. Chicago is 6-21, lets hope the Kings don’t act like the Kings we’ve all known for the last 10 years, unless you fade me then lets go Bulls. 

My bookie’s for the past month 

As of right now, there are no over/under’s that are above 230. With that being said, Minnesota @ Golden State is at 229 and I think it will go up as the day goes on. We’re going to take that over and hope KAT doesn’t play like Jimmy Butler says he does, soft. Due to no over/under’s being above 230, we are going to go with the elusive under. I hate betting under’s but were looking to stay hot (cold) so we might as well take one. Grizzlies @ Nuggets over under is at 198.5 and since it’s that low right now I think its going way under. Nuggets score a lot of points, so when an over under is set that low for a home game, my mind screams under under under. 

Walking into work tomorrow after fading me and making millions 

At the end of the day, this is a win win situation for us all. When I say for us all, I obviously am not included in ‘all’ or ‘us’. Celtics -7.5, Kings -2.5, Timberwolves/Golden State over 229 and Nuggets/Grizzlies under 198.5 – good luck to everyone in their gambling quest tonight. 

Also like the Vikings tonight just so everyone is aware. 

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Kyle Lowry Is A Baby

BR – “I felt betrayed because he felt betrayed, because that’s my guy,” Lowry said.

Kyle Lowry looking back for Demar Derozan 

I’m not saying Kyle Lowry is wrong for missing his “best friend,” but he’s gotta let this go. As someone who thought the Raptors got screwed in this trade, look how unbelievable they are doing right now. Kyle Lowry doesn’t realize that Kawhi Leonard is a guy who has gone the distance and actually won something in the NBA. Demar Derozan, as much fun as it was to have him as a best friend in Canada where everyone is nice, hasn’t won anything in the NBA thats worth a shit to what Kawhi has done. That might be bias cause I’m one of those ‘championships are the only thing that matters’ guys, but that’s just me. 


With that being said, the Raptors are pretty legit this year. Lowry is doing well and Kawhi is playing like he did when he won a Finals MVP. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Celtics have been laying eggs all over the place. It’s definitely going to turn around at a certain point but this season has not gone the way everyone in the world thought it was going to for the Celtics. Jaylen Browns been hurt and even before so he was underwhelming. Not to mention Gordon Hayward but it seems Marcus Smart has beat the talent back into him after his huge 30, 9, and 8 the other night. I’m not worried yet, similar to the Pats week 4, but lets hope we go on a little 19 game win streak like last year. 

Tonight, we got a few games to get back in the saddle and turn things around. First were going Golden State -10.5 over the Cavs. The Cavs are the worst team in basketball and Steph Curry just got back so if they can’t beat the Cavs by 11 then KD should probably just leave now. Next, I’m taking Clippers +1.5 over the Grizzlies at Memphis. Both these teams need to make the playoffs and then the Celtics will have 4 first rounders next year, but I think the Clippers are actually good. They’ve had good picks and I’ve always been a Tobias Harris guy. Last one I’m going with and continuing to go with is Wizards Hawks over 233.5. It would destroy me not to take an over thats above 230 so lets ride it out. It feels good to get back on the gambling horse so lets ride these picks into gambling heaven. 


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Space X Launched 64 Satellites Into Space And Aliens Attack Tomorrow

CNN – SpaceX delivered 64 satellites into orbit in one fell swoop for a record-setting mission. This marks the 19th launch for SpaceX in 2018.


Elon Musk is up to something and so are all the aliens that are rolling around our planet right now. A few days ago there were tremors underneath our ocean all over the word and now we launched 64 satellites into space? If you think that’s a coincidence then you are kidding yourself and you’re probably waiting for Santa to drop presents under your tree. Expect one of these satellites to pick up a image like the one above of a couple aliens circling our planet laughing about the future of the human race cause they know we’ll soon be enslaved.  


The real worry for me is why SpaceX doesn’t let everyone know about why the hell they are doing these things. Clicking the CNN at the top of this article will show you the video, but the reason being to make “space travel easier” isn’t good for us. If anything, it makes me think that the things going on in the ocean are just aliens that are trying to leave the planet that Elon Musk promised he could get home. Moreover, they probably celebrated by swimming around the entire world and thats what those waves rumbling around the Earth are all about. I’m becoming increasingly more scared as I write this but the logic is all there and that is the real scare in this alien situation. 


The ideal way things turn out is the one above. We are the reality show for the entire universe and they love us so much they decide not to blow us up. The worry lies with the aliens that are currently swimming around our ocean looking for something to do. Hopefully Elon is just trying to send his alien friends in the ocean back to their home planet with all these satellites but still, the ocean aliens are a dangerous breed. Let’s hope we aren’t going to be getting cuckolded by the creatures of the deep from Space and Elon knows what these aliens are about. 

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After Watching Netflix’s ‘The Outlaw King’ Living In The 14th Century Would Be Terrible

No Spoilers – Last night,  I decided to watch Netflix’s newest movie, The Outlaw King. Here are a few of my thoughts on the movie and time period.


This movie was awesome. It felt more like the second installment in the Braveheart series than just a Netflix movie out of nowhere. I think they should of pitched it that way but another reason I enjoyed it was because I didn’t completely understand the story line so figuring that out in the beginning was awesome. As far as timeline goes, this movie starts before William Wallace dies in Braveheart. This man spinning his sword in the GIF above was my favorite character by a Scottish mile. Douglas was his name and it will be the last thing you forget after watching this movie. This dude is an absolute weapon and is equivalent to the crazy Irish guy from Braveheart.


Stannis Baratheon from Game of Thrones, Stephen Dillane in RL, played the English King like a real prick so hats off to him. Huge Stephen Dillane guy ever since Greatest Game Ever Played with Shia Labeouf. Dillane’s kid in this movie is the real dingbat that Chris Pine rivals against. Chris Pine, who plays Robert the Bruce and the King of Scots, dominated this movie while also having the rare ‘chins up, trousers down’ scene. Hey, if Chris Pine wants to go all in on a movie, you will see him getting out of a river, swinging his King of Scots dick and there’s nothing you can do about it. This movie is well worth the watch and I highly recommend it to anyone who liked Braveheart (everyone). I would love to hear what you guys thought about the ending too, I have a very strong opinion but no spoilers here.


However, living during this time is something I don’t recommend at all. It blows my mind how Kings used to just give away their grand daughters and shit. Imagine not wanting a wife and a King just gives you one? ‘Actually, no I’m really ok. I appreciate your grand daughter but my old wife just died and I’m really enjoying it.’ Even if that was the case, you could just do anything because woman had negative rights back then. Also, this movie is shown through the Scottish lords at the time, but not having any money back then was basically a one way ticket to being dead 25. ‘Did you hear about Shane? Yeah, he sneezed and died two days later.’ I think I would do well back then, mostly cause in my made up scenario I’m living in a Castle and never leave it. The Outlaw King had the feel of an old movie and was a wild ride from beginning to end. Very excited that Netflix movies are this legitimate and hopefully going forward the movies match this great one.


Jimmy Butler To The 76ers, Fuck


Yeah, the Philadelphia 76ers just got the missing piece and all of a sudden there’s a race in the eastern conference. 


No idea who Justin Patton is but holy shit, mother fucker, son of a bitch, the Celtics have a team that will seriously challenge them for the Eastern Conference Finals. Simmons, Butler, and Embiid are a trio that I will not like to see walking into the TD Garden. After losing to the Utah Jazz and giving up 123 points, I hope the Celtics see this and start to pep the fuck up. Road trips are tough and I know the C’s will turn it around, but now we have a team to worry about in the East. I blame this solely on Joel Embiid for bringing light to the fact that our team’s “rivalry” wasn’t anything cause we always kick the shit out of them. Christmas Day at 5:30 is going to be an all out war against a now great 76ers team. 

Last night I went 2-2 again, fucking bullshit .500 NBA gambler right now. BUT NOT TONIGHT. The 76ers are back and so is Connor Campbell’s NBA Gambling career. We’re taking the Warriors @ Nets over 225, Bucks -3.5 @ Clippers (trap spread), Spurs ML dogs AT HOME against the Rockets (Rockets SUCK), and our elusive over 230 will be LAbron @ Kings over 239. Let’s get wild and scream about how great this race to the NBA title is going to be this season.



Alabama Would Beat The Bills

I know.. I know. I used to feel the exact same way you probably do. I used to scoff at people that would say a college team could beat a pro team. I’d laugh in their face. Because I know that the NFL is an all star game, for about 10 different age groups. An actual collection of the greatest football players the earth has seen. I know that in college football, even in the SEC there are guys who won’t make it to the NFL. And I know that Tua hasn’t faced 30 year olds who are looking to feed their families yet… BUT..

I believe that this Alabama team is different. The differentiating factor is the QB. By far. For as far back as I could remember the Alabama teams were winning because they would run all over teams. The offensive lines and running backs would just barrel folks. Most of the time winning IN SPITE of their quarterback. The QB’s, although probably talented, were 1000% system QBs. What I used to say to someone who thought Alabama could beat an NFL team was that “D Linemen in the NFL would be able to handle the O Linemen and running back so the offense wouldn’t work”..

Tua changes ALL OF THIS.. he can make every throw. He leads his receivers better than half the NFL. He can put the ball anywhere he wants.. which is what he’d have to do because “That’s open in the NFL” means a few inches here and there.


This Alabama team is the perfect recipe of a team that could beat a TERRIBLE NFL team. Athletic defense. Great QB. And playmakers.

Sooo.. Here’s the lock of the century. If ESPN can figure out a way to set up an exhibition between Tua’s Alabama and The Bills…



Since writing this blog, I’ve received quite a few texts..

Here’s one from AQ Shipley

“Talent wise. I would agree that this team has a lot of future NFL PLAYERS. The SEC doesnt have a Jerry Hughes who is a proven pass rusher on one side and Lorenzo Alexander, one of the highest graded edge guys in the league. Both of these players have had success amongst the worlds best Offensive tackles. I always say what makes you better from year to year is your mind. Being able to process the worlds fastest sport in a split second is what allows players to play past the “not for long” mantra that many describe an NFL career as. Any defense in the NFL can process information so much faster than any college defense regardless of what conference they play in. Not to mention, Tua, has never seen as complex a defense as even the most watered down defenses in the NFL. He has never seen coverage disguises or blitz disguises quite like you see at the NFL level. These safeties do such a good job holding there bluffs until the last possible second and still have enough skill and smarts to get back into position to be where they need to be. I also must add, Sean Mcdermott is one of the smartest defensive minds in the NFL. So to think that its a lock that Alabama would beat an NFL team is a bit much. I think if you take talent alone based on projected NFL players as well as dominant record vs everyone in college, I can see why people would argue your point about being able to beat an NFL team who is having little success. But, lets pump the brakes a little and for a second take into account all of the variables. Also, lets not discredit or take away the fact that there is a reason why the NFL is the highest level, its the best of the best. Yes, Alabama is the best team in college but lets also not forget that around 50 percent of the roster will not be on an NFL roster after Alabama. NFL rosters which include yes that team youre talking about…the BUFFALO BILLS.”

So he doesn’t agree with me… what would he know anyways. 10 year NFL Center. He didn’t mention “RPO” once.

And here’s another from former teammate, NFL Corner/Safety/3rd String Holder- Darius Butler

He told me I was wrong.. I simply asked why, then got this response 👀

5 years ago this wouldn’t even be a conversation worth entertaining IMO. Today its at least worth a conversation. I lied, its not! I literally completely changed my mind about it in the middle of writing this. I first took into account the amount of hours these college guys have dedicated to their craft over lets say the 5 yrs before arriving at Bama. In 2000 I wasn’t interested in working with a trainer to improve my skillset over the offseason before my freshman yr in HS. Nowadays these kids have trainers at age 13! Fast Fwd that kid 8yrs and now you’re a rookie WR in the NFL you have 5 extra yrs of personalized training under your belt (which is an eternity when working with a world class athlete.) I witnessed Erik Swoope transform from a College Basketball forward to a legit TE over the course of 3-4 yrs with no College FB experience. After factoring that in I went to the QB position (which is arguably the toughest position to play in sports) and the recent surge of 1st and 2nd yr QBs that are dominating almost immediately. Which of course has in part to do with Coaches on the Pro level being more flexible and adding some of the College-style plays into mix i.e. Andy Reid/Bill Obrien (necessary RPO mention)

Even with these factors along w/ a few others, the gap between the best college team and the worst pro team is still too significant. Let’s try and break it down with an excercise. Grab a sheet of paper…draw a line down the middle. Write on each side the top 5 players on each team. On the Bill’s side you have guys who have not only played but dominated for extended periods in their careers against the very best players this earth has to offer. On the Bama side lets say you have 5 first rounders who may or may not pan out on the next level. Now slide down that roster to the 15-20th best players on each roster. I think pretty quickly you realize what I did without going any further.


So.. That was quite a ride there. I did his little paper exercise. It’s not great for my side of things here… BUT.. Darius isn’t even accounting confidence. The Bills just lost to the Bears by A LOT.. and Alabama just beat LSU by 29 in a shutout rout in the Bayou..

Starting to think I could be wrong here.. Weird feeling. Not sure I’ve ever had it.

Thursday Night Basketball Recap And Friday Picks

Before we get into it, Carmelo Anthony is a curse. The Houston Rockets lost by 18 points to a Thunder team who didn’t have Russel Westbrook. This is the same team that was the “best team in the league” last year. Now, without Trevor Ariza they are somehow crumbling. If you told me last year this team would lose to the Thunder without Westbrook playing, I would of told you I also lost a bet. Call me a fortune teller and a curse teller cause Melo’s career has turned him into a Conjuring-esque idol. That, along with a Celtics 7 point overtime victory after being down 20 points were my two losses. Celtics -9.5 is still a lock. If you want an honest blog about the Celtics, look elsewhere, because I’ll slam them till I have nothing left to bet.  


The other two we cashed in on was the Trail Blazers -5 and….OVER 239.5! Makes sense that this Bucks Warriors game went over cause I said the NBA was watching my blog and because I called them out, they know they can’t stop the overs. Let’s hope the trend continues tonight. The Trail Blazers covered 5 by plenty and I think betting against the Clippers this year might be safe. If not bet that over cause they can’t play defense for shit. Our over 230 record is at 2-2 and overall were batting a cool .500, lets get above that 50% mark with these picks tonight. 

We’ll start with our over 230 because we only got one tonight (makes sense NBA is watching me) and it’s Timberwolves Kings over 230.5. I’ll be honest, This is the first over 230 that I don’t like, but were testing theories here so were taking it anyways. If it looks bad at halftime, expect me to double down immediately. Next, and most obvious, were taking Celtics +6 at the Jazz. I’m also going to double down here and take the Celtics ML at +205. I know they looked bad last night and are playing back to back but we’ll get the job done. Last two I’m going with is Hornets/76ers over 226 and Pacers @ Heat -1.5. This is the second time I’ve bet against the Heat this week so if it doesn’t go well expect us to start betting on Miami. Oladipo is hot (also on my fantasy team) and I want to ride him and Sabonis to the promise land. I feel like every time I watch Philly play I see Ben Simmons playing James Harden defense. Kemba has a big night and this game goes way over. Again, if you don’t like them, bet against me and make some money, I’m still taking credit for your success. For those of you betting with me, let’s ride. 


It’s Friday, everyone have a great weekend and look for some more picks tomorrow. 


Yesterday I Went On My First Journey For New Jeans Since 2014

Yesterday I was forced into shopping at the Fashion Keystone Mall. I understand I dress like a homeless person, and in the words of my small business boss, “the homeless people outside don’t ask you for money,” something I will miss greatly. The homeless demographic was always a team I wanted to be apart of, but now I have one pair of jeans that I’ll wear everyday. 



Town in Oregon Elects an 18 Year Old Mayor – Not A Parks And Rec Joke


Let’s get this out of the way. The kids name is Ben Simons but this is not the same Ben who built Ice Town. The parallel between this case and Parks and Rec is as scary as the time traveling Simpsons man. When I first read this I thought there was a 0% chance that this could go well. However, after watching Brady Wakayama’s tweet (love the name Wakayama) I think the town of Yoncalla is in great hands. “I feel at home,” being the first thing he says is hilarious. No shit Ben, you’re 18 years old you’ve never been anywhere else. What is bending my brain is thinking about what the towns going to do when this dude ships off to Stanford or whatever school he’s going to for computer engineering. ‘Hey mom do you mind standing in for me while I’m gone? Sure honey, is it for school? No I need you to be Mayor for the next 8 months.’ This kid just put his parents into the worst possible position by forcing them to have to clean up the mess he made. That’s what most 18 year olds do but usually the mess isn’t being the Mayor. 

If I were an 18 year old mayor in my town back in Mass, here’s a few things I would do. First, no more homework for high school students. I always think back to high school and think of how much more fun it would of been if there wasn’t any homework. Essays and such must be completed within school hours so there is no room for take home work for the children of the world. Second, I would open a vitamin lounge for people who want to take their vitamins with others who want to as well, cigarettes are indeed allowed. Lastly, I would set the max age of drivers at 70 so nobody is ever going under 15 mph in my town. That’s right, I’m the Mayor so I say my town.


Was pronouncing Wakayama as Whack a Yam a – name is electric. 

Let me know what you would do if you were the Mayor of your town at 18.