Kanye Goes Wild On Twitter


It all started with this tweet yesterday from Kanye. Im guessing this is in reference to a track that Drake used Kanye’s instrumental on. He went onto have 126 tweets yesterday about him and Drake. Which were all highly entertaining to say the least.

Some of his tweets sounded true and real but a lot of them sounded completely off the wall. These two have been having a back and forth for quite some time now and it looks like its finally come to a head. There isn’t a blog long enough to go through all of them but ill post the ones i found the most intriguing.


The more i go through these tweets he sounds like he’s out of his damn mind. Im not going to pick a side i like both these guys, Drake might have more of a head on his shoulders or at least look like it after this meltdown, but who am i to judge. Drake has yet to respond to any of this except for laughing emojis on his Instgram story. My guess is Kanye will delete his twitter again, id be surprised if these tweets stay up through the weekend to be honest. No matter what comes from this i know it made my Thursday and it was a beautiful way to send us into the weekend.

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