Warriors and Raptors A Refreshing NBA Finals


Well, here we go, Tonight’s the night, the NBA finals finally get started. It feels like months since the last game on Saturday night. For the first time in nine years we have no Lebron in these finals and for the first time in five years, we have a different matchup than Golden State and Cleveland. This series offers something different and something new for all of us. Golden State without KD and Kawhi Leonard in the era of superstars joining one another all across the NBA, he is trying to pull this thing off with just a supporting cast and no other real superstar. You can argue Kyle Lowry if you want, hes a great player but please don’t try and tell me hes a superstar.


I personally think this thing is going the distance. The Raptors are not the Portland Trailblazers, defensively their one of the best teams in the league and in years past we’ve seen thats really the only thing that can stop these Warriors. You have to somehow try and hold the Warriors to under 104 points. They are 65-9 in this run they have been on in the playoffs, when they score more than 104 points. That being said, for the Raptors to have a chance at winning this thing, they have to win game one HAVE TO. I honestly don’t think that Kevin Durant plays in this series and if he does I think hell be forcing himself early and possibly hurting the Warriors. Im not on the Warriors are better than KD wagon, but you can’t throw a guy into the finals who hasn’t played in a month and think its not going to take some time to get his rhythm back.


I honestly think the Raptors can pull this thing off, but I’ve thought teams could beat Golden State before on this run and have been horribly wrong. Either way this will be the best finals we’ve seen in three years. Its the true test of offence against defence and will be a grind it out series. Golden State has looked great since KD has been out but what if this thing ends up going six or seven games?? Can Golden State’s bench continue to have the output they did in the Portland series?? Is Andre Igudola healthy?? Can Boogie help out at all coming off the bench?? There is a lot more questions than answers with this Warriors team right now. The Raptors you know what its gonna take to pull this thing off, a heavy dose of Kawhi and hes going to need the same help he got in the Milwaukee series. It is going to take a big series from Pascal Siakam on both ends of the court as well and either Freddy Vanvleet is going to have to keep shooting the lights out or Danny Green is going to have to catch fire like he has in playoffs past. In this era of building super teams, if and I know its a big IF Kawhi Leonard can pull this off, it will be one for the ages. For the first time in five years we have a different matchup in the NBA finals, lets enjoy the hell out of this people. 


Gump Cathcart

Golden State Warriors Heading To Their Fifth Straight NBA Final


Here we go again, for the fifth straight season the Warriors are on their way to the NBA finals and a great possibility of a 3peat. Im not even mad about it at this point, do i like the Warriors no, but after this prolonged stint of greatness i honestly can’t say i hate this team anymore. The fact that they are doing all this without Kevin Durant, makes it even sweeter for the likes of Clay and Steph. Hell even Draymond has become more likeable these playoffs, finally admitting to his flopping and whining.


Three games in a row these Warriors were down by 17 to Portland and came back to win. You can just never put this team away, they have the will and the fight of a champion and they continue to show it on a nightly basis at this point. These Warriors are also putting the rest of the NBA on notice, just because KD is probably leaving in the summer, in no way does that mean they aren’t still the best team in this league. Anybody who was ever doubting Steph’s playoff performance is also being put on notice, that he is in fact one of the greats and can still put this Warriors team on his back when needed.


The Warriors are well on their way to winning their third NBA title, with the Raptors and the Bucks still slugging it out in the East. I still see that series going at least six games, if not even seven at this point. Well see what happens tonight in Toronto though. Im not saying it will be easy against either one of those teams, especially if the Warriors are still without KD and Boogie. As much as they want to prove how good they are without those two, they will definitely not hurt them in what has been a long playoff and five year run of dominance by these Warriors. Hopefully Durant getting back on the court will keep him off his social media for a few hours also. Were getting close to the last series in what has been a great NBA playoffs, even without Lebron for the first time in fourteen years. Ive hated these Warriors as much as anyone, but at some point you’ve just gotta take it in and respect it. Hope y’all are enjoying these playoffs as much as I am and lets see what happens in the east tonight.


Gump Cathcart

Rockets Warriors Now Best Of Three


If your not watching this series by now, do yourself a favour and turn it on. After the Warriors took a commanding 2-0 lead, the Rockets came right back and won their two home games. This very well could be the NBA final in the second round, with all due respect to the teams in the East and in the other matchup in the West, these are the two best teams in the NBA. I know this series went seven last year, but this year feels even more like the Rockets could finally knock the Warriors off their throne.


The Rockets are probably our only hope as NBA fans, who have been waiting for somebody, anybody to finally knock these Warriors out of the playoffs. With the rumblings of KD and possibly even Klay leaving in the offseason, now is as good a time as any for these Rockets to pull this off. James Harden is probably playing his best playoff basketball of his career, after struggling a bit in the Utah series. If he keeps this up and gets the help he needs from Chris Paul, Eric Gordon and even Clint Capela down low these Rockets are as good as anybody in these NBA playoffs.


On the other side Kevin Durant has taking absolute control for Golden State and proven that he is the best offensive player in basketball. For whatever reason, he just hasn’t gotten the help he needs from the splash brothers. With both Curry and Thompson struggling a bit, this really is the Rockets true chance to try and pull this thing out. With a massive game five on Wednesday night and how fast we all know these Warriors can turn it on, lets just enjoy the thought that these Warriors MIGHT not 3peat for a second. Hopefully this thing goes seven because this is by far the best basketball we’ve seen in these playoffs. Hope y’all are enjoying these NBA playoffs as much as I am cheers.


Gump Cathcart

The Golden State Warriors Officially Look Vulnerable


The Golden State Warriors for the first time in the Kevin Durant era look vulnerable. They are 4-6 in their last 10 and are far from looking like the two time defending NBA champions we’ve grown accustom to watching. On top of them not looking great, the Rockets are heating up at the right time and are only 4 games back of them for first in the Western Conference. The Nuggets are only 1.5 back, but the Rockets are the team in the West that seem to have the Warriors number.


This isn’t a case of players being out either, Klay has been back for a few games now and this team just doesn’t seem like one thats ready to win their third straight title. It could be the addition of Boogie to the lineup, or it could just be that after this run some of these guys have had enough of each other. Its not even the 4-6 in the last ten id be so worried about if i was a Warriors fan, its the overall energy around the team. It feels like every night these guys are having some very concerning interviews with the media. Whether it be Steve Kerr, Kevin Durant or Klay Thompson last night, they just don’t seem like the confident Warriors were used to.


The Warriors will more than likely turn this thing around, we all know it doesn’t take long for these guys to turn it on and put the whole league on watch. It is a breath of fresh air for the whole NBA though and it all looks like its leading up to the best NBA playoffs we’ve seen in a few years. There is hope for the rest of the league right now that teams have a shot at knocking them off their pedestal. We have fifteen games left in the season lets stay tuned to these Warriors because if they struggle even a little bit it gives the rest of the NBA hope. Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend and hopefully we see a new NBA champion this year cheers.




NBA Monday In America

Have I been cold as of late? Absolutely. Is there rain before rainbows? Every time my friend. We’ll get some NBA and some college but more than anything we’ll get some world class winners. Let’s dive into Super Bowl Week with these games tonight. 


Tonight, there’s a few games to chose from but we’re going with the age old strategy of betting with the best teams. Look, there’s no need to overthink things in the wishy washy NBA. We’re almost half way through the season and by now the teams who are on the bottom tier should all be thinking Zion Zion Zion. With that being said, the Warriors are heading to Indiana and without Victor Oladipo, the hope in the Pacers season is dwindling. Warriors are coming off a big win against the Celtics and had a nice day to rest yesterday. I’m taking the Warriors -8.5 and I assume this line will go up as the day goes on. Warriors are rolling and that continues tonight with a wounded Pacers team. Speaking of wounded teams, the Memphis Grizzlies are crumbling from the heart and Gasol/Conley are both up for grabs. When your team is shopping the two best players they have, things could be better. For Denver, they’ve become a serious contender and with Isaiah Thomas coming back after the all star break, they could be a force. I don’t think they’ll beat the Warriors, but they will definitely beat the Grizzlies tonight by 7. Nuggets are -6 and will continue to roll tonight against a team that doesn’t know where it’s going. 


The college game can be very unforgiving. There has been bad beat after bad beat this year in the college game but we’re going to reverse that curse tonight. The only team that would be able to do it, aside from my Oregon Ducks of course, is the team that has frogs with horns. That’s right, the TCU Horned Frogs take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders tonight in Texas. TCU is +4.5 and are 4-1 in their last 5 ATS. I’m not a stats guy, but if I was, that stat would for sure convince me to take TCU. Texas Tech screwed me last time I took them so now it’s time for some revenge, frog revenge that is. TCU +4.5 tonight at Texas Tech and look for a big conference win for the Frogs tonight.

Recap: Warriors -8.5, Nuggets -6, TCU +4.5. Those are the three basketball games to take for tonight and if you don’t like any of them then the TCU under seems to be a smart play. Good luck to all and lets get those account balances in the green. 

Indiana Basketball in a GIF



NBA Wednesday In America

The NBA report is back but going forward, the best picks will be on the Bro Bro Bro Bets show, posted on this site most days around 6 pm. It’s a little late, but you’ll still have an hour to throw in those bets. 7-1-1 between Bro Bro Bro Bets last night and we’ll do our best to keep the bets rolling. I got a few picks to go with the ones you’ll find on Bro Bro Bro tonight. 


For starters, of course, I’ll be taking the Celtics -1.5 as we welcome the Raptors to town tonight. I’ve never thought there would be this type of hostility that’s been thrown around the Celtics locker room, but it’s probably more media propaganda than anything. There have been whispers about Dennis Smith Jr. being shopped for a point guard. Even though there isn’t one player I want to give up, Rozier for DSJ wouldn’t be the worst move for a Celtics team that has been a little off all year. I think it’s a terrible fit and the last thing we need is another great young guy we’ll have to pay but you’re an ass if you don’t imagine whatever players being shopped around the league landing on your own team. Don’t even get me started on Porzingis. Celtics -1.5 and this line will probably go up, Boston’s a tough place to play. 


The next two picks that I’ll be taking (aside from the 3 that will be featured tonight on Bro Bro Bro Bets) are two dogs away from home. First, will be the Pelicans at +7 going into Golden State. Golden State is coming off an All Star Game performance, dropping 150 on the Nuggets in Denver. That sort of drop off from the Mile High city to the Bay Area is massive. That’s why I like the Pelicans +7 in Golden State tonight. Curry and KD probably housed a bottle of wine on the plane ride back while Tony Davis and the Pelicans were already in getting prepared for the Warriors. Take the +7 even if it is against Golden State but be careful of the over, 241 screwed me when the Pelicans played the Clippers. Which leads me to the Clippers hosting the Jazz tonight. The Jazz and Clippers both fascinate me cause I fee like Jazz should be better and the Clippers should be worse. With that being said, I’m going to last second switch from Jazz +1 to the over 224.5. It feels like the Clippers have gone over every home game except for when they played the Pelicans Monday. You could say that I’m discouraged but then you would be a liar. No discouragement. We march blindly into the gambling abyss everyday no matter what. 

Me going to take every over 240 seconds before tip off

Recap: Celtics -1.5, Jazz/Clippers over 224.5, Pelicans +7. I like all three of these but I LOVE the picks that are given from Gabagoools tonight. Gorms, Digs, and myself have 9 more games to win money on. Good luck and check back in with Bro Bro Bro Bets right here at 6 for the rest of the bets on this hump day in January. 



Thursday Night With Chuck And Shaq

NBA Thursday’s are always a treat cause TNT comes in hot with Shaq and Chuck. It’s an even bigger treat when Kawhi heads back to San Antonio and Houston travels to Golden State. We have a few college games to ball with too so lets get into it. 


Last night was a good night, hitting 5 of 6 bets and making a little chunk of change. I’m always a huge proponent that whatever happened the night before doesn’t mean shit and it’s the truth. In the NBA, we’re taking these TNT games. Raptors @ Spurs and Rockets @ Warriors are two games that everyone should be interested in. Kawhi returns home and to be honest I don’t love either team here. My mind is telling me Raptors but my heart is telling me Spurs. I usually never listen to my heart but it’s 2019 so lets try this shit out. Spurs at home -2.5 and that’s cause I like San Antonio when they play in Texas. Spurs fans are going to be loud and Demar is also going to want to get some revenge on the Raptors. Dear gets his revenge tonight and Danny Green kisses a lot of hands. The Rockets are a team that is absolutely rolling right now. James Harden is playing basketball on a different level so the spread being at 8 points is too high for me. Rockets +8 at Golden State and the over is a safe play if you don’t wanna bet against the Warriors. Don’t know why you wouldn’t want to though, they dominated the league for years so lets laugh and bet against them every chance we get. Rockets will probably lose but by more than 8 points is aggressive, expect this line to change. Disclaimer: I’m taking the over in Denver/Sacramento 227 cause rooting for points is what makes me love the NBA. 

When the over looks terrible in the 1st quarter

The college game has quickly turned into a favorite of mine as far as betting goes. Last night I had Maryland and they covered by half a point. Half a point covers can make or break a persons year so to get one this early into 2019 makes me feel great. With that being said, we need some locks in the college game tonight, not these last second half point victories (even though they keep me young.) Michigan at home -11, Indiana at home -11, and Iowa away +8. I think Purdue is good but 8 points against Iowa is tough. They play good defense and fundamentally they are unbelievable. Michigan has PSU and now that football season is over the students at UMich need a real team to root for. This Michigan team is a legit contender this year, Penn State isn’t, logic is flawless. Indiana has Illinois at home and Illinois hasn’t had a great recruit in years so expect Langford and the boys to take care of business before a big Thursday night in Broad Ripple for the boys of the Hoosiers. I wish there were more games on throughout the day but that would be brutal for my bank account when this train starts to slip. 

Recap: Spurs -2.5, Rockets +8, Denver/Sacramento over 227, Michigan -11, Iowa +8, Indiana -11. Lotta games tonight so lets stay hot with these 6. Good luck to all in your gambling endeavors, let’s win some cash. 




Goodbye 2018 NBA

I’d say 2018 was a good year for basketball but the Warriors are still champions so it really wasn’t. Lebron went to LA, Derrick Rose is back, and hopefully 2019 is the year the Warriors give up the throne for good.


Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and continue on with Luka and the Mavericks. Mavericks and Thunder are going to war tonight in Oklahoma City and everyone is worried about what they’re going to do tonight. Except Luka Doncic. Luka hasn’t had a real new years eve since he was in elementary school, so I don’t think his head will be anywhere but the court tonight. Mavericks are +8 and that’s just too much for a team that’s been playing really well. Mavericks +8 all day and lets hope Russ and PG13 are thinking about another party to celebrate not being on terrible teams anymore. With that, I want to continue to ride the hot hand of Harden. James Harden took the Celtics down and has finally sobered up enough from his MVP summer of partying to play basketball again. They take on the Grizzlies at home on New Years Eve. Now, I know I just talked about the partying but I think James is focused on dropping 40 a game and swindling his way back to the playoffs. Rockets -4.5 at home and don’t be scared if they cover at the last possible second, most likely will happen but no promises. Told you all the Rockets would get it together when Melo left and here we are. 


I refuse to leave 2018 while betting an under so I got two overs for everyone to hang there hat on. Don’t actually hang your hat but going into tonight these two wreak of points points points. First, and most obvious, Warriors at the Suns. Every team tonight is thinking I don’t wanna play defense so expect a lot of three pointers. Over/under is set at 227.5 and because it’s that low I sort of feel like taking the under but were past that. Screw the under and everything under bettors are about until I’m back on the under train. Last over/under of 2018 is going to be on my first round pick for my fantasy team. He’s tall, he’s young, and Jimmy Butler called him a bitch. That’s right, Karl Anthony Towns and the Wolves roll into Pelican country for their final game of 2018. I’ll be honest, I regret picking Towns, but he can score with the best of them and after last nights performance, I think he’ll carry that into tonight and battle Anthony Davis. If not, I’m never taking another Wolves over again until the play the Sacramento Kings. 

When Jimmy Butler calls you a bitch but you still make 100 + million

In 2019, the Warriors won’t win the title. I say that without seeing them play with Boogie Cousins so they probably will still win the title. With that being said, the Celtics will for sure win the NBA title this year. By the time April rolls around, we will be the one seed in the east and a very feared team around the league. That or I’ll be tremendously disappointed with the season. Warriors vs Rockets, Celtics vs 76ers. Celtics vs Warriors and we take home the championship. No, I’m not laughing.  

I had no idea college basketball played on New Years Eve but here we are, this late into 2018 and still learning new things. Providence -1.5, Idaho +7.5, Pepperdine -16, and Gonzaga -25. There are things to gamble on all day and night so good luck to all in their betting endeavors. 


PSA: New Years Resolution is to start winning bets, may be the last good fade night we have in a long time. Probably not though. 



NBA Report On A Beautiful Monday

I don’t wanna hear about the Patriots. Right now, I’m not worried about the New England Patriots, I’m worried about what games you people are going to cash out in. My focus remains laser like and these games are a shoe-in to win you money. 


It’s always a shame when the Celtics aren’t playing on Monday cause I really need a Boston victory to get the spirits up after whatever happened yesterday. Unfortunately, we don’t have Brad’s Boys to dominate a team today. Never fear cause all four of these picks will win us money and all will be right in the world. Today, we’ll start with the elusive over 230. I don’t know if the Kings have ever played in a game and not allowed 100 points. Actually, the Kings have given up at least 100 points in every game except for one since November 12th against the Spurs when they allowed 99 points. Naturally, we’re going to take Kings @ Twolves over 232. This is a great over game and if De’Aaron Fox and Karl Towns have a night then I’m sure we’ll hit this high over. The second over/under I’ll be taking is the Grizzlies @ Warriors which right now is at 210. Initially, I loved this under because anytime a Warriors game is set under 220, it’s almost like Vegas just knows they will have a little trouble. I wrote “under 210” in my notes, but as I go to say I’m taking the under of 210 in a Warriors game, I’ve flopped to the over. Grizzlies @ Warriors, over 210. The Warriors can put up 115 on their own and if the Grizzlies can’t get to 95 then the next over/under for a Warriors game that’s set at or below 215 will receive my mortgage on that bet.


One of the two spreads were taking tonight is the “bet against the Bulls” strategy. The Bulls have to go to Oklahoma City to play the Thunder who are ripping teams right now. The Thunder have a different feel to them this year. Steven Adams is gonna be an all star, Paul George is having a great year, and the biggest thing is they got rid of Carmelo Anthony. Not to mention, the Bulls are still one of the biggest circus acts in the NBA. Thunder at -12.5 is a big spread but not when you’re playing the Bulls at home. Bulls @ Thunder tonight and we’re taking the Thunder at -12.5. The last game is my most anticipated match up of the night. A lotta people would say this is a terrible game, but I think this equates to the Super Bowl for the number 1 pick, a conference championship to the very least. Suns @ Knicks in the early year toilet bowl that makes this Monday extra special. The combined record of these two teams is 15-46. This game is going to be an absolute showdown. Normally, in a game like this with one franchise being the team that plays in MSG, I’d go for the home court advantage. However, I like the Suns for some reason tonight so I’m taking them at +1 in New York City. Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker help get the victory in New York and I still believe the future is bright in Sun country. Unlike this lady, who seems to be all in on ridding the world of Suns owner Robert Sarver.


Would not want to be whoever ‘Ed’ is cause he’s receiving a mean stare from Ms. Greta Rogers. Can’t say I blame her, would suck to have top 3 picks every year and not see a lick of improvement. Come be a Celtics fan Greta, we aren’t very bad and when we are its usually a short period of time. 

Recap: Kings/Twolves over 232, Grizzlies/Warriors over 210, Thunder -12.5, and Suns +1. Let’s do better than .500 tonight and .250 would be better cause then you people in fade season would go 3-1. Bet with me, bet against me, lets just hope we all end up with cash (impossible). Good luck in starting your betting week off right. 


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I Have Discovered My Powers


Last night, I went an incredible 1-5. For most, that is terrible but in our case, we are heating up and feeling great. Not to mention, I took the Chiefs and doubled down when they were up 14-0. Very happy to be here to perform for you guys so lets hope it continues on tonight with these NBA picks. 


We are going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t want to be reverse jinxing any action for everyone’s bets tonight. In the league of baskets, I usually just go with whoever team has the better players. Crazy strategy I know, really payed off last night when James Harden dropped 50 in  Lebron’s face. I like James Harden but Lebron has to just take the ball and score on every possession cause he doesn’t have a legit #2. Harden has CP3. Whatever, we’re over last night. Tonight, we’re taking Celtics -12.5. They play the Hawks at home and even though the Hawks play us pretty tough, the Celtics have been hot. Kyrie should teach Trae Young a thing or two tonight as we rout the Hawks. Another young buck going tonight is Colin Sexton and the Cavs against Milwaukee. Bucks -10.5 in Cleveland all day. Giannis will win the MVP and they will win this game by 15. Cavs are an absolute shit show of a team and the Bucks are very legit this year. 


The Sacramento Kings had a game go into the 270’s the other night. They can score, they can’t play defense, and when they play the Warriors its OVER OVER OVER. Warriors @ Kings over 235 and we are probably hitting another 270 total points in this game. It would be hard to take the opposite, but you are practically forced to hear. Last but not least, Thunder @ Nuggets. This game could go either way so I’m going with the Nuggets at home. They’ve beat the Warriors, Celtics, and Raptors there so they should be able to handle the Thunder. Nuggets +1.5 at home. I like our chances and when I say our chances I mean your chances. 

Recap: Celtics -12.5, Bucks -10.5, Warriors/Kings over 235, Nuggets +1.5. Don’t forget to take the exact opposite, the fade is HEATING up. 


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