PMS 2.0 043 – State Of The Podcast

On today’s show, Pat conducts a State of the Podcast from a conference room inside of the hotel in Atlanta and opens up the floor for some questions. The guys discuss the many challenges they’re facing for their Super Bowl week content, Pat recaps his experience on Radio Row at Media day including the radio hits he did with Clay Travis (54:53-1:13:01) and Toucher & Rich from 98.5 in Boston (1:20:23-1:32:38). Pat and the guys also recap their different travel stories en route to Atlanta, get a surprise phone call from AQ Shipley for a quick conversation, check in on the weight loss challenge as it has become a two-horse race, plus Pat puts Gorman’s brain into a pretzel with one of his many illusions. Pat and the guys also discuss the Super Bowl a little bit and what they’re looking forward to, what some of the more interesting prop bets they’re looking at are, and ultimately who they think is going to win the game, and give a quick preview of where to find all of the different ways you can watch what they’re doing in Atlanta. It’s a fun one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

PMS 2.0 042 – Chuck Pagano Makes Incredible Debut

On today’s show, Pat welcomes one of his white whales. Former Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts and current Defensive Coordinator of the Chicago Bears, Chuck Pagano, finally joins the show. He and Pat chat about the adjustments he had to make during his time away from football, the season he was diagnosed with cancer and he dives deep into his process to recovery. They also reminisce on a couple of their seasons together, and Chuck looks ahead to all the weapons he’ll have on the Bears defense (2:52-35:37). Later, Pat and the guys discuss plans for what to expect once they get to Atlanta, and Pat teases some guests that may be stopping by. Pat also recaps his weekend in Phoenix for the WWE NXT Takeover preshow, playing golf with AQ Shipley and Foxy, and how he had perhaps the best steak on the west coast. The guys also recap the Pro Bowl and offer a few enhancements, discuss the final few moments left in the weight loss competition, and Pat details his near death experience driving to work. Today’s a good one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

Adam Vinatieri Aint Done Yet

Adam Vinatieri aint ready to call it a career just yet, the future hall of famer and all time leading scorer will return for a 24th yes you read that correctly 24th year.

Its a great day for the brand and the Indianapolis Colts, more than anything he said he wants that fifth Super Bowl ring. With the way last season went for the Colts and the cap room available they could very well make a deep run into next years playoffs.

When asked about the signing Chris Ballard said that it was about way more than field goals and extra points when it came to bringing him back. Saying that it was more about his presence around the team and just how valuable he is to the young Colts squad. Ballard also credited how hard Vinatieri works to take care of his body and being a true pro for having the impact he has on this team. Vinatieri went 23-27 last year still keeping up a high field goal percentage.

His legacy will live on forever once he calls it quits so lets enjoy watching the GOAT of all kickers for as long as we still can. Heres hoping he gets his fifth Super Bowl and can ride off into the sunset as a champion. What a great day for the brand and the NFL hope y’all enjoy your weekend cheers.

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YUP, the entire Cheez-it bowl gets the most prestigious award in sports. Did you read the above tweet wrong? Nope. 9 Total interceptions and 17 total points. It was an absolute masterpiece. Look at the first half highlights. I may rename the award the Cheez-it award.

I knew the offenses in this game were horrible and the defenses were good but it was hard to see how either of these teams won a game with these QB’s. Look at their stats. Look how amazing they are. Yes I’m a big Bird Box meme guy. 

I hope you were apart of this game because the internet was buzzing and it was truly a Christmas Miracle. Lets not forget about Gary Patterson icing his own kickers. The game really had everything.

Congratulations Cheez-it Bowl. You were so good you almost renamed the award. In fact its now probably the Cheez-it CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award. I will make sure this game will never be forgotten. Also bowl season is over because it won’t get any better than this. 

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I Think I’m Gonna Puke: Today’s NFL Picks

Disclaimer: My brain is absolute mush right now because the Ravens beat the Chargers and the Steelers now have a must win against the Saints. However, the picks must go on. Coming off a 4-0 week I am poised to go 0-4 so take that into account. 

  1. Dallas -7 vs Tampa Bay; O/U 48

I think it’s about time teams start giving up and it seems as if the Bucs will be one of those teams this week. Huge get well and clinch the division opportunity for the Cowboys here. They were embarrassed last week and they will take it out on a team that is less talented and less motivated. Dak and Zeke have a day against a poor Bucs defense. Take the Boys -7

2. Dolphins -3.5 vs Jaguars; O/U 38

Jaguars are DONE. Cody Kessler threw for 57 yards in 4 quarters last week. I think he was actually trying too. No way that defense goes down to south beach and doesn’t go out and party. I mean they couldn’t help themselves in England. Its a bloodbath in Miami today. The Dolphins are 6-1 at home and actually think they still have a shot at the playoffs. Buy the point and Take the fins -3

3. Colts – 9.5 vs Giants; O/U 48

The Colts are on fire and they got a blueprint for how to shutout the Giants from the Titans last week. Without Beckham the only threat on that offense is Saquon and you can just stack the box against him. Eli is not beating you. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants got shutout again. Colts roll -9.5

4. Vikings -6.5 vs Lions; O/U 43

The Lions have looked AWFUL the last few weeks against the Cardinals and the Bills. Vikings may actually be catching their stride. Stafford is all banged up and the Vikings sacked him 10 times the last time they played this year. This is going to be a long day for the Lions. Take the Vikes and lay the points.

Good luck to all today and pray for my life if Steelers lose. 

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Last Night Took An L, Today We Bounce Back: Bowl Picks

0-2 Yesterday. Not Great. That’s ok though, we are still 6-4 on the bowl season and up in the money. It’s a marathon. We have 4 games today to get well.
  1. Memphis -3 vs Wake Forest; O/U 73

Memphis feasts on inferior defenses and Wake Forest is an INFERIOR defense. Wake Forest ranks 116th overall in defense and 128th in red-zone
defense. I expect the Memphis offense that averages 44 points a game to eat all day. Memphis -3

2. Army -5.5 vs Houston; O/U 60

Like this pick a lot. Army leads the nation in time of possession and is 2nd in the league in rushing. Houston is last in the nation in time of possession and gives up about 200 yards a game rushing. I expect Army to control the game on the ground. The only thing that worries me is that this is the 3rd option team of the year that Houston has faced and has had a few weeks to prepare for it. Houston is also without star Ed Oliver. Im going Army -5

3. Buffalo -1 vs Troy; O/U 49.5

Buffalo is loaded with star players on offense and their defense is not too shabby either giving up only 24 points a game. The Troy defense is also good only giving up 21 points a game but I don’t think their offense is as good especially after losing their starting QB. Buffalo is also motivated to win their first Bowl game ever coming off a 10 win season. Give me Buffalo -1

4. Hawaii -1 vs Lousiana Tech

Home game for Hawaii which makes me question their motivation. Is this really a bowl game to them. Hawaii started the year great averaging 42 points a game but they have recently slumped off to 24 points a game and have gone 1-5 ATS during that time. Louisiana Tech is also slumping going into tonight’s game going 1-3 ATS. The difference in this game is Skip Holtz, LT is 4-0 in bowl games under Holtz and he also is the best coach in the nation as an underdog at 48-24 ATS as an underdog in his career. Im taking LT +1

Good Luck to all. I’m staying away from NFL tonight. Maybe Put Tennessee in a teaser.

Bowl Season Roles On: Tonight’s Pick

Ohio -2.5 v San Diego St; O/U 51.5 

We are on FIREEEE 5-1 to start bowl season and the excel spreadsheet is doing its job. Who would’ve known that spending 12 hours gathering stats & picks would actually do better than picking games because of a feeling.

Tonights game is a prime example of a game where I really want to take one team but I am sticking with the spreadsheet and what has got me to this point. Tonight’s pick is one that I am very shaky on. 

Here is why I want to take Ohio. San Diego St lost four of their final five games. 2 of those games they lost as 18 and 24 point favorites. Not an ideal form to be in rolling into the Bowl Game. On the other hand Ohio has won 5 of 6. San Diego St is 0-5 ATS the last 2 years against non power 5 non conference teams. On the other hand Ohio is 13-2 the last 15 games against teams with a winning record. Ohio also won by 30 in their bowl game last year, they know how to win bowl games. I REALLY WANT TO TAKE OHIO.

HOWEVER, If I go by the spreadsheet that has led to 5-1 so far this bowl season it is a hands down pick for SD State. They started the season 6-1 with wins over Arizona St and Boise. The MWC is a far superior conference to the MAC. San Diego State has the #4 rushing defense in the nation allowing 94 yards a game. Ohio is the #9 rushing team in the nation at 260 yards a game. So if SD St can stop the run they have a very good chance at giving Ohio fits. I am going to stick with the sheet and take San Diego State but I would like it to be known that I am not extremely confident. 

Buy that half point and Get San Diego St +3. 

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This Weeks #CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award Goes To…..

Move over Lombardi, Heisman, Nagurski, Thorpe or any other football human that has an award named after them. There is officially a new king in the football awards community.  I introduce to you the Clausen, Tebow, Gabbert, Sanchez, Schaub, Osweiler, Leaf, Russell, Dilfer, Boller, Leinart, Weinke, Harrington, Carr, Couch, Peterman award. Each week I will be handing out this award to the QB that displayed an extreme proficiency in being terrible.

This Weeks nominees are:

  1. Josh Rosen: 13/22 for 132 Yards and 2 Int’s

Oh boy is Josh having a tough year. He has easily been the worst rookie QB by far with almost no glimpses of being good. He has been so bad that he already has more pick 6’s than the King Nathan Peterman.

2. Ryan Tannehill: 11/24 for 108 Yards

Shoutout Tannehill for being the worst QB in the league this year according to PFF. It really is an incredible feat. The dude gets blitzed more than any QB in the league because he is absolutely horrendous at it. Probably because he is a WR. Unbelievable that the Dolphins paid this guy and he has continued to be a started in the league. This is what the award is all about. 

3. Cody Kessler: 9/17 for 57 Yards and 1 Interception

57 YARDS…. 57 YARDS. An entire game and he threw for 57 Yards. I think you have to try to be that bad. How does that even happen. LANDSLIDE Winner. Here is the best part. They didn’t event think about putting Bortles in or starting him this upcoming week… hysterical. Congrats to Cody Kessler on the win.

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PMS 2.0 031 – A Huge Giveaway, A Future HOFer, & Life Talk

On today’s show, Pat and the guys get a surprise call from AQ Shipley and they chat about the Cardinals’ past game, his nightmare flight from New York to Phoenix with his baby and him trying to get her to stop crying, and if he has any questions for Joe Thomas (12:02-19:32). Next, future Hall of Famer, former Browns legend, and the first offensive lineman in NFL history, Joe Thomas, joins the show. They discuss his thoughts on the Browns this season, staying in shape around the holidays, how much he’s enjoyed being on the media side in the NFL, and whether or not he’s going to consider calling any football games next year. To close out the interview, Joe answers questions in a lightning round from all the guys in the studio (19:34-44:50). The guys also discuss Pat’s new three-legged cat, and dive into an NFL conversation about whether or not the Patriots are done, if the Steelers are back/Boz’s woes, if the Colts have quietly become one of the best teams in the AFC, and their thoughts on some of the demands of retired players and HOFer’s. Pat also announces a HUGE GIVEAWAY towards the end of the show. Stick around afterwards to hear some of the live phone calls from Pat opening up the phone lines to the public. It’s a good one, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

Best of NFL Internet Week 15

Each week on Sunday’s I am glued to the NFL and the internet so I might as well put it to good use and bring to you the best videos of the weekend from the NFL. These are not just highlights and good plays because you can get those from anywhere. These will be different. These are the videos that the big corporate shows are not going to show you. I mean some of the videos might be but you get the point. I’m also going to miss some videos because I’m human, the internet is a big place, and I’m lazy so understand that as well. These are in no particular order. Lets get started.

  1. Titans ode to Coach Herman Boone and the T.C. Williams Titans

Awesome. 1000% awesome. Soon as I saw this I knew that I would have to watch remember the Titans at some point this week. Anytime you mix real football with possibly the greatest football movie of all time I am going to love it. 

2. Mariota Night Night block on Ogletree

Yooooo, Ogletree crumbled like a cardboard box. Mariota is also an idiot. Dude has missed multiple games this year because of his elbow and he’s taking on a ginormous human with same elbow. I respect it, but he’s dumb. 

3. Win the division, lose at life.

Ill be honest, she doesn’t seem too excited. No jumping up and down, no crying, no screaming. Dudes just still doing their afternoon prayer in the background. Whole thing was weird. I assume this is not how she wanted to be proposed to. 

4. Seabass doesn’t give a fuck

Did anyone ever really expect Seabass to try. Dude is like 270 and has been in the league since 2000. Oakland sucked all of the fucks that he had to give out of him. Surprised he didn’t give the dude a high five as he ran by him. 

5. Khalil Mack Back Sack

The guy is an animal. I imagine he would still get 3 sacks on the season if he had no arms. Somehow someway. 

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