Heartland Radio 2.0 Ep. 30 – Sweet Dreams

On today’s show, the guys discuss whether or not NFL players wear cups, if anyone in the room could go an entire year using email only to communicate for $100,000 tax free, and Pat chats a little bit about his new three-legged cat, Scootsie, and the contract he had his lady sign to ensure they won’t have anymore pets for the next 5 years, and everyone breaks down their weekends. The guys also discuss some of the biggest news stories sweeping the world including a police standoff with a man with a sword in Philadelphia, a man in Australia fleecing a bar ATM for over 1.6 million dollars over the course of four months, a viral video of police using stop sticks to blow out a criminals tires and potentially a couple of civilians’ as well, and a man who was sent to the hospital after smelling his socks each night after taking them off and getting a fungal infection. Todd also wants to know what position each guy in the room is playing if they were to attempt an Ocean’s 11 type heist, and who they’re going after. They also play some fact or fiction, answer some listener questions including which TV show group of friends they would like to be apart of, and what one rule they could change in any of the major sports. They close out the show by chatting a little bit about their dreams and dive into their phones to read a couple of their vitamin thoughts. It’s a fun one, come and have a good time with us.

This episode features @toddmccomas, @PatMcAfeeShow, @Digz, @nickmaraldo, @tyschmit, @BostonConnr, @BroBroBroBets, @VivalaZito, and @evanfoxy, and ends with the song “Beer Run,” by Todd Snider.

Undercover Cops Buy Drugs From Undercover Cops

Fox2DetroitTwo undercover officers from Detroit’s 12 precinct, posing as drug dealers, were approached by two undercover officers from the 11th precinct, posing as drug buyers, and the fight was on.

This happened last year but I received several requests to cover this in a blog so HERE WE GO!

Evidently, the 12th precinct squad had a “jump out” or arrest team hidden in the house that their undercover drug dealers were standing in front of.  The purpose of the “jump out” team is to literally jump out of the house and arrest individuals that are dumb enough to buy drugs from the undercover officers.  Obviously, the 11th precinct squad had a mobile “jump out” team that would jump out of cars to cuff up the drug dealers that sell drugs to their undercover officers and then secure and search the house they’re working from.

So, in this instance, one jump out team ran into the other jump out team and that’s not good for anyone.  Except the neighbors.  They got a hell of a show.  In police circles, we call this a “Blue on Blue Incident”.  That’s when cops unknowingly face other cops, and each side thinks the other are the bad guys.  It’s a nightmare situation because everyone has a gun out and it’s pointed at someone.  And that someone is a friendly.  Even worse.  That someone is a brother.


So, how does shit like this happen?  Its pretty simple really.  You have multiple units within the same agency, doing basically the same job and they’re not sharing information with one another or reporting what they’re doing to a central repository that checks for things like this.  This is called deconfliction.  Larger agencies have a system for this in-house.  

Before you perform an operation like this, you’re supposed to prepare an Operations Plan that outlines what you are doing, who is participating and where it is happening.  This Ops Plan gets approved by a commander and then gets forwarded to an Intelligence Center that checks against other Ops Plans submitted by other units.  If two Ops Plans are occurring at the same location, or even near each other, and on the same date/time…the commander is immediately notified so he can contact each unit’s supervisor of the conflict.  Crisis averted.

Smaller agencies submit these Ops Plans to Federally-supported Deconfliction Centers.  The same course of action is taken.  Bottom line is you don’t jump until your Ops Plan is 100% cleared.  I don’t know where the ball was dropped here.  Was it at the command level or unit level?  My guess is the unit level, just based on my 21 years in the game.


Cops don’t like to share information.  They’re very territorial and untrusting.  Sometimes for good reason.  There are some dirty cops out there, but usually leaks come from cops that talk too much.  They tell everyone at work and home and all those people tell everyone they know and before you know it, someone that knows the bad guys catches wind of it.  But when it comes to operations where you know guns are going to be drawn, you have to take every precaution to ensure it goes down as safely as possible.

I’ve never been party to this exact situation but I did participate in a raid where, unbeknownst to us, another agency showed up at the same time to raid the same house.  We were assisting the ATF with an arrest warrant for an individual that was inside the house and the other agency was a drug unit there to serve a search warrant on the house.

As we dumped out of our vehicles and approached the house on foot, we were met by a bunch of other cops in raid vests that had just dumped out of their cars to do the same thing.  While each side went through the “What the fuck are your guys doing here?” routine, the guy we were looking for ran out the back door and hauled ass through the alley.  A 12 block foot pursuit ensued with like a hundred cops trying to catch, what seemed to be, the fastest human being on the planet.  It ended well enough, meaning he was eventually captured thanks to a canine unit, and no one on our side was injured.  Sure we looked like a bunch of dumbasses, but as long as no one gets hurt and the bad guy goes to jail…it’s a win.  #BehindTheBadge


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SWAT Team Raids Wrong House. Oops!

WKMG News: A Melbourne officer is off the job after the city’s SWAT team raided the wrong house.  

I was a cop for 21 years.  I spent 6 years as a general detective, 10 as a narcotics detective and 3+ on a fugitive task force.  Which means, I’ve served a shit ton of search warrants and I’ve kicked a shit ton of doors.  So, believe me when I tell you…this is not good.  


Making forced entry into a home is inherently one of the most dangerous things cops do.  Even when you hit the right house, the potential for something bad happening is very high.  The absolute worst thing that can happen, which is the biggest concern, is causing an innocent person to be injured or killed.  Obviously, when you raid the wrong house the potential for that greatly increases, because everyone there is innocent.

As soon as I saw this headline, I knew immediately what happened.  Reading the article confirmed that.  I have been involved in every aspect of a search warrant.  I’ve been the detective that worked the case and presented the probable cause affidavit before a judge to get the order signed.  I’ve been the guy assigned to legally identify the house to be searched by obtaining the physical address, typing out a physical description of what it looks like and physically taking photos of the house.  I’ve also been on the entry to team that kicks in the door and secures the house so it can be safely searched by detectives and evidence collection officers.

So, what went wrong here?  The detective that worked the case admitted that he never physically went to the house to identify it.  Nor did he assign someone else to do it.  He got lazy and decided to let technology do the work for him.  He eventually admitted to doing all his intel and surveillance work via Google Maps.  Now, as luck would have it, not only am I someone who has executed a lot of search warrants, I’m also someone who lives at an address that is associated with the wrong house on Google Maps.  Getting an Uber or food delivery to my house is a complete nightmare.  So, I’m here to tell you that relying on Google Maps as the sole means of identifying a house that you plan to raid with a SWAT team, is a bad idea.

This is all assuming the detective didn’t just screw up when he went to street view to screen shot a pic of the house and type up the physical description.  This seems even more likely.

Fortunately, in this case no one was hurt.  But the SWAT team did hit the house presented to them on the search warrant, which was the wrong house, and scared the shit out of the poor woman who lived there.  The SWAT team was told this was a drug house so the woman was handcuffed and searched.  Moments later, officers saw the suspects they were looking for walk out of the house across the street.  Oops.  There’s the drug house.


The detective that was responsible for all of this resigned shortly thereafter.  As well he should.  This job isn’t for him.  Raiding someone’s house is a big fucking deal.  It’s the most invasive thing cops do.  Our home is sacred ground.  Someone wrote a whole constitution about it.  So, if you’re going to invade someone’s home you had better make sure you take every available step to not only ensure that a judge agrees, based on your investigation, that there is probable cause to believe evidence of criminal activity will be found there AND you had better make sure you are 1000% sure that there is no possible way you’re about to raid the wrong damn house.

Cops took a big hit public relations hit here but believe me when I say, the cops that hit that house were even happier to see this guy forced to resign than you were.  They don’t go out there every day and put their lives on the line for lazy-ass detectives that would rather put innocent people and other cops in jeopardy, than to do their damn job.  They go out there for you.  Trust me.  I’m one of you now.

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UFC Star Has Worst Day

UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar just had, what could be considered, his worst day ever.  He got blackout drunk and his brain did what blackout brains do.  It kicked right into autopilot and set a course for home.  I’m not proud of it but I’ve been there myself.  Your brain means well but the problem with kicking into autopilot is…there’s no captain.  Autopilot is a computer.  It doesn’t know what to do when a flock of geese gets sucked into the engine.  You need Sully for that shit.

I’m not defending Stephan Bonnar.  He got blacked out drunk, got behind the wheel of a car, drove like a maniac until finally pulling over to pass out and resisted arrest when police tried to wake him.  Thank God, for everyone involved, no one was injured or killed.  I do, however, feel bad for him.  He will deservedly be punished and I’m certain his personal and professional life will suffer.  There’s no doubt in my mind if he were still in control of his actions, none of this would’ve happened.  So, I feel bad for what he’s going through right now and will continue to go through as he deals with the consequences of his actions.

I’m guessing that was Stephan Bonnar’s worst day.  I’m guessing his best day was the historic night he fought that epic battle against Forrest Griffin in the finale of The Ultimate Fighter: Season 1.  That fight did more for the UFC than any other fight in the organization’s history.  Despite losing a close decision to Griffin, Bonnar was also rewarded a UFC contract and went on to have a career worthy of entrance into the UFC Hall of Fame.  

Bonnar has never been one to count out in a fight.  If he got knocked down, he got back up and kept swinging.  So, let’s not count him out now.  He got knocked down but let’s assume he’ll get back up.  When I got my DUI I wasn’t famous like Bonnar, but I was a cop.  I was a role model for some and I was certainly expected to obey the law and behave in a responsible manner deserving of my position.  I was working undercover at the time and going through a divorce.  Pretending to be a scumbag everyday while trying to deal with a miserable situation at home had me in a bad spot and that night it all came to a head and I had my worst day.

Fortunately, no one was hurt and I was able to get back up and start swinging again.  It took a while to earn back the respect I had lost but I didn’t give up and worked at it every day until that day eventually faded from a defining moment to just a footnote.  I don’t know what led Bonnar to this moment but as a fan, and as someone who’s gone through what he’s going through now, I wish him the very best and hope he handles himself appropriately from here.  If I could give him any advice it would be this.  It’s not your worst day that defines you.  It’s what you do after your worst day, that defines you.  So, get up brother.  Keep swinging.


Pumpkin Smashing During The Day Isn’t As Smart As It Sounds

Pumpkin Smashing is one of the more fun things to do during the Halloween season. It’s more or less the grown up version of Booing, except usually the person receiving the smashing isn’t happy when they realize their pumpkins have been obliterated on their front walk way. I think it’s impossible to not respect this kid for putting it all on the line during the day on a Monday. What a balls to the wall type move with no regard for human life out of this kid. I bet he saw the neighbors mowing the lawn and gave them the bird as he ran up to smash the shit out of some toddlers pumpkins. 

“Leiszler said he won’t press charges or “publicly shame them by releasing their full names,” if he feels the “apology to be sincere” and that “they’ve learned their lesson.” He also asked social media to help him come up with a community service project.”

Why is it that anytime a kid smashes pumpkins or eggs a house, the guy who lives there is the strength and conditioning coach of the Chiefs (hardo) ? Anytime a parent says they wont do something “if he feels the apology to be sincere” then you know he drinks eggs for breakfast. “This has been happening year after year, and we are sick and tired of it.” I swear on helicopter parents that this is a direct quote from South Park. If this guy was a troll it would be the biggest 360 in the history of stories, but we know its not because of the sincere apology comment from Mr. Leiszler. 

Mrs. Leiszler

I love how these Fraternity brothers saw the old police badge and immediately confessed. You gotta stay strong there and deny till you die. Even with this video you wouldn’t be able to solidify which white kid in the crowd of 100 sitting at this frat did the crime. These guys got the sweats and probably made a call to the fraternity lawyer before deciding it was in their best interest to let this hero of a father give them the business. I’m guessing this wont be happening year after year anymore, but I hope they respond with a swift egging before they let this load of steroids get the last laugh.