Brock Osweiler Came Through Huge For The Packers Yesterday

Every game from here on out is a must win for the Packers if they are going to somehow sneak into the playoffs, and even then it isn’t guaranteed. The Bears just keep steamrolling teams week in and week out, and now Khalil Mack is back and healthy. They had to come out with a statement win yesterday, and I guess to an extent, that’s what they did. But not without a little help from the Brocketship.

Death, taxes, and Brock Osweiler handing over football games, a tale as old as time. The fumble above was on the opening drive of the game, and if the Fins score there, we may be talking about an entirely different outcome. How does Osweiler continue to get starts? It makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not just the fumbles and the bad interceptions, this guy has a habit of routinely over-throwing open receivers by 5+ yards. By my count, he had about 4 of these throws yesterday that could’ve potentially resulted in massive chunk plays setting up the Dolphins for points. But.. he is who we thought he was. Not worth a shit.

Osweiler being under center makes you have to take this win with a grain of salt. There are plenty of things to be encouraged about going forward, and other things that clearly need to be cleaned up immediately. First things first, it’s about time Aaron Jones gets some fucking touches. The dude was leading the NFL in yards per carry coming into this game, but Mike McCarthy is too big of moron to know how to use him. It’s shocking that if you have a balanced offensive attack, that may actually increase your chances of winning football games.. who would’ve thought?

It’s comforting that it only took ten weeks for the coaching staff to come to this conclusion. I understand he isn’t the best pass protector and has the occasional drop, but this guy is an explosive football player, and he needs to be on the field at ALL TIMES.

Rodgers didn’t have to win them the game yesterday for possibly the first time in about five years. He still doesn’t look like he’s quite 100% healthy yet, but he’s getting there, and his rapport with Davantae Adams looks stronger than ever.

Offense looked great, defense applied pressure all day and forced a couple of turnovers, that’s a recipe for success. But there are still lingering issues that frustrate the hell out of Packers fans.

I don’t understand why this team starts so fucking slow. The Dolphins had no business being in this game at halftime. It should have been at least 24/28-9 going into the half, but a costly fumble on a kickoff return, and a questionable play call on 4th and 2 at midfield gave the Dolphins ever opportunity to hang around. Had Brock Osweiler not been playing in this game, the Dolphins may make it interesting. You put Matt Moore under center and the Fins are potentially 6-4 (if he’s even still in Miami).

The issue yesterday was special teams. Mason Crosby was rock solid, per usual (if you exclude that game in Detroit where he missed like 15 field goals), but it’s fairly obvious that Ron Zook couldn’t coach a dog to sit down. Guy has never been worth a shit. EVER. Maybe in league circles he’s a very respected special teams coordinator, but yesterday it was pretty clear he’s playing checkers while everyone else is playing chess.

The fake punt didn’t really matter, game was pretty much over by then, but this blocked punt is the kind of shit that causes teams to lose football games. Luckily, on 3rd down the Packers defense notched their first red zone sack since 2016 (absurd) and held the Dolphins to a FG. But winning football teams don’t let this kind of stuff happen. If I seem very negative after a win, it’s because I see how quickly this window is shrinking. Rodgers isn’t immortal, and the Packers need to WIN NOW. It’s just a shame that the coaching staff surrounding him, for the most part, is a bunch of bumbling doofuses.

But, this is a good win to build on. Like I said earlier, they win out, more than likely they’ll sneak into the playoffs with a little bit of help. Tough turnaround on a short week in Seattle, but with the emergence of Aaron Jones, I like where this ballclub is headed.

Thanks again, Brock. Legends respect legends.

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