Wild Wednesday

Wild Wednesday means wild picks after wild picks. You may see a few teams on here that you don’t normally, but the rest of the picks will come @ 6pm from Bro Bro Bro Bets. I’m feeling extra wild so lets dive right in. 


First, because it’s such a wild Wednesday, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. We’re going to take the Cleveland Cavaliers against everyone’s favorite team, the Boston Celtics. Look, it’s wild Wednesday and I know this pick is as wild as you can get, but the Celtics beating the Cavs by 20 tonight just doesn’t sound right. Cavs are +16.5 right now and it opened at 17.5. Depending on how low this spread drops, a last second Celtics ML bet may be the move. However, it’s wild Wednesday so if anything, a last second Cavs ML might be the play. We’ll see the level of wild we’re at come game time, but it might happen. Suns beat the Celtics at home so anything is possible. Next, we’re going to bet against one of the hottest teams in basketball, the 76ers. The Spurs are a team that’s been good but nothing special. They travel to Philly and are 4 point dogs, which opened at 2. Spurs +4 in Philly cause although few men can hang with Embiid, Aldridge is one of them. Also, Popovich will have some sort of plan ready to shut Ben Simmons down. Spurs +4 in Philadelphia tonight and if you don’t like either team then just take the over. 


There’s nothing that ruffles my feathers like betting on a big spread and having that be the upset of the night (Buffalo). That’s why wild Wednesday is my favorite day of the week for gambling. Because of the detrimental loss with Buffalo, I’m going to a true underdog, George Mason. George Mason +8 against the Dayton Flyers tonight is what will reverse the curse from Buffalo. Some cinderella’s are still riding that high of making it to the final four and I’m not positive GMU is one of those schools, but I’m positive they cover. George Mason +8 against the Flyers and I’ll probably take them ML as we get closer. (I always pull the trigger if the odds are up there.) 


Recap: Cavs +16.5, Spurs +4, George Mason +8. The rest of the picks will come tonight @6 from Bro Bro Bro Bets. Let’s get hot on this wild Wednesday and ride these picks into a Thursday slate of winners. Good luck to all and let’s have a wild Wednesday. 



Bro Bro Bro Bets Live From Gabagools – 1/15/19

Last night was not our best night. I had a first period over that didn’t hit in a game that had 13 goals, unbelievable. 2 other games were lost by a point, but we aren’t here to make excuses. Tonight we are back with 9 new picks and Boston Connor is hiding from some guys after going 0-3 last night. Enjoy. 

The First Ever Episode of Bro Bro Bro Bets, Live From Gabagoools

Gambling runs this office so it was only a matter of time before we decided to do a daily gambling show. We are going to be putting this show on YouTube and PatMcAfeeShow.com everyday at 6PM eastern so that you will have an hour to get your bets in for the 7PM eastern games. The show has Gorman, Connor, and I since we are the biggest degenerates in the office. We are going to keep it fun and light with a little Italian Mafia Bookie Flair. I promise you we put hours and hours into these picks. We may not always get them right but I promise you a lot of effort goes into each pick. We are not saying to just take our bets and immediately put money on them, you should always do your own research as well. But if you are in agreement with one of us, let it fly. We will be giving an appetizer pick, an Entree pick, and a dessert pick. Our entree pick will be our most confident pick of the night. Good Luck to all you fellow bettors. Salud.