Aaron Donald And Brandon Cooks My Dark Horse Super Bowl MVP Picks


My two players I’m throwing a little juice on to win Super Bowl MVP are Aaron Donald and Brandon Cooks. If the Rams have any shot at winning this thing their gonna have to get to Brady early and often. Aaron Donald can take over a game, maybe a throw in a forced fumble at a crucial point and hes gotta good shot at taking this thing.


My other pick is more of a dark horse, i only think Donald is a dark horse because hes a defensive player in what feels like a very offensive game. Brandon Cooks, he was lights out last year in the Super Bowl until he literally was lights out from a big hit. If he didn’t go down in that game, i think were talking about the Patriots looking to 3-peat on Sunday. Hes a game changer and hes going up against a team that got rid of him. He put up very good numbers against New Orleans 2 weeks ago, who also got rid of him. This guy seems to get better when the stage gets bigger and without Cooper Kupp available he should be Jared Goff’s top target this coming Sunday.


Im all in on these Rams, being a Dolphins fan i really have no other choice. Im doing the dumb thing and betting with my heart and not my head. I have Rams moneyline and i also added a few more prop bets. Im taking the under 9.5 on players who rush the ball and i went for the over 2.5 players who throw the ball. These Rams love to fake punt and let Johnny Hekker air it out for a first down. Both of these are decent value, hoping Pats score early and hammer Rams moneyline with a little more value. Hope y’all are enjoying Super Bowl week, only a few days left now. Make sure to check out what the lads are doing down in Atlanta on youtube and on Dazn.


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