The Red Sox Slow Start Continues On The West Coast

After how well last season went for these Red Sox, the start of this season appears to be going the complete opposite thus far. First it was our pitching giving up a millions home runs and then last night we finally get a good outing from Chris Sale and our bats get silenced again. It was always going to be tough starting this season on an eleven game road trip on the west coast but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this bad.

I had a weird feeling this season was going to start off slow, their spring training was not great and I know its not a big deal, but last year they had a great spring and were ready from the jump. The first six games of the season look like their still in spring training, trying to get back into the motions rather than being game ready. That being said its only six games and we are talking about the defending World Series champs here.

This is why we play 162 games in a season, the season isn’t decided in the first couple weeks. It hasn’t been pretty so far but lets not kid each other this is a very good baseball team, with very good pitching and hitting. There is a lot of panic going on but Im here to tell you lets pump the brakes a bit here. Lets ride out this west coast road trip and see where these Sox stand once we finally get home and get the World Series rings. The wins will come and these Sox will be back on track in no time. One last thought MLB just because the Sox won 108 games last season does not mean an eleven game west coast road trip is a reasonable start to the season. This is absolutely absurd and something I’ve never seen in my years of watching baseball. Onward and upward Sox fans, lets ride out this slow start and hope things turn around sooner than later. Hump day is here and were getting close to the weekend lets enjoy the rest of this week y’all.

Gump Cathcart

Opening Day Tomorrow For MLB And The Red Sox

As we all get mentally prepared for the 162 game marathon MLB season Im going to tell you about why the Red Sox and baseball mean sox much to me personally. The Boston Red Sox are World Series Champions is something I never thought I would hear growing up and now they’ve won four since 2004. I didn’t grow up in my teens knowing that Big Papi would come through in the clutch or that Alex Cora would pull all the right strings to guide us to another championship.

I grew up hoping Brian Daubach and Troy O’Leary would just guide us TO a World Series. The Sox were always good but never great and you always knew the Yankees were somehow going to get us in the end. My dad would tell me stories about Bill Buckner in ’86, my mom out on the front porch banging pots and pans as the ball went through his legs. I don’t think he actually forgave her to 2004 to be honest. As a Sox fan you’d hope for the best but wait for the worst, nothing was more fitting than in 2003. Aaron Boone’s stupid face hitting that home run after the Sox had the game in the bag.

Soon as he hit it i knew it was over. I went and sat in my room in silence, my brother went and sat in his jeep for what felt like hours and my mom sat on the couch stunned. Knowing that my old man was coming home from a night at the docks absolutely miserable. How they turned things around in ’04 I will never know, after the sox won the series my dad came home and they booked flights. Him and my mom made it to Boston on time for the parade. Once in a lifetime thing they thought, what has happened since then is simply surreal.

Maybe at some point watching the games will change for me. I still wait for something to go wrong, rather than waiting for everything to go right. It could be knowing the suffering my dad went through cheering for these Sox all those years up until 2004. I am a snobby sports fan, I do think i know ¬†more about my teams than anyone else. Not my best trait i know but i would never change how i feel about my teams. For me baseball is not “just a game”. For me its about family, our love for these Sox keeps us together. The pain all these years makes winning that much sweeter. These victories i will never take for granted. Let the rollercoaster ride start tomorrow and lets enjoy americas favourite pastime once again.¬†

Gump Cathcart