Isaiah Thomas Finally Gets His Tribute In Boston

Man this one hit me right in my feelings last night. Isaiah Thomas was the ultimate Celtic, he laid his heart and soul on the line every night for this team and deserved every part of what he got last night. When the trade happened i hated it, I knew that we were getting a better player in Kyrie but my heart was attached to IT4 just like I’m sure all the rest of Celtics fans were.

Things haven’t worked out for him since he left, from battling injuries to not fitting in with Lerbon’s Cavs. It has been a real struggle for him ever since he left Boston. I know the Celtics easily won the trade, being able to get Kyrie, you just cant turn down a chance like that. Here we are 1.5 years after he was traded and this one still just doesn’t feel right to me. Isaiah Thomas was meant to play in Boston and he should of never had to leave. He gave everything he had to the Celtics, but unfortunately as we all know with professional sports sometimes business gets in the way.

Im not here to debate the trade, once again we all know the Celtics one this trade, but sometimes players just mean more to a franchise. It has been a bumpy ride to say the least since he left, but he is a free agent once again at years end. Lets do the right thing here Danny Ainge, you didn’t want to back up the Brinks truck for him and that was totally fair. Now this offseason you have a chance to bring him back on the cheap and give him a chance to revive his career in the city he loves. It might be my heart talking and it might be a reach, but Id love to see Isaiah Thomas back in the green and white next year where he belongs.

Its Time To Start Thinking About This Celtics Team Without Kyrie Irving

This is something i never thought about when the Celtics acquired Kyrie Irving but its time to start thinking about him not being a Boston Celtic next season. Kyrie is an incredible one on one player but it just doesn’t fit Brad Stevens system, it never really has and it never really will unfortunately. This is the whole Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles thing again, Wentz better quarterback but Eagles better team with Foles at the helm. Kyrie Irving is the best player on these Celtics, but looking at the numbers and the fact they got to a seventh game in the Eastern Conference finals last year, its time to admit that their a better team without him.

Like i said Kyrie is a great player thats not up for debate, him wanting to be a leader and have his own team however is up for debate at this point in the season. This is nowhere close to the Celtics team we saw last year, the team atmosphere is gone. All these players want to play ISO ball now, its not just Kyrie either, Tatum and Brown have been guilty of it this year as well. This is what Kyrie wanted though, this is why he left Cleveland, he wanted his own team to lead. The only problem is now he’s starting to look like the guy who forced him to want out of Cleveland.

He is not a happy man at this moment, i know he shouldn’t be, this is a team that was supposed to run through the East all season long, unfortunately that just hasn’t been the case and the frustration is growing by the day. I think he’s done in Boston, even if they trade the farm for Anthony Davis which i WOULD NOT do i don’t see this carrying on in Boston. Brad Stevens has his system, its about ball movement and spacing. The players have to buy in like last years playoff run for it to work and i just don’t see that happening with this team right now. For how great Kyrie is I’m not sure its worth the headache and now the drama that he picked up from his old sidekick Lebron. Barring the Celtics turning this thing around for a deep playoff run, I think were watching Kyrie’s last stretch with the Celtics franchise. Only way i see that changing is if they make it to the NBA finals somehow and probably add Anthony Davis. Things could turn around, things could get better but for now these Celtics are struggling and Kyrie is the LEADER of this team, so its as much on him as anyone else. Hope y’all are enjoying the week, lets have a Thursday.



Rondo And The Lakers Steal One In Boston

Rajon Rondo with a 22 footer to win a game, thats one thing i never thought id see in my lifetime. I loved Rondo as a Celtic, he is one of my favourite point guards of all time but no one could ever accuse him of being a sharpshooter outside of the key. I am a die hard Celtics fan but I’m going to dive more into the Lakers in this blog. I personally thought this team was dead after the whole Anthony Davis debacle and Lebron basically sitting in a different area code on the bench in Indiana the other night.

The Lakers went down big early again tonight and looked like they were in line for a second huge loss in a row. Props to this Laker team on pulling things together at least for tonight. These young kids were no doubt insulted by what had transpired in the last few weeks, with pretty much every single player on the team being thrown into the Anthony Davis trade package that eventually fell through.

As hard as it is for me to admit this after a loss to the Lakers and Lebron. I am happy for Rondo, he’s kind of been giving an unfair rap around the league and is still a top 10 point guard in the league when healthy, at least in my humble opinion. The kids played well for the Lakers tonight as well Kuzma hit a massive shot to tie this game up before Rondo won it with his last second jumper.

As great as all these players played for the Lakers to pull this out, its still all on Lebron if this team is going to go anywhere. I switch back and forth on Lebron from time to time i think he’s great and does the right thing like going back to Cleveland to win a title. Then theres times like lately where you hear all these trade rumours, Lebron wants this, Lebron wants that. As much as we all know Lebron wants another superstar theres an outside chance that it could be just him and these kids for his next three years in Los Angeles.

Lebron knew what he was getting into when he came to Los Angeles and as much as he wants to add one or even two superstars to this Laker lineup, this is what he’s working with and maybe a few late additions like Carmelo. I honestly hope Lebron sticks with them and lets see if he can guide them to a deep playoff run. We all know Lebron will more than likely get at least one superstar to join this team but until then lets see what these young Lakers can do. This game was one of the best of the year thus far, lets see what the rest of the season holds for these two storied franchises. Almost the weekend y’all.



Anthony Davis Wants To Be Traded. Now.

It was only a matter of time before this was going to happen. The Pelicans are trash and haven’t done much in the way of trying to help Anthony Davis. They grabbed Demarcus Cousins for a year, that obviously didn’t work, now they’re staring down the barrel of losing the cornerstone of the franchise one way or another.

Now the question becomes, who will go after Big Tony Davis? The Lakers will be big time suitors after letting teams know that basically everyone sans LeBron will be available as a trade asset. If Davis were to get traded to the Lakers, you’d have to imagine that at least 2 of Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram, and Lonzo Ball will be on their way out of town. Boston seems to a potential destination as well, but they wouldn’t be able to trade for Davis until July 1st because league rules stipulate that the Celtics can’t have Kyrie Irving and Anthony Davis’ contracts under the designated rookie exception (allows players coming off their rookie-scale deals earn up to 30 percent of the team’s salary cap rather than 25 percent).

Teams like the Suns also have a ridiculous amount of trade capital and could be in on the Davis sweepstakes. He just wants to go somewhere that will give him ample opportunities to win championships. And that sure as shit isn’t happening anytime soon in Phoenix, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Just go to LA, Tony. City of Stars, LeBron taking you under his wing showing you love until he starts passive aggressively hammering you to the media. You want a bigger commercial presence? Go to LA. You want to potentially have a starring role in the next Transformers movie or one of LeBron’s many game shows/sitcoms/series he has in production? Go to LA. When he’s eligible to sign an extension, he’s going to have more money that God, and I think LA would be an exceptional place to spend said money. Either that or he can okay a trade to somewhere like Sacramento, be miserable until he’s eligible to sign a fat extension, and then he can take his talents wherever his heart desires. It’s a tricky situation, but when $240 million is on the other side of that mountain, just do what you gotta do to survive. 

He may still be a little injury prone (he’s currently out with a volar plate avulsion fracture in his left index finger whatever the fuck that means), but he’s worth every penny he’s going to potentially earn. If Luke Walton wants to save his job– and he needs to with the heat already being applied by “LeBron’s Camp”–

Then he needs to make his way up to Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka’s offices and tell them he’s willing to do anything to land Tony Davis. He does that, and who knows, maybe the Lakers find themselves in position to make a run at another championship this year. I doubt it, but it’s possible. It’s time, Luke. Shoot your shot.

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Kyrie And The Celtics Show What They Can Do

To say its been a bumpy past week for the Celtics would be an understatement. It started with Marcus Morris and Jaylen Brown having to be restrained from each other during a timeout and the rough week hit its peak with the loss to the Magic on Saturday night.

Kyrie let everybody have it after the game Saturday, he was pissed with Hayward and Stevens because they didn’t give him the ball and went on to say that the young players on the Celtics didn’t know what it takes to be a championship level team. Lots of people saying its time to trade Kyrie, the team is better without Kyrie. I understand where your coming from at times but without Kyrie this team doesn’t have any chance at all to reach the NBA Finals this year. With him as you saw last night their as good as anybody in the East and maybe the whole NBA, yes even maybe the Warriors.

This is why he wanted the ball at the end of the game Saturday because he’s a finisher and one of the best in the league at it. He was on a team with Lebron James and at the end of the game Kyrie got the ball, he’s the closer, he’s the player you need to pull out tight games. Kyrie maybe shouldn’t of said what he said, but as much as he wants the young players to be better he knows he has to be a better leader as well. This is what he wanted when he left Cleveland, he wanted his own team and to be a leader. This season has been a learning process for him as a leader and the young players at trying to get on his level. There will be more ups and downs for this team this season i can guarantee it, but if they can figure everything out by the time the playoffs come around their as dangerous as anyone. We saw that on Thursday night by them knocking off the Raptors who have been the top team in the East most the year. Don’t give up on Kyrie, as you saw last night he wants to be a Celtic and wants to be a leader. Hopefully it all comes together for these Celtics sooner than later.

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NBA Wednesday In America

The NBA report is back but going forward, the best picks will be on the Bro Bro Bro Bets show, posted on this site most days around 6 pm. It’s a little late, but you’ll still have an hour to throw in those bets. 7-1-1 between Bro Bro Bro Bets last night and we’ll do our best to keep the bets rolling. I got a few picks to go with the ones you’ll find on Bro Bro Bro tonight.

For starters, of course, I’ll be taking the Celtics -1.5 as we welcome the Raptors to town tonight. I’ve never thought there would be this type of hostility that’s been thrown around the Celtics locker room, but it’s probably more media propaganda than anything. There have been whispers about Dennis Smith Jr. being shopped for a point guard. Even though there isn’t one player I want to give up, Rozier for DSJ wouldn’t be the worst move for a Celtics team that has been a little off all year. I think it’s a terrible fit and the last thing we need is another great young guy we’ll have to pay but you’re an ass if you don’t imagine whatever players being shopped around the league landing on your own team. Don’t even get me started on Porzingis. Celtics -1.5 and this line will probably go up, Boston’s a tough place to play.

The next two picks that I’ll be taking (aside from the 3 that will be featured tonight on Bro Bro Bro Bets) are two dogs away from home. First, will be the Pelicans at +7 going into Golden State. Golden State is coming off an All Star Game performance, dropping 150 on the Nuggets in Denver. That sort of drop off from the Mile High city to the Bay Area is massive. That’s why I like the Pelicans +7 in Golden State tonight. Curry and KD probably housed a bottle of wine on the plane ride back while Tony Davis and the Pelicans were already in getting prepared for the Warriors. Take the +7 even if it is against Golden State but be careful of the over, 241 screwed me when the Pelicans played the Clippers. Which leads me to the Clippers hosting the Jazz tonight. The Jazz and Clippers both fascinate me cause I fee like Jazz should be better and the Clippers should be worse. With that being said, I’m going to last second switch from Jazz +1 to the over 224.5. It feels like the Clippers have gone over every home game except for when they played the Pelicans Monday. You could say that I’m discouraged but then you would be a liar. No discouragement. We march blindly into the gambling abyss everyday no matter what.
Me going to take every over 240 seconds before tip off

Recap: Celtics -1.5, Jazz/Clippers over 224.5, Pelicans +7. I like all three of these but I LOVE the picks that are given from Gabagoools tonight. Gorms, Digs, and myself have 9 more games to win money on. Good luck and check back in with Bro Bro Bro Bets right here at 6 for the rest of the bets on this hump day in January. 



NBA Monday In America

It’s always a good Monday when the Patriots handle little brother Philip Rivers and move on to the conference championship again. Pats @ Chiefs and even if it wasn’t ever fully set in stone, this seemed to be where all roads led to. With that being said, let’s get to the basketball that will be bounced tonight.

Speaking of big brother little brother, Celtics are heading to Brooklyn to take on the Nets tonight. Celtics are -4 at the Barclays Center and I love every point. It must be intimidating to look over and see two studs in Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum that should of been on their team. Too bad Danny Ainge cuckolded the Brooklyn Nets of their future by dishing Pierce and Garnett. The Nets have been surprisingly good this year, Jarret Allen being one of the guys that stands out the most as an up and coming big man in the NBA. That will take some time though, and the Celtics are great right now. Celtics -4 away and then the Raptors come to town Wednesday. Big game coming off the loss so look for the Celtics to pick it up tonight. If there are guys out, this spread will change but I’ll still take the C’s. Next, we have the man who goes harden the paint, yes, the Houston Rockets. Hard in, Harden, the pun is definitely there, don’t take that away from me. Seriously though, Grizzlies at Rockets and Houston is a six point favorite. I like Houston in games like this. Teams like the Grizzlies who have been good but aren’t completely there yet are teams James Harden and the boys eat for lunch. Jaren Jackson Jr. has been a massive under the radar stud for the Grizzlies in his rookie year but that’s not enough against the MVP.

The next team we’re taking tonight is the Utah Jazz -8. the Jazz have been getting in a rhythm as of late and have won their last 4 games in a row at home. Utah is a tough place to get wins in cause Mormons can scream and shout with some of the best. Donovan Mitchel has had a bit of a sophomore slump but a big part of growing up in the NBA is learning how to save your energy for the playoffs. When a team is only beating the Bulls by 8, you know they’re thinking about the late season push and not about the guy who bet them. Would be nice if they started considering people like us but I understand the winning aspect of it, I guess. Last, we have an over under coming to you from the West coast. My team from Sacramento, the Kings, are welcoming Dame Dolla and the Trail Blazers into town for a little Monday night basket show. I’m taking Blazers/Kings over 227 tonight and if there’s one thing you know, it’s how much I love those Sacramento overs. I do like the Kings -2.5 at home but I like the over here more because the Blazers could always steal one. If they do though, it’ll still have to be a points fest cause they’ll have to keep up with the Kings scoring attack. Points points points is the word in this one tonight and that’s what we’ll finish with to cap off the Monday.

Recap: Celtics -4, Kings/Blazers over 227, Houston -6, Jazz -8. In the college game we’ll rock with Indiana -2 and Maryland -3.5. Let’s get a good start to the week and make some money tonight.  



Chuck And Shaq Thursday’s

Finally, Chuck and Shaq grace us with their presence on this wonderful Thursday in America. Celtics blew out the Pacers last night and I’ll probably be letting everyone and their mother know about it this weekend. First, lets get to the winners of the evening.

There are 4 NBA games tonight so we’ll touch them all like it’s baseball. Four bases in baseball, making sure we dot our i’s and cross our t’s. First, we travel to Miami where the Heat host the Celtics. Celtics are -1.5 right now but I expect that spread to increase by two or three points after last nights showing by the Celtics. The Celtics can sometimes go on these runs of dropping points galore so there may be another 130+ point game in the ole Celtics tonight. The Heat are a team who can sneak a game or two but I think the Celtics are realizing it’s time to pick it up and we saw that last night when they destroyed a solid Indiana team. The next game of the night is Clippers @ Nuggets. I like Nuggets -5 cause they are one of, if not, the hardest team to beat at home. Their rap sheet of teams beaten in Denver is crazy so I think they’ll be able to take care of business. If the spread goes to 4, think about taking the over 226. Clippers and Nuggets both can score at will and the last Clippers game was a 130+ point performance. We’ll see what the Doctor is cooking up for the Clippers but I’d trust Jokic and the Nugs to get the job done.

The next game is a possible playoff matchup in May between the Thunder and the Spurs. The game is in San Antonio and the spread is 1.5 in favor of the Thunder. This is probably the toughest game on the board, unsure which team will show up on both sides of the court. Thunder and the Spurs go through spurts of huge overs and huge unders. Out the gate, the money is on the under of 223 but for some reason I like the over tonight. A big man battle like Adams vs Aldridge calls for a plethora of points but see whether or not that line will increase, if it does go up, take the over but for now I’m taking Spurs +1.5. Last one of the night comes from California – Sacramento to be exact. The Pistons are on a back to back and the Kings are one of the best young units in the NBA. De’Aaron Fox has come on as an absolute stud and we’ll see how he holds up against Blake and the boys tonight. Betting on the Kings is one of my new favorite pastimes cause they used to be so pathetic and now it’s exhilarating to slam them. I’m gonna take the over 224 in this one and if Sacramento spread goes up to -6 then I’m hammering that as well. 

For college basketball, I’m taking Cincinnati -6.5 and UCONN -2.5. Schools with a C seem to do well for me so let’s hope that trend stays true. Lost the Auburn/Ole Miss over last night by half a point and if I get another one of those tonight I’ll be taking a hiatus from the college game.

Recap: Celtics -2.5, Nuggets -5, Pistons/Kings over 224, Spurs +1.5, Cincinnati -6.5, UCONN -2.5. Those are the six basketball games we’re rocking tonight and we need it now more than ever. I wish everyone the utmost luck in unearthing your bookie’s bank account. 



NBA Monday In America

Our weekend ended up being a good old fashioned 50/50 split between the plethora of games we were taking. The only reason it ended up in the positive was because of a Golden Tate touchdown at odds of +500. My normal rule for the player prop tab is to close the browser once you open it. However, when you take one for every playoff game you better take a prop for the last one too cause even if you’re 1/4 on them for the weekend you still end up on in the green. Let’s get to tonight.

Now, I always take the Celtics no matter what, but tonight against the Brooklyn Nets is a little different. The Nets are god awful on back to back games and they went to war yesterday against the Chicago Bulls. Celtics at home -9.5 is a lot but this Boston team has been hitting their stride and it’ll continue with the Nets. To think we got Tatum and Brown with the picks the Nets gave us. Classic cuckold by Danny Ainge just swindling everyone in the Nets front office. We’ll run the Nets out of the gym with or without Kyrie. Look for a full fledged blowout tonight at the Garden which will probably mean under city if you don’t want to take the -9.5.  A much better game tonight is Nuggets @ Rockets. I don’t think anyone is slowing down James Harden right now and normally I like the Nuggets but only when they’re playing in Mile High. This game is in Houston and after that big Golden State win, the Rockets will keep rolling on. Look for James Harden to come through big again for his team and if they are losing at half big (again), double down and live bet the Rockets ML. Payout is big and will be a reason to keep watching.

The next two games we’re staying in the Western Conference. The other night I took the Sacramento Kings against the Golden State Warriors. I pinched myself multiple times, but I wasn’t dreaming. Naturally I turned in figuring I threw away 20 bucks, but when I awoke to a Kings cover, I knew these boys were for real. Kings are at home against the Magic who are coming off a back to back as well. Kings -5.5 and I never thought in my life I would feel so great about a Sacramento Kings team. The future is bright for Marv and De’Aaron and by future I mean tonight as the Kings win by at least 6. Next we go to the opposite side of this spread, +5.5. The Utah Jazz are coming off a Detroit game where Donovan put on a show to will the Jazz to victory. Tonight, they got Giannis and the Bucks in Milwaukee. I haven’t been a huge Bucks guy thus far and that may bite me in the ass, but I like Utah as the dogs tonight. 5.5 is a lot of points for a very solid Jazz team and I think they put up a good fight. With Gobert in the middle, lets hope the big man can slow down Giannis in the paint. If he can, look for Joe Ingles to be dropping buckets in the corner on the offensive end.

The small game known as the National Championship is tonight and although I’m a huge proponent on bet on the better team, I’m taking Clemson tonight. Dexter Lawrence should be playing but weed will be weed. Trevor Lawrence is the guy who comes in slinging and cements himself as the best QB in division 1 football. With that being said, Bama could win by a field goal and make this a National Championship to remember. Clemson +5.5 is too much and even though I might switch my pick right before game time, 5.5 is just too much for me right now. 

Recap: Celtics -9.5, Rockets -1.5, Kings -5.5, Jazz +5.5, Clemson +5.5 (as of right now). It’s a new week so forget about what the bookie took from us last week, let’s win it back. Good luck to all tonight and think about a Renfrew touchdown or over catches to start off with in the player props column.



Full Friday In The NBA

We stayed hot last night but almost every game I see on the board for tonight I don’t like. With that being said, I’m going to do my absolute best to keep this hot streak going. A quick reminder, when you bet a team like the Rockets and they’re down 17 at the half, double down and take them money line at the half. Reap the blessings and thank nobody but yourself.

I’m not going to pick the Celtics tonight but I know in my heart of hearts I’ll throw a couple bones on whatever spread it gets down to. I love the Celtics at home no matter what but we’ll leave them out of the official four we take tonight. First, we got the other hometown team, the Indiana Pacers, heading to Chicago to take on the Bulls. Pacers are -6.5 and its getting to the point in the NBA season where these games before the All Star Break can make or break a season. Not actually, but that sounds like a great reason to take the Pacers. Pacers have a chance to make some serious noise in the playoffs if they keep winning so look for Oladipo to have a night. If the Bulls win, might go ahead and take the Bears tomorrow, could be that type of weekend in Chicago. Next, we’re taking the Heat at home against the Wizards. I feel like the Heat are a team that are playing well and are doing their best to give D-Wade the best send off a guy could ask for – a playoff run. Heat are -7 at home and I’m taking it. Spread is huge for a game that I feel is normally set around 4-5 so look for the Heat to run the Wizards out of Miami.
LOL, Ray Allen

The only over we’re taking tonight is the Clippers @ Suns with it set at 232. I love those overs set above 230 so of course this is the one I landed on. Thought about taking Clippers -4 but then I remembered when the Suns beat the Celtics in Boston so going to go the safe road with the over here. Let’s hope the defense continues to be awful as we go forward in the NBA season cause nothing says points like the Phoenix Suns. The last game of the NBA tonight happens to be the game of the night: Thunder @ Trail Blazers. This game was a pick em but moved to Blazers -1 and I love it. Blazers are dynamite at home and Nurkic has been hot, important for a team that has to battle Steven Adams. This is the must see NBA game of the night for sure so hopefully we get one down to the wire like the Rockets last night.

I didn’t think I would dabble in the college game but I can’t help myself. Toledo at home -4.5 and Buffalo away -10, I like Toledo more than Buffalo tonight so Toledo will probably be the loser out of these two. Nobody knows, that’s why gambling is the best. Sidenote: I know, not nobody, all 6 of these are winners on top of the Celtics that I will take seconds before the game starts.

Recap: Pacers -6.5, Heat -7, Clippers/Suns over 232, Trail Blazers -1, Toledo -4.5, Buffalo -10. Don’t forget the Celtics bet right before game time, really let that spread drop. Let’s get it going heading into the weekend and start it off on a winning note.