PMS 2.0 055 – Triple H On The Podcast

On today’s show, Triple H officially joins the show while Pat records from his hotel room in Orlando as the guys battle a couple of technical issues to get the everything up and running. They discuss everything Pat has done on his trip in Orlando so far including exploring Pandora at Universal Studios and Pat gives his overall assessment of Disney World as he spent the entire day there earlier this week. They also do a deep dive into all the chaos of NFL free agency so far including AB to Raiders and what Jon Gruden’s thoughts on the entire matter are, Lev Bell landing in New York and whether or not that makes the Jets a contender at all, and OBJ being shipped from the Giants to Cleveland and how the Browns might finally be ready to take over the AFC North with all the acquisitions that they’ve made so far this offseason. To close out the show, lead commentator for Smackdown Live and all around electric human being, Tom Phillips, joins the show live from the WWE performance center. They discuss everything pertaining to the NFL draft as Tom is an NFL nut who enjoys the draft process. He gives out a couple of his picks for where he thinks certain players will wind up, and gives his thoughts on AQ Shipley, as well as the cult of Penn State football. Also included are some special appearances by Triple H and Michael Cole (1:22:59-1:56:38). It’s a great one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

PMS 2.0 031 – A Huge Giveaway, A Future HOFer, & Life Talk

On today’s show, Pat and the guys get a surprise call from AQ Shipley and they chat about the Cardinals’ past game, his nightmare flight from New York to Phoenix with his baby and him trying to get her to stop crying, and if he has any questions for Joe Thomas (12:02-19:32). Next, future Hall of Famer, former Browns legend, and the first offensive lineman in NFL history, Joe Thomas, joins the show. They discuss his thoughts on the Browns this season, staying in shape around the holidays, how much he’s enjoyed being on the media side in the NFL, and whether or not he’s going to consider calling any football games next year. To close out the interview, Joe answers questions in a lightning round from all the guys in the studio (19:34-44:50). The guys also discuss Pat’s new three-legged cat, and dive into an NFL conversation about whether or not the Patriots are done, if the Steelers are back/Boz’s woes, if the Colts have quietly become one of the best teams in the AFC, and their thoughts on some of the demands of retired players and HOFer’s. Pat also announces a HUGE GIVEAWAY towards the end of the show. Stick around afterwards to hear some of the live phone calls from Pat opening up the phone lines to the public. It’s a good one, come and laugh with us. Cheers.

The Return of the CTGSSOLRDBLWHCCP Award

Move over Lombardi, Heisman, Nagurski, Thorpe or any other football human that has an award named after them. There is officially a new king in the football awards community.  I introduce to you the Clausen, Tebow, Gabbert, Sanchez, Schaub, Osweiler, Leaf, Russell, Dilfer, Boller, Leinart, Weinke, Harrington, Carr, Couch, Peterman award. Each week I will be handing out this award to the QB that displayed an extreme proficiency in being terrible.

This weeks nominees are:

  1. Baker Mayfield and all 3 of those pesky interceptions, one of them being a pick 6.

The NFL is SOOOO good at keeping people humble. Last week everyone was riding so high on Baker because he bitched Hue Jackson and had a good game against the worst pass defense in the League. Oh how the mighty have fallen. This week the game was over by half largely because of Baker’s 3 first half interceptions. Thats too bad. Hate when that happens to the Browns. Here are the highlights:

2. Cam Newton and his 4 Interceptions against the Buccaneers 

Cam is really good, or is he bad, or I don’t know. He’s an anomaly. He’s really good one week, he’s terrible the next. He’s an MVP one year, he sucks the next. I love Cam’s outfit but maybe not after a 4 INT loss to the Buccaneers. My one real constant issue with Cam is that no matter if he is throwing the ball 6 yards or 60 yards he always points that front shoulder to the sky to make it look like he’s throwing a bomb. I could not even imagine how frustrating that would be to watch each week as a Panthers fan. To the highlights we go:


Going to give Baker a break because he is a rookie going against a good defense while Cam has won an MVP award and is going against the Buccaneers. Do better Cam, do better. 

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