Mike McCarthy Gets Axed, The Packers Win


Huge win yesterday for the Pack. Arguably the biggest lock of the century getting the Pack at -4. I told people to put the farm on it, because I hadn’t been this supremely confident with a bet in a looooooooong time. They were fired up, ready to run through a wall for anyone who wasn’t Mike McCarthy. On the opening drive of the game, Atlanta shoved it right down the defense’s throat, and Joe Philbin burned through two challenges 83 SECONDS INTO THE GAME. Lost both of them, and I was thinking the Pack were in store for another shit storm of a day. Then they rattled off 34 straight points and absolutely buried the Falcons. Rodgee was out there dropping dimes again, Davante Adams is tied for the most receiving tudder’s in the league with 12, Aaron Jones continues to solidify himself as one of the best young backs in the league, the defense racked up some sacks and had their first defensive touchdown of the season. 


We’ve been preaching it for awhile here, but I think the Packers finally found their galvanizing force, and all they had to do was take Mike McCarthy behind the woodshed and put him down. I’m not going to shit on him anymore, I’m glad he got to address the team one final time, and the cell phone footage he shot at night at Lambeau was pretty awesome. He’ll land on his feet somewhere, thank God it won’t be in Green Bay.

I think the future is bright. I’m very optimistic about where things go from here. Rodgers is in the middle of a record setting streak of not throwing interceptions, and he just looked happy to be playing football out there, which hasn’t seemed to be the case the last couple of weeks.


Still have a long ways to go. The Packers get more banged up each year it seems like, and they’re playing with guys who either started the season at the bottom of the depth chart or were on the practice squad. As always, they really need to shore up the defense in the offseason, but they’re in a better spot than they were last week, and that’s all you can ask for right now.


I just hope they don’t win a couple of games here and get my hopes up for a potential playoff run. I know it’s not going to happen, but I can start to feel the hope seeping out of my pores. Crazier things have happened, just need a lot of teams to start shitting the bed here, which is definitely possible. Either way, things are starting to look a little bit brighter in Green Bay, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. Love you 12.


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Brock Osweiler Came Through Huge For The Packers Yesterday


Every game from here on out is a must win for the Packers if they are going to somehow sneak into the playoffs, and even then it isn’t guaranteed. The Bears just keep steamrolling teams week in and week out, and now Khalil Mack is back and healthy. They had to come out with a statement win yesterday, and I guess to an extent, that’s what they did. But not without a little help from the Brocketship.

Death, taxes, and Brock Osweiler handing over football games, a tale as old as time. The fumble above was on the opening drive of the game, and if the Fins score there, we may be talking about an entirely different outcome. How does Osweiler continue to get starts? It makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not just the fumbles and the bad interceptions, this guy has a habit of routinely over-throwing open receivers by 5+ yards. By my count, he had about 4 of these throws yesterday that could’ve potentially resulted in massive chunk plays setting up the Dolphins for points. But.. he is who we thought he was. Not worth a shit.


Osweiler being under center makes you have to take this win with a grain of salt. There are plenty of things to be encouraged about going forward, and other things that clearly need to be cleaned up immediately. First things first, it’s about time Aaron Jones gets some fucking touches. The dude was leading the NFL in yards per carry coming into this game, but Mike McCarthy is too big of moron to know how to use him. It’s shocking that if you have a balanced offensive attack, that may actually increase your chances of winning football games.. who would’ve thought?


It’s comforting that it only took ten weeks for the coaching staff to come to this conclusion. I understand he isn’t the best pass protector and has the occasional drop, but this guy is an explosive football player, and he needs to be on the field at ALL TIMES.


Rodgers didn’t have to win them the game yesterday for possibly the first time in about five years. He still doesn’t look like he’s quite 100% healthy yet, but he’s getting there, and his rapport with Davantae Adams looks stronger than ever. 


Offense looked great, defense applied pressure all day and forced a couple of turnovers, that’s a recipe for success. But there are still lingering issues that frustrate the hell out of Packers fans.

I don’t understand why this team starts so fucking slow. The Dolphins had no business being in this game at halftime. It should have been at least 24/28-9 going into the half, but a costly fumble on a kickoff return, and a questionable play call on 4th and 2 at midfield gave the Dolphins ever opportunity to hang around. Had Brock Osweiler not been playing in this game, the Dolphins may make it interesting. You put Matt Moore under center and the Fins are potentially 6-4 (if he’s even still in Miami).

The issue yesterday was special teams. Mason Crosby was rock solid, per usual (if you exclude that game in Detroit where he missed like 15 field goals), but it’s fairly obvious that Ron Zook couldn’t coach a dog to sit down. Guy has never been worth a shit. EVER. Maybe in league circles he’s a very respected special teams coordinator, but yesterday it was pretty clear he’s playing checkers while everyone else is playing chess. 


The fake punt didn’t really matter, game was pretty much over by then, but this blocked punt is the kind of shit that causes teams to lose football games. Luckily, on 3rd down the Packers defense notched their first red zone sack since 2016 (absurd) and held the Dolphins to a FG. But winning football teams don’t let this kind of stuff happen. If I seem very negative after a win, it’s because I see how quickly this window is shrinking. Rodgers isn’t immortal, and the Packers need to WIN NOW. It’s just a shame that the coaching staff surrounding him, for the most part, is a bunch of bumbling doofuses.

But, this is a good win to build on. Like I said earlier, they win out, more than likely they’ll sneak into the playoffs with a little bit of help. Tough turnaround on a short week in Seattle, but with the emergence of Aaron Jones, I like where this ballclub is headed.

Thanks again, Brock. Legends respect legends.


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A Tale Of Two Perspectives: Pats/Packers Recap

Last night, in what was maybe the most anticipated matchup of the regular season, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers squared off in Foxborough for only the second time in their careers. To avoid hearing me just pout, bitch, and complain, I figured I’d ask Connor to tag team this with me so you guys could hear two very different perspectives from last night. Connor, your thoughts?

Connor: Last night was one of the closer blowouts for the Patriots in recent memory. Rodgers strolled into town with half a defense and left with trash cans playing deep for the old Pack. This was one of those games that didn’t have me too worried at any point, but expected a fourth quarter fiasco as the Patriots have done time and time again. Josh Gordon is finally starting to click with the offense. He made a ridiculous catch along the sideline that was ruled incomplete cause half his toe was out of bounds but the guy is going to turn into the premier receiver for us (need to extend his contract). It’s going to be scary when Josh Gordon, Rob Gronk, and Edelman are all running out for passes. Cordarrelle Patterson looked like a bigger, healthier, Darren McFadden. If he starts to be a premier back for us, the Kansas City vs New England AFC championship will be a point scoring record breaker.

Ty: I don’t even know where to start. The Packers were going to have to play an absolutely perfect game in order to beat the Patriots. Banged up secondary, banged up offensive line, there was absolutely zero room for error. Rodgers and the Packers traded punches with the Pats early, but it never really felt like they were in a position to seize momentum. It was nice to see that the glaring hole left by HaHa Clinton-Dix didn’t come back to bite the Packers in the ass either. Oh, never mind, yes it did. With no depth in the secondary, it was great getting those guys chomping at the bit to get some game action slotted in there to get torched by Brady every step of the way. Also, maybe it’s just me, but sending a three man rush at Brady EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. so he has an hour to throw isn’t the best way to beat him, but what do I know, I’m not a defensive coordinator.


Connor: Chomping at the bit indeed Ty, perhaps even chomping at the bit a little too much. Jermaine Whitehead, one of the newest starters for the Packers trash can defense, got booted from the game towards the end of the second quarter. His reaction to the beginning of Patterson’s field day on the ground was not one that helps you, or the team, to stay in the game. Whitehead turned and smacked David Andrews, starting center for the Patriots, right in the facemark, something that probably rattled the cage of a lineman pretty bad. I’ve never understood the punching reaction in a football game. Unless you pull the Andre Johnson pull off the helmet move, there’s probably no reason to punch high. Maybe a gut shot would get the job done here, but again, you’re hitting an offensive lineman, a bat is needed to do any kind of damage against those cinder blocks of men. Personally, I don’t think this warrants an ejection, but as a referee in a primetime game, you’re not gonna let it get out of hand and start allowing hooks to fly left and right. 

Ty: I couldn’t agree more, I think the ejection was chickenshit, but this is exactly the kind of stupidity the Packers pull to shoot themselves in the foot week after week. Even more concerning, Cordarrelle Patterson did more damage to the Packers last night than he did in EIGHT GAMES versus the Packers while playing for the Vikings.

Absolutely mind boggling. Dragging defenders behind him like he was Bo Jackson reincarnated.


The defense was just the tip of the iceberg last night. The offense also floundered in some big spots that could’ve turned the tides of the game.

Connor: The Patriots Defense has really picked up their play since the beginning of the season, but Rodgers was the real test. The Jones fumble to start the fourth quarter closed the coffin but the two touchdowns put the nail in it. Lawrence Guy was the left side defensive tackle with Jones running to the right. The pursuit and effort is what turns teams into championship contenders so you love to see this out of the big men up front. Stephon Gilmore held Davonte Adams to 6 catches and 40 yards. Adams scored, but we didn’t let him beat us and was locked up from making any big plays downfield. Gilmore has really turned into the guy we paid for. He’s been a lockdown man to man corner and having a guy like that on your team frees up players like Devin McCourty to go and help his twin brother. Kansas City is still the team that I mentally compete with throughout Sunday’s, but if our defense continues to play like we did in 2014, I like our chances in any stadium.

Ty: The Jones fumble was an absolute kick in the nutsack, no question about it. What I don’t like, was his usage leading up to that drive. Mike McCarthy has no idea how to use Aaron Jones. No idea whatsoever. At one point in the first half, Jones had 11 carries for 67 yards, and in turn was opening up the passing game for Rodgers. I’m all for putting the ball in Rodgers hands and letting him sling it around the field, but typically, when your Quarterback is on pace to throw 70 passes through the first half, it’s going to be tough to win. Now who knows what happens with Jones. Yes, that fumble was a backbreaker, but you have to respect the hell out of guy who owns up to it and doesn’t make excuses.


Once again, the play calling was piss poor. Same shit, different day. As long as that bumbling bag of dog feces Mike McCarthy is around, the Packers will continue to be out coached week after week. I’m embarrassed that I thought the Packers might be able to win last night, because a Belichick/McCarthy coaching matchup is akin to a lab rat trying to outsmart a lion.. it’s never going to end well.