Yinzer WW2 Vet Discovers The Secret To Living Past 100

Fox News: Andrew E. Slavonic, who celebrated his 101st birthday on Dec. 1 with his family and friends in McMurray, Penn., has been drinking one Coors Light every day at 4 p.m. for the past 15 years.

“In 1996, he actually started drinking regular Coors beer,” Andrew’s son, Bob Slavonic, told Fox News. “He switched to Coors Light beer about 15 years ago. I think I am the one to blame for the switch because that is all that I have been drinking for about the past 25 years.”

I love this man. A WW2 Pilot from the South Hills of Pittsburgh who just loves himself some beer. Look at this man. He doesn’t look a day over 70. That’s what happens when you mix Yinzer blood with the sweet nectar of the Rockies. I respect that Andrew made the switch from the banquet beer to those glorious blue mountains. I’ve recently started drinking Coors light because it’s in my blood to do so and let me tell you when you see those crystal blue mountains you know you’re in for a treat. You don’t even have to worry about mixing in a water at the bar (not that anyone does) because it is basically beer water. You can drink 1000 of them. It’s so much in my blood that Coors light is the official sponsor of my father coach Digs.

Go ahead and call it girls light, I don’t care. I am who I am and I enjoy tapping the rockies. I was strictly a liquor guy for years because beer was too filling but I don’t have that problem with C lights. I don’t want to live to 100 or even 80 but if I did I fully believe that a Coors Light a day would get the job done. Cheers to you Andrew. 

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