WTF Grover!? This is a Kid’s Show

We’ve got another controversy folks. Is the dress blue or white? Is it Yanni or Laurel? Did Grover just lose his mind and drop an F- bomb on Sesame Street?

Listen for yourself and what do you hear? CAREFUL NSFW! or is it!?

What is it?

“Move the camera, yes, yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.”

or…. “Yes, yes, that’s a fucking excellent idea.”

I can honestly hear either depending on which I’m listening for, but the first few listens I 100% no doubt heard “Fucking excellent idea.”

Needless to say this is Grover’s time. STAY WOKE. He’s needed a controversy like this for years now to lift him back into the spotlight. He’s been passed over for too long. You would think this would come from that prick Grouch Oscar. Big Bird has been dominating airwaves and memes for years. Elmo had one of the best Christmas gift runs of all time! Bert and Ernie made headlines earlier this year with the whole are they? aren’t they? controversy.

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