Who Are The Top Choices To Be The Next Head Coach Of The Green Bay Packers?


Interesting couple of choices here for the Packers Head Coaching vacancy. Granted, when it comes to stuff like this, no one outside of that building knows what the hell is going on. I for one, would be shocked if the Packers hired a current college coach. Just can’t see it happening. There was a lot of talk about Kliff Kingsbury, but today it was confirmed he’s heading to USC to take their OC job.


Pat Fitzgerald kind of came out of nowhere, I assume someone more intimate with the situation knows a lot more than I do, but that’s another one that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Jumping from Northwestern to the Packers is a pretty fucking massive jump.

One name absent from this list, and a guy who I would personally love to see Aaron Rodgers under the tutelage of, and who every other Packer fan should be salivating at the thought of landing in Green Bay:

It almost makes too much sense. Offensive genius who has worked with some of the most elite quarterbacks in the NFL, guy who is intense in right ways and won’t lose the locker room, a players coach who isn’t going to get his ass mowed down by anyone, a guy who was gritty enough to drink paint and have his stomach pumped growing up, he’s got all the prerequisites I’m looking for when it comes to a leader of men. We’ve talked about it on for a couple weeks now, I don’t think BA is happy doing games in the booth anymore. He lives, eats, and breathes football, and I think he needs to get back into a football building as soon as possible. Josh McDaniels is a snake, and I just don’t really want him in Green Bay. Not to mention he was absolute dog shit when he was in Denver. Doing a little one-two on the Colts this last offseason was all I needed to see. Leave him in New England.

Actually there we go, I just talked myself into it, and I don’t want anyone else. Give me a guy who’s going to motherfuck zebras and wear a Kangol hat on the sidelines. He is officially the only option moving forward. It’s BA or bust, folks.


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