Alright as I sit here on the recliners in front of the tv’s. I’m just thinking about what my meal is going to be February 1st. I have a list and I would love to share it with you. 


So basically this list consist of every place I’m going to go to and order one thing from the menu. 

  1. Portillo’s Beef 
    -With a cheese fry
  2. Steak Quesorito From Tbell
  3. Boneless wings from BDubs- Sauce TBD
  4. ChickFila Spicy Chicken
  5. Deep Dish Sausage Pizza
  6. Calamari
  7. Bread Sticks From kilroys
  8. Mango Salsa Salmon from a Fancy Restaurant
  9. Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory  
  10. Fish n Chips from an Irish Establishment
  11. Chicago Hot Dog

That’s what I have and I’m adding more and more everyday. You’re probably thinking Zito don’t do that you’ll have a heart attack or die. Yeah I’m prepared to leave this earth doing what I do best… eating. 


I’ve recently got advice from Matt Mitrione and I know I can trust a Fighter/Football Player that had to cut weight left and right. Here’s part of it. 


To be honest I didn’t understand what he was saying… I was just hoping he didn’t turn a switch on and just kill me. Luckily that didn’t happen and I’m still here but I did take one thing from the convo and it was to take a bath at 120 degrees for abaht 25 minutes and wrap your self like a tortilla after the fact and keep the heat in. That was one of the most insane things I’ve ever heard. That’s literally what they do to lobsters. I think he was trying to kill me but what ever… what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 


What to expect this upcoming 20 days…I’ve been staying in the office after the steam everyday and just shooting around and running around trying to break a sweat. I think I’m going to start running suicides every night. 


The Competition

Alright as of right now I have so much Real Estate (not sure if thats one word or not) in Digs brain. 


Tim is still a massive wild card he’s fighting for the kids and he has this mentality where I honestly believe he can lose 100 pounds out of no where. He has those old school Yinzer tactics…That I’m honestly afraid of. I’ve been behind him since day one. Make sure to give the foundation a follow at this link. 

Todd… I think he going dahn mentally he ordered pizza to my house.


Doesn’t even phase me…I took one whiff and threw that garbage pizza away. If he really wanted to get in my head he would have went the extra mile and order some deep dish or an Italian beef. But thats just me. I can’t wait to send a sausage basket to his house and stuff them in all of his shoes and drawers.

End of the day I’m feeling good..I feel like I can get close to that 40 pound mark. Cant wait to give you another update…Thank you for reading through my 9th grade education writing. I also wanted to thank Mybookie and Fuego Box for offering this opportunity to be able to lose this weight and have people the people watching contribute with the weight loss as well. Make sure to head to the site make a bet send my bet slip and purchase the Fuego Box Sauces. Honestly these sauces have added so much flavor to  my food and very appreciative to them.

Make sure to tune in at noon Monday and Friday for the weigh-ins and make sure to mash that #teamzito everywhere in the chat…See you there.

From The Desk of Director of Morale