Wednesday Night NBA Recap And Thursday Night Picks

We have our first winning night of the NBA season and it only took me three nights, no big deal.

Last night, the Pistons/Magic started off hot and the dream of an under was dwindling in the second quarter. Luckily, as most sub par teams do, both got cold down the stretch and that under 209.5 turned into a sure thing. What a glorious win for The Pub when Foxy’s team wins and I don’t lose  an under in the 4th quarter. Mo Bamba comes through once again with two blocks and a missed shot. God that guy is such a selfless basketball player I appreciate him greatly.
When the overs gonna hit but your best friend has your back

The Raptors/Kings over 232 is the game that swings the theory into the negative. We are 1-2 on overs set above 230, therefore, I think the NBA is on to me. They must have heard after that first 230 over hit, that I was keeping an eye on them so last night they told Kawhi he had to play defense. Normally, I don’t take it personal when massive corporations hack into my plans for bringing them down, but this is different. There’s money involved, and these guys are trying to silence me like Kevin Spacey silencing Kate Mara in House of Cards. That’s okay, I wont stop now when were just getting into it. There will be another over 230.

Hit the nail on the head with Thunder Cavs last night. The Cavs and the Knicks are about to get into a serious tanking contest since the coming out party of Zion Williamson. Dennis Schroder stepped it up (being told he read my blog from yesterday) and put in a solid nights work with 28 points on 11 of 19 shooting while grabbing 7 rebounds. Nothing like winning by 9 when you need to cover a 6 point spread, but really nothing like winning when you don’t realize Russel Westbrook is out but you already put your bets in. Not a Thunder night tonight though.

There’s only four NBA games so might as well bring the hammer down on all four of them. Rockets/Thunder at OKC is a tricky game to take but with no Westbrook and Melo returning, we’ll ride with the Rockets at -4. If the rockets lose to a team without their best player then you will hear a strong case for why Carmelo Anthony has a curse on him. Second game is the Celtics @ Suns so obviously were taking them at 9.5. The Celtics will cover this game after back to back losses. 9.5 is a lot but Brad Stevens is not happy with Kyrie and the Funky Bunch. Trail Blazers have been dominant at home, just beating the Bucks handily, so were taking them at -5 in Portland against the Clippers. Love Doc, but the guy traded his own son, wild move. Now, I saved the over 230 for last just in case the NBA is watching. Bucks @ Warriors is set at a biblical over 239.5, up a point from when this blog started. 120-120 used to be an All Star Game score but now its just the Bucks and Warriors. Let’s make some money and see what happens with the biggest over we’ve seen thus far.