Wednesday Night NBA And Lebron’s The Worst

Last night we were abysmal but I’m not even going to bring it up. If Lebron is getting stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey to start a game off then immediately any bet is screwed. Hats off to Jarret Allen though, dude puts on for Team Phat Stax and I couldn’t appreciate that any more than I already do.

Talk about a humbling experience. This can only be attributed to one thing and one thing only – Carmelo Anthony.

Melo tweeted this very early in the morning today so that means when Lebron was getting blocked, Melo was probably talking to Magic Johnson. What a curse this guy brings and it gives me joy to think the Lakers might crash and burn cause Melo comes to the team. Hysterical that he has gone from being the face of the New York Knicks to being public enemy number one for any team that wants to be jinxed into the loss column. Doesn’t matter though cause Lebron’s now using the “I’m in my 30’s” excuse. What a bum.

This would be hilarious if Lebron was kidding but he said this in a 100% serious way. Take your L and shut up Lebron. I had to get all that off my chest and now I can give you my picks with a clear conscience. Celtics have the ole Phoenix Suns coming to town and we’re slamming the Celtics at home -11.5. The Suns just beat the Knicks for their 7th win of the season so the chances of a back to back are slim. 12 points is a lot but I like the Celtics after a couple days rest over the Suns who are terrible. Bet against bad teams and ride with the good teams. Which is why were rolling to the Philadelphia 76ers against the Knicks tonight. 76ers are -13 at home against the Knicks and the 76ers just lost. Embiid loves to do the post game talk shit with Instagram’s/Tweet’s so I expect a Kanter poster tonight. This game will be a full on blowout and the 76ers cover 13 easily.

Of the last two, only one worries me and that’s cause I’m going against my strategy. Tonight, we’re going to dance with the Bulls and hope for the best as they take on the Nets at home. Nets just beat Lebron and probably had a little bit of a night on their way to Chicago. Also, thanks to Tony Digs, I know the Nets are 1-6 on back to back games and the Bulls put on a show for their city tonight. Bulls +2 at home against the average Brooklyn Nets and I love this pick. Last, were going with what everyone in the world should have been doing for the past two weeks: betting on the Sacramento Kings over. Not to mention the Kings are welcoming the fast tempo Thunder to town tonight. Thunder @ Kings over 234 to cap off tonights bets. It’s an over 230 which I need a nicotine patch for cause I’m addicted to betting them but the  Kings owner just compared their team to a young Thunder team so expect a show form both sides. 

We’re getting into the college game so we’ll keep those picks coming too. Take them with a grain of salt, still learning the lay of the land here. Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, and Wofford +9.5. Wofford is going to be playoff team and this game against Mississippi state will prove it. They’ll keep it close, I hope. 

All in all we’re taking Celtics -11.5, 76ers -13, Bulls +2, Thunder/Kings over 234, Samford +23, Virginia -8.5, Wofford +9.5. Let’s get it going tonight and get back in the win column. Good luck to all on the last hump day before Jesus’ birthday.