Tuesday Night Basketball Overshadowed by Zion

From a Holiday tournament in 2016…dudes a junior in High School

Last night was a little better than Monday from a bank account perspective. We’ll get to the NBA and the 230 over were taking tonight but first we gotta talk about college basketball and the future of the pro game: Zion Williamson.


Look at this absolute MAN playing against the boys of Kentucky. The dude is 6’7 280 and can shoot the ball from three and bully you down low. I really don’t remember the last time there was a player like this in college basketball. Skill set wise absolutely, but more the following that this kid has had. I’m pretty sure I’ve been watching clips of Zion playing basketball since he was a sophmore in high school. The team they got over in Durham has the sense of an Alabama football team. They looked absolutely unstoppable in all phases of the game. Rj Barret and Cam Reddish are the two other top 3 freshman recruits in their class, so you understand how those two and Zion combined to score 84 points, tying the total points Kentucky had as a whole team (118-84). 

Every team who’s asked if they want to play Duke

I’ve never been one to follow college basketball due to the fact I’ve never really had a pony in the race. However, I think its impossible not to tune into every Duke game this year to watch Zion Williamson eat children. I can’t wait to see what fool goes up to challenge him at the rim and for Zion to end his basketball career. If I’m an NBA owner, I would already start thinking about the full tank in order to get Zion. He’s a lock for the first pick and the possibility of Zion going to Cleveland with Lebron going back is all too real.

I’m not scared…you’re scared

Speaking of the NBA, last night I had the ole 2 and 2 split (including the Duke game). The Trail Blazers/Bucks game started strong and the over looked good until we got into the third quarter and my hopes and dreams were crushed cause Giannis stopped dunking. That game wasn’t over 230, but the Hawks Hornets game was and they weren’t even close. That one finished 16 points below the 230.5 mark but both of those were offset with the Mavericks and Duke absolutely steam rolling their opponents. Luka Doncic has been getting rebounds stolen left and right, but that doesn’t stop him from throwing in 20 and grabbing 7 boards every game. He’s only 19 too so with this crop of talent at Duke alone, the NBA (and overs of 230) has a great future.

Tonight we’re going with Raptors/Kings over 232.5,  Thunder -6 at Cleveland, and for the first time in the year, were going to take an under. That’s right, were going under with the Pistons/Magic at 209.5. I hate taking under’s more than I hate betting on the Lakers, but were doing it. If Aaron Gordon can slow down Blake Griffin than that under will be just fine. Same way I need Kawhi Leonard to let De’Aron Fox and the boys try to catch up to the steam rolling Raptors so we can keep those overs high at 230. If Cleveland wins then I’m probably out on the Thunder for the rest of the year. I know Westbrook isn’t playing but the Cavs don’t even have a coach so I think Schroder and PG13 will be able to carry them past the worst team in the league. Let’s make some magic happen and have a good Wednesday. 

230 o/u’s this year:  1-1