Triple H’s Breast

The Crown Jewel was quite a collection of Nostalgia and controversy. Obviously the conversations about whether or not the show should’ve taken place are obviously all very public knowledge. I side with the thought that if The WWE is a catalyst to make Saudi Arabia a civilized country, I think we should think about being excited about the possibilities. GRANTED, i do understand that it could go the complete opposite direction. That’s not what I’m here to chat about anyways..

Let’s talk about what happened to Triple H’s titty. He was obviously wrestling with an injured wing the whole match. He looked like a one armed man for most of it. Chopping lefty, Irish whipping lefty, everything was lefty.. Wrestling seems to be very much a two armed human’s game. And that appeared evident with some of his moves not looking perfect, but it was very apparent he was injured.

Last night we learned what was injured and LOOK at this dude’s torn pec

That bruised booby looks insane. Another surgery and rehab on the way for the cerebral assassin. The King Of Kings. The COO. The lefty chopper. HEAD HONCHO OF NXT.. The 49 year old. My boss.. technically.

God speed on the recovery boss.

UPDATE: Surgery is complete.

Let’s get that tit healthy Boss. Let’s gooo