Tom Cruise Has Testicles The Size Of Bowling Balls

This is somewhat old news by now, everyone knows how big of fucking wacko Tom Cruise is when it comes to performing stunts for his own movies. Whether it’s free running down the side of the Burj Khalifa, hanging onto the door of a jumbo jet at 5,000 feet, driving helicopters through small canyons, or doing parkour and jumping across rooftops, this dude clearly has the biggest set of brass nuts in Hollywood.

His political/religious views or whathaveyou aside, Tom Cruise is an absolute thoroughbred of an entertainer. Electricity oozes out of his pores. Ethan Hunt has become a cultural icon, and against all odds, these Mission Impossible movies continue to get better and better with each new release, partially due to the fact that Tom Cruise is fully committed to die a very grisly death every time they film one of these movies.

Yes, he really does this shit. Keep in mind Tom Cruise is worth right around $600 million, so the fact that he continues to do this shit is ABSURB. Apparently some people have the juice, and some don’t. Tom Cruise has that shit bottled up in 2 liters all over his compound I assume. After all these years, few people in Hollywood continually move the needle the way Thomas Cruise Mapother IV does.