Tom Brady, The Greatest Running Quarterback In The History Of The NFL

Yesterday, the greatest player in NFL history added another accolade to his laundry list of achievements: 1,000 career rushing yards.

Tom Brady is the only quarterback in the history of the NFL who has ever juked Brian Urlacher. That’s a statistic that will blow a lot of people away that also has a large chance of being wrong. I’m not a stats guy though, so it’s definitely legit. 

I mean, look at some of those runs. The guy is the best in the business at getting that one yard on a QB sneak. Sometimes he’s in the middle of the end zone before the linebackers even realize what they’re supposed to do. They say the hardest part about being a running quarterback is knowing when to tuck it and run. Very easy to say the man in the jersey with the number 12 on New England is the best ever at knowing just the right time to run.

Runner awareness on a hundred thousand billion right here. Not many quarterbacks in the history of the NFL have the ability to take a knee and still not lose yards. Tom Brady, the guy with the most passing yards, touchdowns, and rushing yards in the history of the NFL, so proud to call him my Quarterback. 

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This is hilarious and everything but just hearing Tom say “I’m out” rattled my cage. It was like seeing a preview for a movie you know is going to be really scary and you want to change the channel but you can’t. TB1K will eventually hang the cleats up but hopefully no time soon. For now, congratulations on the 1,000 yards Tom, you are King. 

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