Tom Brady Still Owns Florida

When I look back on this game, I won’t remember the end result and Kenyan Drake doesn’t really exist.

I left seconds after Stephen G hit a field go to go up by 5 points. ‘Beat the rush’ my mother said. Dolphins fans telling people the Patriots had won outside the stadium. Nothing could go wrong. Then there was magic in Miami and now we sit at 9-4 instead of a nice 10-3. The Chargers must be livid right now, 10-3 and the fifth seed in the AFC, I wouldn’t be happy. Bill Belichick isn’t going to sleep for a month because of this damn play, but we needed this to happen. The Patriots have one terrible loss at the end of every season to wake them up. If it wasn’t Miami, it would of been the Steelers next week. In the grand scheme, Sunday could of been worse. Houston could of won, Steelers could of won, but instead everyone lost so we’ll take the record and move on to Pittsburgh. Yeah, that’s right, Lord Brady still broke another record, quietly taking over every record at the QB position.

NFL Canada? Yeah, I found out this account existed today. What a route, what a throw, what a terrible feeling watching this play and knowing at the end of this game my heart would be out of my chest. Whatever, Brady continues to knock Peyton Manning down a notch nearly every week and for that I still have a pulse. 

Disclaimer: Tom Brady’s record in Florida is 34-12, definitely could be worse. 

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